From tacos and mezcal shots in Mexico City to lazing on the beaches of Holbox Island, this tour offers it all in just over two weeks. Start in Mexico's capital, where you'll learn the city's history while floating on the canals of Xochimilco. Head to Valladolid and discover the Maya ruins of Chichén Itza and Yalcoba, then venture along the Maya Riviera and snorkel in Puerto Morelos. Finish it all up by relaxing on the beaches of Holbox with some bird and whale shark watching thrown in.


  • Learn the history, culture, and cuisine of vibrant Mexico City
  • Explore the Maya ruins of Chichén Itza, Yalcoba, and Coba
  • Go snorkeling in Puerto Morelos Reef National Park
  • Kayak along Holbox Island to discover beaches, mangroves, and birds

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Mexico City Mexico City
Day 2 Lucha Libre Experience & Mezcal Tasting Mexico City
Day 3 Float on the Canals of Xochimilco, Explore Coyoacán Mexico City
Day 4 Mexico City Downtown & Muralism Tour, Tacos, Mezcal & More Mexico City
Day 5 Bike in the "City of the Gods" at Teotihuacán Mexico City
Day 6 Transfer to Valladolid  Valladolid
Day 7 Visit Chichén Itzá, Maya Jungle, Culture, Cenotes & Lunch in Yalcobá Valladolid
Day 8 Cobá & the Sacred Maya Roads, Punta Laguna Wildlife Tour Valladolid
Day 9 Transfer to Puerto Morelos & the Maya Riviera Puerto Morelos
Day 10 Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos Marine Park Puerto Morelos
Day 11 Transfer to Holbox Island Holbox
Day 12 Evening Kayak Tour & Observe Bioluminescence  Holbox
Day 13 Go Fishing & Swimming off Holbox Island Holbox
Day 14 Snorkel with Whale Sharks Holbox
Day 15 Transfer to Cancún, Depart   

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Mexico City

Mexico City's Metropolitan Cathedral overlooks the Zócalo
Mexico City's Metropolitan Cathedral

Welcome to Mexico City! Upon arrival at the airport, you'll be met by your private driver and transferred to your hotel. This afternoon, you'll have time to explore the city independently. Mexico City has a rich culture and history and you'll find no shortage of things to see and do here. If you want to immerse yourself in all the city has to offer, stroll through local neighborhoods such as Roma, where you'll find Art Deco architecture and excellent restaurants, or San Ángel, with its cobblestone streets, art galleries, and sidewalk cafés. 

If you're looking for green spaces to relax in, visit Chapultepec Park, locally known as Bosque de Chapultepec, one of the largest city parks in Mexico and a favorite for locals and visitors alike. Sprawling across nearly 1,700 acres (686 ha), the park offers walking paths, waterways, and shady trees, as well as a zoo, a castle, and several museums. Later, enjoy dinner at one of the city's many restaurants before returning to your hotel for the evening.

Day 2: Lucha Libre Experience & Mezcal Tasting

A display of colorful Lucha Libre masks
A display of colorful Lucha Libre masks

Today you'll experience one of Mexico's celebrated cultural expressions: Lucha Libre wrestling. This four-hour excursion begins with a visit to a traditional Mexican cantina. Enjoy a tasting of artisanal mezcal (a Mexican spirit made from the agave plant) accompanied by delicious guacamole. Now that you've got some energy, you'll walk to the famous Arena Mexico as your guide offers an overview of the history of Lucha Libre. During the show, you'll be treated to a dramatic battle between the técnicos (heroes) and rudos (villains), and you can even pick up a wrestling mask as a souvenir.

Day 3: Float on the Canals of Xochimilco, Explore Coyoacán

Enjoy the views from the canals
Enjoy the views from the canals
Visit one of the most iconic areas of Mexico City: the canals of Xochimilco. Meaning "the Place of the Flowers" in Náhuatl, these canals are the reminder of the rivers that once crossed the valley of ancient Tenochtitlan (now modern-day Mexico City). Explore the canals on a traditional trajinera (a wooden boat painted in bright colors). Learn about the Aztec's ingenious techniques for growing food on the fertile riverbeds of pre-Hispanic waterways, including chinampas (floating gardens) which are still in use today. 

Later on, take a walking tour of Coyoacán, one of the city's most picturesque neighborhoods. Characterized by cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, and a bohemian style, this tranquil area will make you feel as if you've been transported outside of the city. Pass through the Callejón del Aguacate, a narrow street with colonial houses that holds local legends and myths, and see the church of La Plaza de la Conchita, where the first mass in the region was celebrated. To finish, stroll through the Centennial Garden, where you can sample the neighborhood's typical desserts, such as churros and ice cream.

Day 4: Mexico City Downtown & Muralism Tour, Tacos, Mezcal & More

Mexico City Downtown Walking Tour &  Muralism Tour.
It's tacos "a go-go" in Mexico City

This morning's walking tour starts at the Diego Rivera Mural Museum, where you'll learn about the main characters of Mexican history. Stroll through Alameda Central Park, the oldest public garden in Mexico, until you reach Palacio de Bellas Artes, a masterpiece envisioned for celebrations of Mexico's independence. Continue to Cinco de Mayo to see historical architecture until you reach Constitution Square, where you'll admire the Metropolitan Cathedral. Get a chance to view the mural art of three great Mexican artists: Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros. 

This evening, kick off the taco tour with a trip to a taquería that specializes in volcanes, a type of crispy tortilla cooked on a charcoal flame, smothered in cheese and poblano peppers. Try the famous tacos al pastor—made from pork roasted over an outdoor spit—and suadero tacos from vendors who've been in the neighborhood for many years. You'll also visit a lively cantina to learn more about Mexico City cantina culture and toss back a cold beer. Finish by having a mezcal tasting led by a local chef and expert in a cozy neighborhood restaurant, 

Day 5: Bike in the "City of the Gods" at Teotihuacán

View of the Pyramid of the Sun and the Avenue of the Dead
View of the Pyramid of the Sun and the Avenue of the Dead

This morning, you'll be picked up at your hotel and travel to the city's outskirts, where you'll hop on a bike to visit one of Mexico's most impressive archaeological sites. The ride will take you along the Valley of Teotihuacán, passing through the route of the Murals. From here, you'll begin your guided tour of Teotihuacán, the City of the Gods.

Put the bike aside and walk the Calzada de Los Muertos (Causeway of the Dead), and view ancient buildings such as the Temple of the Feathered Serpent and the massive 230-foot (70 m) high Pyramid of the Sun. You'll also see the smaller but still impressive Pyramid of the Moon. Visit the on-site museums, the Teotihuacán Culture Museum and the Museum of Teotihuacán Murals, where you'll find numerous artifacts from Teotihuacán. Afterward, you'll bike back to your pickup point and return to your hotel.
Plan your trip to Mexico
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Day 6: Transfer to Valladolid 

Mexico City's Palacio de Bellas Artes
Mexico City's Palacio de Bellas Artes

Bid the capital farewell and head to the Yucatán Peninsula today. Your driver will take you to the airport, where you'll board a flight to Cancún's airport, and from there, a driver will take you to your hotel in Valladolid. Valladolid has earned the designation as a Pueblo Mágico (Magical Town), a title reserved for places with particular cultural, historical, or aesthetic importance in Mexico. Once you've checked into your hotel, you'll have the remainder of the day to explore. Visit La Calzada de Los Frailes and spend the day strolling along the pastel-colored street, which ends at the former convent of San Beradino de Siena

Day 7: Visit Chichén Itzá, Maya Jungle, Culture, Cenotes & Lunch in Yalcobá

Chichen Itza's towering pyramid of Kukulcan
Chichén Itzá's towering pyramid of Kukulcan

Today meet your local guide to explore the archaeological site of Chichén Itzá, one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this pre-Columbian Maya city was once the most revered center of worship and pilgrimage in the Yucatán Peninsula. Its most iconic attraction is the stepped pyramid of Kukulkán (El Castillo), built in honor of the feathered serpent god, an important deity to the Maya people. Let your imagination run wild as you learn about the life of the Maya through the architecture, accompanied by your guide's fascinating stories.

Visit the Maya community of Yalcobá near Valladolid, and enjoy a day of cultural immersion, outdoor adventures, and fun! Take a guided tour through the Maya jungle to explore caves and rehoyadas (dry cenotes full of vegetation). You will also have the opportunity to swim in a hidden cenote (natural swimming hole) to freshen up. Maya gastronomy is another of the many treasures you will find in this town, so finish your tour with a delicious traditional dish for lunch.

Day 8: Cobá & The Sacred Maya Roads, Punta Laguna Wildlife Tour

Coba and the sacred Mayan roads.
Visit the main pyramid of Nohoch Hul

Start this morning with an exploration of the archaeological site of Cobá. Set off on a guided 3-mile (5 km) bike or bicycle taxi tour through the sacbé, a series of ancient white roads that connect each settlement to the main pyramid of Nohoch Mul, the Yucatán Peninsula's largest. Visit Nuevo Durango, a small community of ecotourism and organic food production that has maintained its cultural identity in language and customs. Finish up the visit with a traditional meal.

After lunch, visit Punta Laguna, part of a 12,350-acre (5,000 ha) area known as Otoch Ma'ax yetel Kooh, which in Maya means "the home of the spider monkey and the puma." Since 1950, local Maya families have been protecting the reserve where animals like spider monkeys, howler monkeys, birds, jaguars, and pumas can be observed in complete freedom. On this visit, take a canoe ride through the biosphere, where with a little luck, you will be able to spot several species of local wildlife, including, of course, the iconic spider monkey.

Day 9: Transfer to Puerto Morelos & the Maya Riviera

Free afternoon in Puerto Morelos
Aerial view of Puerto Morelos

Get ready for a change of scenery as a private driver takes you toward the sea to Puerto Morelos on the Maya Riviera. This small fishing town with beautiful beaches has kept its charm through time. Famous for having the Mesoamerican Reef System, the second-largest barrier reef in the world, along its coasts, it extends from Quintana Roo to the Honduran Bay Islands. The beautiful seaside section of the town has an island feel since it is only four blocks wide and about 15 blocks in length.

Consider hiking in the surrounding jungle or taking a dip in nearby cenotes. Within this little village, however, are dozens of great taquerías and restaurants serving fresh seafood right off the boat. Another highlight open for a tour is the Jardín Botánico Dr. Marin. It's one of the largest botanical gardens in Mexico and protects a large section of the jungle filled with cacti, orchids, fruit trees, palms, and other flora.

Day 10: Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos Marine Park

Snorkeling in the beautiful marine park of Puerto Morelos
Snorkel in Puerto Morelos Reef National Park

The Puerto Morelos Reef National Park has the category of "Natural Protected Area" to protect its resources. By visiting, you contribute to the maintenance of the location and its inhabitants. In the morning, head out for a snorkeling trip in the marine park. Certified guides lead all snorkeling/diving tours here, and within this nearly 150-acre (60 ha) park, you'll see a wide array of marine life. These include tropical fish congregating around a variety of colorful corals like brain and elk-horn coral. You'll also see rays, octopuses, parrotfish, barracudas, starfish, sea snails, turtles, and many more species. 

Day 11: Transfer to Holbox Island

Holbox Islands
Holbox Island's main drag

It's time for the island life as a private driver takes you to the port of Chiquilá. You'll take the ferry from here to the Caribbean paradise of Holbox. Once you've checked in to your hotel, you have free time to spend however you wish on this peaceful island. Soak in the sunshine, the spectacular turquoise waters, the unpaved streets, the incredible sunsets, and the delicious food. Choose one of the beautiful beaches to enjoy the sun and white sand. Catch the sunset from Punta Coco, view the starry sky from the beach, or enjoy a show of bioluminescence in the waters.

If you feel like exploring, enjoy a fun kayak tour through the mangroves. Paddle through the nearby mangroves with a guide while you remain on the lookout for native flora and fauna. Enjoy the spectacular landscapes as you get up close to birds such as flamingoes, osprey, and pelicans. As you glide through the calm waters, learn more about this delicate ecosystem and the creatures that live here from your guide. Not only will you have a feast for your eyes but also for your ears as you'll hear beautiful birdsong throughout the journey.

Day 12: Evening Kayak Tour & Observe Bioluminescence 

Spend a free day relaxing on Holbox Island
A bioluminescent ocean in all its grandeur

It's another day in paradise, so do whatever you'd like. Swim in turquoise waters, and recharge your batteries. Cars are not allowed on the island, so consider renting a bicycle or a golf cart to travel around and explore the less crowded areas. Other great options include walking around town, browsing the street art for souvenirs, or simply relaxing at one of the many cafés. If you prefer to get out on the water, book a boat tour to Cabo Catoche for an afternoon of snorkeling and enjoying the underwater world. 

Tonight, admire the grandness of the sea and sky on a kayak trip into the ocean off the shores of Holbox. The journey is short and easy enough for any level of experience. As the trip begins, look to the sky to spot constellations, planets, and galaxies. If you're lucky, you might glimpse a shooting star. As you continue through the water, you may notice light coming off the water itself—this shine is caused by bioluminescent phytoplankton, which glows when it is disturbed.

Day 13: Go Fishing & Swimming off Holbox Island

Spend a free day relaxing on Holbox Island
Go fishing off the coast of Holbox Island

If you can manage to leave your hammock and coco (coconut) today, head out from "Whale Shark Jetty" toward Cabo Catoche, the northernmost point of the Yucatán Peninsula. Today's adventure is a boat ride to see dolphins and other wildlife, as well as sneak in a little fishing. The captain and your guide will choose the perfect fishing spot and get you up to speed on bottom fishing techniques so you can catch a good-sized fish to eat later on as ceviche.

Then, head to Cuevones, an area whose 6.6-foot (2 m) depth makes it the ideal spot for swimming and snorkeling among the fish and coral of the area. Finally, stop at a secluded beach to relax while the day's catch is transformed into a ceviche feast. On your return to Holbox, you may be able to catch a glimpse of the mangrove trees by the shore off the side of the boat.

Day 14: Snorkel with Whale Sharks

Spend a free day relaxing on Holbox Island
Swim with whale sharks, the gentle giants of the sea
While there are many activities on offer today, one of the most popular is whiling away the hours lazing in a hammock perched over the shallow turquoise waters of Holbox's shores. You can also head out from the main port to the long, white-sand beaches to swim in the crystalline waters. Then enjoy a coconut or tropical adult beverage as you sit on the sand, and marvel at Holbox's famous golden sunsets tinged with vermillion hues. 
For the more adventurous, you can go swimming with a whale shark. These incredible animals can reach up to 45 feet (14 m) long and are considered the largest fish in the world. They are harmless, so you will be able to swim with them. Remember that this is a swimming and watching activity, so you should not touch the animals. During this boat ride, you may encounter turtles, giant manta rays, dolphins, and many other species.

Day 15: Transfer to Cancún, Depart

Hasta luego Mexico!!

After an exciting trip, it's time to say adios to Mexico! When the time comes, a taxi driver will take you to the Port of Holbox to take the ferry back to Chiquilá. From there, a driver will take you to the Cancun Airport for your departing flight home or to your next destination. Safe travels!

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Map of Yucatán Adventure: Mexico City, Valladolid, Puerto Morelos & Holbox - 15 Days
Map of Yucatán Adventure: Mexico City, Valladolid, Puerto Morelos & Holbox - 15 Days