A Free Afternoon in Nafplio

Enjoy exploring Nafplio, the first capital of modern Greece and one of the country's most beautiful towns. Featuring a mix of Venetian, Ottoman, and Greek architecture, Nafplio sits underneath its imposing Palamidi Castle, a great place to visit during the afternoon. To reach the top (worth the effort for the incredible views), you'll climb over 850 winding steps.

As you gaze across the sea and down into Nafplio's Old Town, get your bearings and try to spot a few of the other must-see sites. The Fort of Bourgi sits on a small island right in the middle of the harbor. You can take a short boat ride to the islet, circling the area to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Look for a red-tiled dome to find the Vouleftikon Building, the very first Greek Parliament. Nearby is Constitution Square, also known as Syntagma Square, the main plaza in Nafplio. It's a lively spot in the city with many restaurants, bars, and cafes to enjoy. It's also a great place to people-watch under the sycamore trees and witness typical Greek life. 

Continue strolling through Nafplio's charming streets and alleyways, absorbing the town's beauty and catching glimpses of the sea. Stop at the Kompoloi Museum to learn about a popular local craft and explore beads from Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, and Greek traditions. You can also view Catholic and Monastery rosaries.

As dusk nears, take a stroll along the port to watch the sunset. The port also offers a great viewpoint of Palamidi Castle and features a few cafes and bars with excellent cocktails. Polish off the day with Nafplio's best Italian gelato at the Antica Gelateria di Roma.

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