Family Archeology in Olympia

Photo from MAMAKITA
Roll up your sleeves and become an archeologist for a day in historic Ancient Olympia. This kid-friendly activity starts with a tour of the Archaeological Site of Olympia. A guide experienced with young kids will help your family explore the exciting birthplace of the Ancient Olympic Games.

Once you learn all about the site, it's time to dig! Your family will put on your archeologist hats and conduct a simulated excavation of a house from the 5th century BCE. You'll also find ruins from an ancient gymnasium and a Roman bathhouse with beautiful mosaics. As you dig, a professional archeologist will help you understand the science behind the human past and the excavation process.

When finished, visit a conservation lab and learn how archeologists preserve the buildings, monuments, and artifacts they find. You'll even do a little conservation work yourself! Before you end the day, take it to the races and practice some Olympic sports while learning Greek mythology.

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