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The Pinnacle Athens, Athens

The Pinnacle offers large, modern, and luxurious suites in a landmark building that was one of Athens’ first shopping malls.


The 16 rooms of the Pinnacle combine the historical with the modern in this 1970s building that was once a shopping mall. The approach of the hotel is to mix luxury with autonomy, so guests can enjoy the amenities and hospitality of a five-star hotel, while also feeling at home in the spacious suites that come with kitchenettes. Located in the Commercial Triangle, The Pinnacle is a fantastic hotel for families, couples, friends, or anyone that want to explore a different side of Athens’ history.

Kimkim's Take

Olivia Typaldos kimkim staff
Based on kimkim staff visit, December 2022 (Learn more)
  • Most of the room options at the Pinnacle are open and spacious suites. 
  • The Pinnacle thoughtfully incorporates the history of its building with features such as the former shopping mall’s original industrial elevators and staircases. Take the stairs to see art and photographs from around the world and catch a glimpse of original paintings done by the owner’s grandmother.
  • The rooftop garden offers a stunning panoramic view of Athens from this tallest building of the Commercial Triangle.
  • The staff of the Pinnacle is warm, welcoming, and committed to the care and comfort of guests. 
  • The rooms are bright and modern with fun touches like television screens hidden behind paintings or stickers that show you the best place to hide your suitcase to keep it out of the way.
  • The classic double rooms can feel a bit small and don’t include the kitchenette feature, but they still have the same clean, light feeling of the suites. For those looking for more space or a working kitchen, go for a suite instead.
  • The rooftop offers one of the best views in Athens but note that it’s only possible to access it by taking a set of stairs, which may be difficult for those with accessibility needs.
  • Due to the original building being a shopping mall that's protected as a landmark, the rooms don't include balconies. However, folks looking to relax outside can head up to the rooftop. 


The landmark 1970s building of The Pinnacle was one of Athens’ first shopping malls that was designed by the architect Varagis. It was Athens’ take on a skyscraper and in this city of hardly any skyscrapers, that means it still has one of the best panoramic views in all of Athens. The Pinnacle has preserved aspects of the original building, such as its industrial elevator, whose large size will be welcomed by anyone sick of squeezing into a tiny elevator that barely fits your carry-on suitcase.

The Pinnacle has also preserved the metallic-tiled façade of the original building, but the hotel made one crucial change: windows. The shopping mall – called the “Mauros” – had no windows in order to keep shoppers inside, so The Pinnacle has added windows along the entire building to transform it into something bright and modern that still retains the charm of this ‘70s building.


The Pinnacle is one of the most recognizable buildings in the Commercial Triangle, which is an area of Athens that is formed by the three squares of Syntagma, Monastiraki, and Omonia. All of these major hubs can be reached between 7-10 minutes on foot, while guests can get to Panepistimio and its metro in just five minutes.

As its name suggests, the Commercial Triangle is populated by various businesses, such as fabric shops, tailors, and shoemakers, as well as coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. The Acropolis and Acropolis Museum are 20 minutes away by foot, while those looking to get an even higher view of the city can walk to the bottom of Lycabettus Hill in the same amount of time.

Rooms & Bathrooms

The 16 rooms and suites of The Pinnacle vary in size and amenities, which becomes most evident when considering a Classic Double Room versus any of the suites. The Classic Double room is perfect for one or two people, who want a more typical hotel room, as it features just a sleeping area, bathroom, and mini fridge. Those looking for something bigger and more autonomous can book a suite, as all of the suites include kitchenettes and depending on the type, can sleep up to 6 people.

The rooms of the Pinnacle most clearly reflect the hotel’s seamless integration of the historic with the modern. The building’s new windows open up the spaces, although those who prefer to keep things dark and cozy can take advantage of the rooms’ blackout curtains. With the exception of the Classic Double Rooms, all of the suites include decorative fireplaces that heat up electrically, and while all of the rooms have TVs, only the suites have them hidden behind paintings.

Hotel Information

5-star Hotel
75 Eolou & Evripidou