1 week hiking vacation in Sicily

  Traveler visited Italy in June 2017

“I am interested in a week on Sicily... will be arriving in Rome on June 12 and returning to the US on June 26th.
Moderate hiker. I also enjoy being by the sea shore and eating sea food! Would like the itinerary to include accommodations and some meals, and prefer to have transport to and from the sights.”

Antonella Ravidà, a local specialist from Italy, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary based on Volcanoes of Sicily: Exploring Mt Etna and the Aeolian Islands - 9-Day Itinerary.

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Volcanoes of Sicily - Exploring Mt Etna and the Aeolian Islands

Day 1: Arrival in Catania - transfer to Milazzo
Day 2: Arrival in Lipari
Day 3: Vulcano (3 hours hiking, +390 – 390 mt.)
Day 4: Lipari - (Walk: 10,5 km 4hrs +360m – 500m)
Day 5: Discover the lush Salina island
Day 6: Stromboli (4 hours hiking, +400 - 400 mt.)
Day 7: The top of Stromboli (6 hours hiking, + 924 – 924 mt.)
Day 8: Taormina: The pearl of Ionian sea
Day 9: Exploring Taormina and beyond
Day 10: Free day Taormina
Day 11: Visit Catania and move to Siracusa
Day 12: Relaxing in Siracusa
Day 13: Relaxing in Siracusa
Day 14: Departure

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thank you very much for your request!
I'm working on your itinerary and will send you a first proposal as soon as I can.
In the meantime, please feel free to get in contact if some other requests/doubts come out.
I wish you a nice weekend...
I'm pleased to send you my proposal for your trip to Sicily which you'll find in the following link.
You will find details of time and kilometers of each walk in the days titles inside the itinerary.
Please feel free to tell me all the changes you wish to make and I will be happy to modify it according to your comments.
I look forward to hearing from you
Have a lovely day
I'm glad you liked the hiking and the itinerary.
We usually do not include lunches unless necessary in order to give our travellers the opportunity to arrange this on spot maybe asking their accommodations for it or buying some typical food on local shops (we provide all these suggestions on our route notes).
Yes, you can tell us if you want the private transfer at the beginning of your trip to pick you up at the airport or anywhere else in Catania city centre...
With regards to the deposit payment, we usually charge the 30% of the trip total price at the time of the confirmation and the balance due 30 days prior the departure. You can easily pay through the platform by clicking the button "book now" which appears on your itineray link.
Please get in contact with me or the kim kim staff if you need any help at all.
I would be really happy to have you as one of our travellers in Sicily this year!
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Traveler Review

Could have had better maps for the trail in Lipari and more options with boats from Lipari to other islands.

Antonella was above the call of duty. Answering so many questions, putting up with my friends (who then later didn't join the trip!), making changes at the last minute for me. She really knows her stuff.