With 10 days in Scandinavia, you can delve into thrilling winter activities and chase the northern lights above the Arctic Circle. Or, stick to the charming cities of Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo and spend your time on walking tours and winter-themed excursions. Those seeking a more relaxed pace will find Scandinavia has plenty of spas, saunas, and gourmet restaurants to unwind in, while Christmas enthusiasts can hop between festive markets and fairy-tale castles.

Itinerary #1: Chasing the Northern Lights in Sweden & Norway

This 10-day adventure through northern Sweden and Norway is perfect for travelers eager to experience plenty of outdoor winter activities. Each night, you'll have the chance to spot the brilliant northern lights, whether by snowshoeing, boating, sailing, or while cozying up by an outdoor fire. Meanwhile, your days are filled with exciting adventures, including a snowmobile trip through frosted forests, a sunrise dogsledding excursion, an ice fishing experience, and a whale watching cruise.

Hunt for the northern lights in the Arctic Circle city of Tromsø
Hunt for the northern lights in the Arctic Circle city of Tromsø
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Luleå (Sweden), Spa Session & Northern Lights Snowshoe Tour Luleå
Day 2 Snowmobile Ice Nature Tour, Arctic Dining & Northern Lights Tour Luleå
Day 3 Train to Kiruna, City & Iron Mine Tour, Check into Ice Hotel Kiruna
Day 4 Sunrise Dogsledding & Aurora Sky Station Dinner Kiruna
Day 5 Jukkasjärvi Cultural Sámi & Reindeer Visit Kiruna
Day 6 Snowshoeing & Ice Fishing Adventure, Northern Lights Tour Kiruna
Day 7 Train to Narvik (Norway), Sky Lift, Dogsledding & Northern Lights Ceremony Narvik
Day 8 Bus to Tromsø, Northern Lights Sailing Trip Tromsø
Day 9 Silent Whale Watching Eco-Tour Tromsø
Day 10 Depart Tromsø  

Welcome to Sweden! Your adventure begins in Luleå, a coastal city tucked in the northern province of Lappland, where you'll delve straight into winter activities. Spend your first evening snowshoeing through pristine forest, then split the following day between a snowmobile excursion and a unique Arctic dining experience. Next, board a train bound for Kiruna and check into the impressive Ice Hotel for a four-night stay. A leisurely first evening here ensures you're ready to tackle a thrilling sunrise dogsledding adventure, as well as visits to the Aurora Sky Station and the Nutti Sámi Siida open-air museum.

Before leaving Kiruna, you'll also go ice fishing on the frozen lake of Sir Folke and embark on another northern lights tour. Then, travel by train to Narvik, Norway, and delight in an action-packed day featuring a ride on the Narvik Sky Lift and a heartwarming dogsledding tour that includes a northern lights ceremony. The next morning, settle in for a scenic 4.5-hour bus ride to Tromsø, and upon arrival, embark on an incredible fjord sailing experience. Lastly, round off your trip with a humpback and orca whale watching excursion onboard an eco-ship before prepping for your departing flight. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Scandinavian Winter Cities Trip: Oslo, Copenhagen & Stockholm

Discover the charms of a Scandinavian winter on this urban discovery tour featuring Oslo, Copenhagen, and Stockholm. While bundling up is a necessity, you'll be well-rewarded with visits to iconic city sights without the crowds—plus regular stops for the traditional "fika" of hot coffee and cinnamon buns. There are also plenty of winter-themed activities to look forward to, including snowshoeing through frosty forests, cruising in a floating sauna, and sea kayaking in the icy waters of the Stockholm Archipelago.

Discover the winter wonderland of Scandinavian cities on this 10-day tour
Discover the winter wonderland of Scandinavian cities on this 10-day tour
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Copenhagen (Denmark), Canal Cruise from Nyhavn Copenhagen
Day 2 Copenhagen Food & Drink Tour: Scandinavian Delights Tasting Copenhagen
Day 3 Northern Zealand Day Trip & Frederiksborg Castle Visit Copenhagen
Day 4 Train to Stockholm (Sweden), Free Time at Twilight Stockholm
Day 5 Winter Kayaking Through the Stockholm Archipelago, Fika Experience Stockholm
Day 6 Snowshoeing Through the Swedish Wilderness Stockholm
Day 7 Morning Coffee Tour in Vasastan, Stockholm Archipelago Dinner Cruise Stockholm
Day 8 Train to Oslo (Norway), Norwegian Wine Tasting Oslo
Day 9 Oslo Street Food Tour, Floating Sauna Cruise Oslo
Day 10 Depart Oslo  

Your winter adventure kicks off with three days based in the welcoming city of Copenhagen. Spend your first afternoon getting your bearings while cruising through beautiful canals, then discover the culinary side of the city during a food and drink tour. While based in Copenhagen, you'll also venture to North Zealand, where you'll delve into the region's history through visits to the striking Frederiksborg and Kronborg Castles. Next, journey by train to Stockholm, and after a leisurely evening of sightseeing, you'll be ready to tackle a kayaking journey through the icy waters of the Stockholm Archipelago.

Your time in Stockholm continues with a snowshoeing excursion through the region's snow-blanketed wilderness, complete with lessons about navigation and animal tracking. Then, before hopping cities, you'll delight in a relaxed day sampling coffee and pastries and an evening dining onboard an Edwardian-era ship. Your next and final destination is Oslo, Norway, reachable by a 5.5-hour train ride. Upon arrival, stretch your legs while roaming the Nobel Peace Center, and round off your journey with a day split between a street food tour and a rejuvenating sauna cruise. Learn more

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Itinerary #3: Relax & Reconnect During Winter in Scandinavia

Crafted for travelers eager to slow down and savor Scandinavia's commitment to well-being, this relaxed getaway features luxury spas, sauna sessions, and rejuvenating massages. That's far from all, though. You'll also soak up Sweden, Norway, and Denmark's pristine landscapes while journeying by train, cruising fjords, and horseback riding through snow-blanketed forests. In addition, you'll also indulge in a Swedish baking class and a gourmet food tour.

Combine the beauty of Scandinavian cities with relaxing spa experiences on this 10-day getaway
Combine the beauty of Scandinavian cities with relaxing spa experiences on this 10-day getaway
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Stockholm (Sweden), Swedish Spa Experience Stockholm
Day 2 Swedish Baking Class, Archipelago Dinner Cruise Stockholm
Day 3 Train to Gothenburg, Spa Afternoon Gothenburg
Day 4 Train to Oslo (Norway), Silent Fjord Cruise Oslo
Day 5 Oslo City Walking Tour Oslo
Day 6 Train to Flåm via the Flåm Railway, Fjord Cruise Flåm
Day 7 Train to Bergen, Explore the UNESCO-listed Waterfront Bergen
Day 8 Fly to Copenhagen (Denmark), West End Gourmet Tour Copenhagen
Day 9 Horseback Riding in Copenhagen, Mikkeller Beer Tasting Copenhagen
Day 10 Depart Copenhagen Copenhagen

You won't have to wait long to treat yourself to a sauna and massage treatment, as after arriving and checking into your Stockholm hotel, you'll head to the luxury Sturebadet Spa. Wake rejuvenated the next morning and continue the relaxation theme while learning the secrets of Swedish baking at a local kitchen and cruising onboard a restored Edwardian-era ship. Following this, transfer by train to Gothenburg and spend the afternoon basking in a world of calm at the Hagabadet Spa. Then, continue by train to Oslo, where a silent fjord cruise and a guided walking tour ensure you experience the best of the city. 

The second leg of your Scandinavia trip begins with a spectacular train ride through alpine landscapes to Flåm, and upon arrival, the scenery continues to impress during Nærøyfjord cruise. Afterward, transfer by train to Bergen, where a guide will lead the way between historic wooden buildings and the ancient stone fortress of Bergenhus. While your trip may be winding down, Denmark has yet to be explored, so catch a flight to Copenhagen next and settle in over a gourmet food tour. Then, round off your adventure with a horseback ride and celebratory drinks at Mikkeller Brewery. Learn more

Itinerary #4: Christmas Markets & Winter Adventures in Sweden & Norway

Perfect for Christmas market enthusiasts, this seasonal Scandinavian itinerary features the festive markets of Gothenburg, Vetlanda, Stockholm, and Oslo. Along the way, take part in numerous Christmas-related traditions, including baking cinnamon buns and sampling aquavit, and treat yourself to an evening at the Ästad Vingård Day Spa. In addition, immerse yourself in winter landscapes while cruising the Stockholm Archipelago and Oslofjord. 

End your trip in Norway and experience the beauty of Oslo in winter
End your trip in Norway and experience the beauty of Oslo in winter
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Gothenburg (Sweden), Visit the Liseberg & Haga Christmas Markets Gothenburg
Day 2 Drive to Falkenberg, Vineyard Day Spa & Wine Tasting Falkenberg
Day 3 Drive to Vetlanda via Halmstad & Växjö, Huseby Bruk Christmas Market Vetlanda
Day 4 Cinnamon Bun Baking Class, Drive to Stockholm, SkyView Experience Stockholm
Day 5 Explore Stockholm's Attractions & Christmas Markets Stockholm
Day 6 Stockholm Archipelago Tour & Steninge Castle Christmas Market Stockholm
Day 7 Train to Oslo (Norway), Oslofjord Electric Boat Dinner Cruise Oslo
Day 8 Oslo Christmas Markets & Aquavit Tasting Tour Oslo
Day 9 Free Day in Oslo: Museums & Outdoor Adventures Oslo
Day 10 Depart Oslo  

Your Christmas market extravaganza begins in Gothenburg, and after refreshing at your hotel, you'll spend the evening hopping between the Liseberg, Haga, and Kronhuset markets. Then, having already collected your rental car, drive to Falkenberg and treat yourself to a massage at the Ästad Vingård Day Spa. Next, make your way to Stockholm, stopping en route at the sprawling Heseby Bruk Christmas market and for an overnight in Vetlanda paired with a cinnamon bun baking class. Once you've arrived in Stockholm, spend the afternoon exploring the city's modern metropolis and riding the SkyView gondola.

The second half of your trip kicks off with two more days in Stockholm, which gives you plenty of time to check out the city's many Christmas markets, explore the Stockholm Archipelago by boat, and venture to the fairy-tale Steninge Castle. The following morning, swap your rental car for a train ticket and settle in for a 5.5-hour journey to Oslo. Here, you'll spend your first evening taking in the twinkling skyline onboard a dinner cruise, followed by a day dedicated to Christmas markets and aquavit tasting. Lastly, enjoy a day of leisurely self-exploration before prepping for your onward flight. Learn more

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Map of 10 Days in Scandinavia - 4 Winter Itinerary Ideas
Map of 10 Days in Scandinavia - 4 Winter Itinerary Ideas