With 15 days in Peru, you can tick off the country's bucket-list destinations on a classic tour, exploring Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu. Adventure seekers can opt for a trekking trip through the Sacred Valley with stays in Lima, Cusco, and the Amazon, while history lovers search for Inca Empire marvels near Trujillo, Chiclayo, Chachapoyas, and Cusco. For those looking to spend most of their time on the trail, a hiking trip to Choquequirao and along the Apu Ausangate trail will do just the trick.

Itinerary #1: Ancient & Modern Peru: Lima, Colca Valley, Lake Titicaca, the Sacred Valley & the Amazon

Wander Peru's capital city, explore the bucket list ruins of Machu Picchu, and spend three nights tucked in the Amazon rainforest on this classic Peru itinerary perfect for first-time visitors. Each day will delight your senses as you take a deep dive into the cuisine and culture of Peru, all while learning about the fascinating Inca Empire.

Cityscape of Arequipa with its Catholic Cathedral and Plaza de Armas main square in the Andes mountain range of Peru.
Cityscape of Arequipa
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Lima Lima
Day 2 Lima Gastronomic Tour Lima
Day 3 Fly to Arequipa, Explore Arequipa
Day 4 Transfer to Chivay, Visit the Hot Springs Chivay
Day 5 Spot Condors in Colca Canyon & Transfer to Puno, Explore Puno
Day 6 Transfer to Lake Titicaca, Visit Taquile Island Puno
Day 7 Drive to Cusco Cusco
Day 8 Transfer to Sacred Valley, Explore Sacred Valley
Day 9 Visit Moray & Salineras, Transfer to Aguas Calientes Aguas Calientes/ Machu Picchu
Day 10 Visit Machu Picchu, Take the Train to Cusco Cusco
Day 11 Tour Cusco Cusco
Day 12 Fly to Puerto Maldonado, The Amazon The Amazon
Day 13 Tour Collpa Chuncho & Visit Tres Chimpadas Lake The Amazon
Day 14 Kayak on Tres Chimbadas Lake The Amazon
Day 15 Fly to Lima, Depart  

Welcome to Lima! Begin your trip with two days of exploring Peru's capital city, complete with a gastronomic tour of the city's diverse mercados (markets) and the hip neighborhood of Barranco. Next, take a short flight to Arequipa to discover its colonial-era buildings before a scenic drive takes you to Chivay—the gateway to Colca Canyon. Early the following day, you'll journey into the canyon itself in search of the famous Andean condors, then continue south to Puno on the edge of Lake Titicaca.

After a day on Taquile Island learning about the life of the Taquileños, you'll hop aboard a bus taking you to Cusco, the former capital of the Inca Empire. With five days in the region, you'll have time to discover the Sacred Valley of the Incas, admire the geometric landscapes of Salineras de Maras, and spend a day exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu. Then, it's time to fly to Puerto Maldonado, where you'll take a guided ride into the Peruvian Amazon. Explore Reserva Nacional Tambopata, kayak on Tres Chimbadas Lake, and spend hours watching wildlife before flying to Lima to catch your flight home. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Peru Sacred Valley Trek

Pack your best hiking boots and sense of adventure; this Peru trekking itinerary takes you from Lake Humantay, up and over the Salkantay Pass, to Machu Picchu. Plus, with time in Cusco before and after your trek, you'll have plenty of time to acclimate and learn about the ancient Inca Empire.

Step back in time as you explore ancient Machu Picchu
View of Machu Picchu
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Lima Lima
Day 2 Lima Architecture & Food Tour Lima
Day 3 Fly to Cusco, Explore Cusco Cusco
Day 4 Drive to Ollantaytambo & Sacred Valley  Ollantaytambo
Day 5 Paddle on Lake Piuray, Drive to Cusco Cusco
Day 6 Drive to Soraypampa, Soraypampa Hike Soraypampa
Day 7 Hike to Lake Humantay Soraypampa
Day 8 Cross Salkantay Pass Salkantay Trek
Day 9 Descend The Cloud Forest to Colcapampa Colcapampa
Day 10 Hike Santa Teresa River Valley, Transfer to Lucmabamba Lucmabamba
Day 11 Lucmabamba to Aobamba River & Aguas Calientes Aguas Calientes/ Machu Picchu
Day 12 Machu Picchu, Drive to Ollantaytambo Ollantaytambo
Day 13 Drive to Cusco, Explore Cusco
Day 14 Cusco, TipĂłn & Pikillacta Cusco
Day 15 Depart Cusco  

Your adventure begins with two nights in Peru's capital, Lima. Stretch your legs on a walking tour of the colonial downtown, Love Park, and Barranco artists' district; then, it's off to Cusco. Let your body settle into the higher altitude with a relaxing day strolling through the historic center, as the following day, you'll journey through the Sacred Valley of the Incas to Ollantaytambo. Test out your stand-up paddleboarding skills on Lake Piuray, explore the mountain terraces of Chinchero, then spend your evening getting ready for your upcoming trek to Machu Picchu.

After a drive to Challacancha, you'll begin your multiday trek with a three-hour hike to Soraypampa along the Camino Real ("Royal Path"). Over the following five days, you'll trek to Lake Humantay, reach 15,213 feet (4,636 m) as you conquer Salkantay Pass, descend through the cloud forest to Colcapampa, and wander along the Santa Teresa River Valley. At long last, at Llactapata Pass, you'll get your first view of Machu Picchu. Spend your next morning on a guided tour of Machu Picchu's main citadel, then enjoy your last two nights in Cusco before departing for the airport. Learn more

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Itinerary #3: Ancient Peru: Huacas de Moche, El Brujo, Túcume, Kuélap & The Sacred Valley

On this history-packed trip around Peru, you'll set out to discover the archaeological finds of Trujillo, the spectacular ruins of Kuélap, and the must-see Machu Picchu. Perfect for those looking to explore the Inca Empires marvels, you'll have plenty to see in the Sacred Valley of the Ruins and check out sacred sites around Cusco.

Inca fortress with terraces and temple hill in Ollantaytambo, Peru
Inca fortress with terraces and temple hill in Ollantaytambo, Peru
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Trujillo Trujillo
Day 2 Huacas de Moche, Chan Chan & Huanchaco Tour Trujillo
Day 3 Visit El Brujo & Transfer to Chiclayo Chiclayo
Day 4 TĂşcume Pyramids & Tumbas Reales Museum Tour Chiclayo
Day 5 Transfer to Chachapoyas Chachapoyas
Day 6 Hike to Gocta Waterfall Chachapoyas
Day 7 Take the Cablecar to Kuélap Fortress Chachapoyas
Day 8 Fly to Lima Lima
Day 9 Visit the Ica Desert & Huacachina Oasis Lima
Day 10 Fly to Cusco, Explore Cusco
Day 11 Moray Terraces & Salineras de Maras Tour Cusco
Day 12 Pisac, Ollantaytambo & Chinchero tour Cusco
Day 13 Transfer to Aguas Calientes & Explore Machu Picchu Cusco
Day 14 Hike to Vinicunca Cusco
Day 15 Fly to Lima & Depart  

Start your Peru trip in the coastal city of Trujillo, taking in the ancient monuments of Huaca de la Luna and the Huaca Arco Iris, and visit Chan Chan, the largest city in pre-Columbian Peru. Spend the following two nights in Chiclayo in the region of Lambayeque, known for its 26 pyramids at the Túcume Archaeological Complex, before traveling inland to Chachapoyas in the Amazonas region. Explore this lush region with a hike to Gocta Waterfall, and a cable car ride to the ruins of Kuélap deemed the "Machu Picchu of the North."

The second half of your trip brings you to Lima, where you can enjoy modern amenities at Miraflores and embark on an exciting dune buggy ride in the Ica Desert. After a flight to Lima and a leisurely evening adjusting to the altitude, you'll spend the following four days roaming the region's famous and hardly known ruins, including Moray, Salineras de Maras, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and Machu Picchu. Finish your trip with a breathtaking hike to Rainbow Mountain before flying to Lima to catch your flight home. Learn more

Itinerary #4: Peru's Ancient Civilizations & Rituals: Trujillo, Kuélap & Cusco

Leap back in time and immerse yourself in Peru's ancient civilization on this 15-day Peru itinerary. With stays in Trujillo, Chiclayo, Chachapoyas, Jaén, and Cusco, you'll enjoy the perfect mix of walking city tours, nature hikes, and mysterious archaeological sites while exploring Peru from top to bottom.

Pondering Machu Picchu
Pondering Machu Picchu
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Lima Lima
Day 2 Fly to Trujillo, Guided Walking Tour Trujillo
Day 3 El Brujo Monuments in Chicama Valley Trujillo
Day 4 Bus to Chiclayo, Museum of Royal Tombs Chiclayo
Day 5 Explore Chiclayo & Valley of the Pyramids Chiclayo
Day 6 Fly to Jaen, Explore Jaén Jaén
Day 7 Transfer to Chachapoyas, Karajia Sarcophagi Chachapoyas
Day 8 Guided Kuélap Archaeological Site Tour Chachapoyas
Day 9 Hike to Gocta Waterfalls, Drive to Jaén Jaén
Day 10 Fly to Cusco, Explore Cusco
Day 11 Transfer to Pitumarca, Hike to Waqrapukara Waqrapukara
Day 12 Guided Waqrapukara Tour, Transfer to Caicay Caicay
Day 13 Explore Sacred Valley & Pisac, Train to Aguas Calientes Aguas Calientes
Day 14 Machu Picchu & Travel to Cusco Cusco
Day 15 Explore Cusco, Depart  

Begin your Peruvian journey with an evening on your own admiring Lima's 15th and 16th-century architecture; then, it's right back on the plane for a short flight to Trujillo. Embark on a guided walk around the city's monuments and cathedrals and spend a day pondering ancient civilization in Chicama Valley until it's time to head north. With two nights in Chiclayo, you'll have time to visit the Royal Tombs Museum and explore the Valley of the Pyramids before another flight takes you to Jaén, high in the jungle of Nothern Peru, known for its archaeological museum and beautiful botanical garden.

Next, a four-hour drive brings you to Chachapoyas, where you'll set out on a guided tour of Kuélap, home to 550 structures known as the "Warriors of the Clouds." After hiking to Gocta Waterfalls, you'll travel back to Jaén and catch a flight to Cusco. Take a day to relax and get acquainted with the region's high altitude and narrow stone streets, as the following morning, you'll begin your trek from Pitumarca to the Inca site of Waqrapukara. Spend your last two days exploring the famous Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu before transferring to the Cusco airport for your flight home. Learn more

Itinerary #5: Undiscovered Peru: Hiking Cusco to Apurimac

Hike your way along Peru's Apu Ausangate trail and to the hidden Choquequirao ruins on this adventure-packed itinerary. Perfect for those who want to spend evenings sleeping under the same stars as the Inca Empire and days discovering ruins overlooked by most visitors, this itinerary is all about following in the footsteps of bygone times.

Rainbow Mountain
Rainbow Mountain, Peru
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Cusco Cusco
Day 2 Cusco & Apu Wanakaure Horseback Riding Cusco
Day 3 Drive to Choquequirao & Hike to Chiquisca Choquequirao
Day 4 Hike to Choquequirao Choquequirao
Day 5 Choquequirao Exploration Choquequirao
Day 6 Apurimac Canyon Hike Choquequirao
Day 7 Hike to Choquequirao, Drive to Cusco Cusco
Day 8 Drive to Apurimac, Apurimac River Rafting Apurimac
Day 9 Granite Canyon Rafting, Drive to Cusco Cusco
Day 10 Cusco to Checacupe, Hike Apu Ausangate Trail to Chillca Chillca
Day 11 Hike Apu Ausangate Trail to Machuracay Chillca
Day 12 Hike Apu Ausangate Trail to Anantapata Chillca
Day 13 Hike Apu Ausangate Trail to Huampococha Chillca
Day 14 Hike Apu Ausangate Trail to Trapiche, Return to Cusco by Bus Cusco
Day 15 Depart Cusco  

Welcome to Peru! Your adventure-filled itinerary starts in Cusco, where you'll spend your first two days acclimating, discovering the city's Spanish architecture built over Inca ruins, and exploring the countryside by horseback. Settled into life in Peru, over the next five days, you'll trek to and around Choquequirao, an Inca site larger than Machu Picchu but hidden in the forest well off the main tourist trail. Top off your first week with a hike in Apurimac Canyon and to Chiquiska Camp before returning to Cusco.

Next, trade your hiking shoes for a paddle and raft down the Apurimac River in Granite Canyon, with an overnight stay in a tent on the beach. Relax back in Cusco for an evening; then, it's back on the road to Checacupe village, where you'll begin your trekking adventure on Apu Ausangate mountain. With helpful llamas and a guide by your side, you'll trek from lodge to lodge, stopping by Alcatauri Gorge and Rainbow Mountain before descending to the trail's end at Trapiche. Celebrate the end of your adventure with a final evening in Cusco, then it's off to the airport to catch your flight home. Learn more

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Map of 15 Days in Peru - 5 Unique Itinerary Ideas
Map of 15 Days in Peru - 5 Unique Itinerary Ideas