Three weeks in Scandinavia is a generous amount of time to discover the unspoiled landscapes and welcoming towns and cities of 3-4 countries. Summer travelers eager to get behind the wheel will find Iceland the perfect road-tripping destination, while Sweden and Norway provide the opportunity to pass along the reins and travel by train, bike, and ferry. Alternatively, if experiencing the northern lights tops your list, narrow your focus to the Lappland region in winter.

Itinerary #1: Nordic Harmony: Ultimate Summer Journey to Norway, Iceland & Greenland

Dedicate 10 days to driving Iceland's Route 1 between shorter stays in southern Norway and western Greenland on this summer self-drive adventure. Perfect for those seeking a fast-paced, activity-packed tour, you'll cruise, kayak, hike, zipline, and horseback ride through volcanic landscapes and waterfall-riddled valleys. When you're not out on an active adventure, refresh and rejuvenate during visits to geothermal spas, quaint cafés, and welcoming fishing villages.

Experience the midnight sun of a Norwegian summer near Ålesund
Experience the midnight sun of a Norwegian summer near Ålesund
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Oslo (Norway), Self-Guided Tour & Dinner Cruise Oslo
Day 2 Oslo Like a Local Tour, Aquavit Tasting Oslo
Day 3 Fly to Ålesund, Hiking & Kayaking Ålesund
Day 4 Drive to Geiranger, Zipline Tour Geiranger
Day 5 Geiranger Kayak Tour & Waterfall Hike Geiranger
Day 6 Drive to Åndalsnes via the Troll's Path Åndalsnes
Day 7 Hike Mount Saksa, Drive to Ålesund Ålesund
Day 8 Fly to Reykjavík (Iceland), Visit Sky Lagoon & Food Tour Reykjavík
Day 9 Drive to Hella via Golden Circle Hella
Day 10 Drive to Vík via Southern Coast & Waterfalls Vík
Day 11 Drive to Höfn via River Canyons, Waterfalls & Zodiac Tour Höfn
Day 12 Drive to Egilsstaðir via Fishing Villages, Valleys & Fjords Egilsstaðir
Day 13 Drive to Lake Mývatn via Geothermal Areas & Grjótagjá Cave Lake Mývatn
Day 14 Lake Mývatn Highlights, Drive to Akureyri via Goðafoss Akureyri
Day 15 Húsavík Whale Watching, Horseback Ride & Geothermal Baths Akureyri
Day 16 Drive to Snæfellsnes Peninsula via Farms & Seal Center Snæfellsnes Peninsula
Day 17 Snæfellsnes & Fishing Tour, Drive to Reykjavík Reykjavík
Day 18 Fly to Ilulissat (Greenland), Optional Activities Ilulissat
Day 19 Helicopter Flight & Glacier Boat Tour Ilulissat
Day 20 Greenland Culture & Crafts, Fly to Reykjavík, Visit the Blue Lagoon Keflavík
Day 21 Depart Reykjavík  

Welcome to Scandinavia! Your grand adventure kicks off in Oslo, and through a scenic dinner cruise, city tour, and aquavit tasting experience, you'll get a well-rounded introduction to Norway's capital. On Day 3, fly north to Ålesund and don your outdoor gear for a fantastic hike up Fjellstu, followed by a waterfront kayaking excursion. More grand outdoor adventures await in Geiranger, reachable by a 2.5-hour drive, including a thrilling zipline tour and a hike on the famous Fosseråsa National Trail. Afterward, tackle a scenic drive through the Romsdal Alps to Åndalsnes and pause to hike Mount Saksa.

Week two of your adventure brings you over the North Atlantic Ocean to Iceland, and over the following 10 days, you'll road trip along epic Route 1. Begin with an overnight in Reykjavík, then set off along the southern coast, pausing en route to explore Þingvellir National Park and check out mighty waterfalls and a glacial lagoon. Additionally, overnights in Hella, Vík, and Höfn ensure you're always bright-eyed when behind the wheel. Yet, the Eastfjords and the far north of Iceland still await, and as you continue your road trip, you'll hop between small fishing villages before reaching Lake Mývatn

You've now covered two-thirds of Iceland's Route 1, and over the following four days, you'll complete the loop. Along the way, a two-night stay in Akureyri features a whale watching experience and geothermal baths, while an overnight on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula gets you out exploring volcanic landscapes and coastal cliffs. Then, from Reykjavík, catch a flight to Ilulissat, which will serve as your base to explore western Greenland. Boat along the Ilulissat Icefjord, helicopter over expansive glaciers, and hop between local markets before returning to Iceland to catch your departing flight. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Discover Scandinavia Like a Local: Finland, Sweden, Norway & Denmark

This three-week Scandinavia itinerary is an action-packed introduction to Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark's remote yet connected cities and villages, featuring a three-day bike trip, a two-day train journey, an overnight ferry, and numerous cruises. Organized transfers and prearranged activities allow you to forget logistics and focus on the stunning nature and intriguing history. At the same time, leisurely dinner cruises, spa visits, and foodie tours rejuvenate you for more energy-demanding activities.

Take an epic journey through Norway's scenic fjords and mountains on the Flåm railway
Take an epic journey through Norway's scenic fjords and mountains on the Flåm railway
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Helsinki (Finland), Insider's City Tour & Sauna Helsinki
Day 2 Day Trip to Liesjärvi National Park, Freshly-Cooked Lunch by the Lake Helsinki
Day 3 Day Trip to Tallinn (Estonia) Helsinki
Day 4 Train to Turku, Picnic & Aura River Cruise Turku
Day 5 Turku Foodie Tour & Sauna Turku
Day 6 Ferry to Stockholm (Sweden), Guided City Tour Stockholm
Day 7 Stockholm Classic Boat Cruise Stockholm
Day 8 Train to Söderköping, Göta Canal Ride (Day 1), Cycle to Mem Söderköping
Day 9 Göta Canal Ride (Day 2), Cycle to Norsholm, Lake Asplången Boat Trip Ljungsbro
Day 10 Göta Canal Ride (Day 3), Cycle to Borensberg Motala
Day 11 Göta Canal Exhibition, Train to Gothenburg Gothenburg
Day 12 Gothenburg Kayak Tour, Hagabadet Spa Visit Gothenburg
Day 13 Train to Oslo (Norway), Sunset Dinner Cruise  Oslo
Day 14 Half-Day Oslo City Tour Oslo
Day 15 Flåm Railway Journey (Day 1), Nærøyfjord Cruise to Gudvangen Flåm
Day 16 Flåm Railway Journey (Day 2), Arrive in Bergen, Guided City Tour Bergen
Day 17 Half-Day Osterfjorden Cruise, Visit Modalen, Free Afternoon in Bergen Bergen
Day 18 Full-Day Hardangerfjord Cruise Via Rosendal, Explore the Village Bergen
Day 19 Fly to Copenhagen (Denmark), Food Tour & Beer Tasting Copenhagen
Day 20 Denmark Road Trip: Culture & History Tour Copenhagen
Day 21 Transfer to the Airport, Depart  

Your journey begins in the city of Helsinki, Finland, and over a three-day stay, you'll visit its lesser-known highlights and embark on a set of day trips to Liesjärvi National Park and Tallinn, Estonia. Next, train to Turku, where you'll glide between historic landmarks onboard a riverboat and uncover the city's best eateries and saunas with the help of a local guide. An overnight ferry then sees you to Stockholm, Sweden. With a morning arrival, you'll have plenty of time to explore the city's cobbled streets and museums before boarding a restored 1906 Edwardian-era ship for a lovely archipelago tour.

The next leg of your trip is about discovering the charming villages, locks, and lakes of the famous Göta Canal—by bike and boat. Starting in Söderköping, reachable via train from Stockholm, you'll cycle alongside Lake Vänern and Lake Asplången, through lush countryside to Borensberg, and onward to Motala. Then, on the afternoon of Day 11, transfer by train to Gothenburg, where a relaxing kayaking tour and spa session ensure you're ready for the Norwegian portion of your trip. Your first destination is Oslo, which you'll take in while onboard a dinner cruise and during an extended walking tour.

Next on your agenda is a scenic two-day ride along the famous Flåm Railway, complete with scheduled stops to cruise Nærøyfjord and overnight in Flåm. Eventually, you'll reach the port city of charming Bergen, the perfect base to cruise along the unspoiled Osterfjorden and Hardangerfjord. Then, switch your attention to Copenhagen, Denmark, and settle in for a two-day stay focused on the region's local-known highlights. Sip your way through Mikkeller craft beers, roam the Viking Ship Museum, and tour the castle grounds of Broholm Slot before catching your onward flight. Learn more

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Itinerary #3: Finland, Norway & Sweden Self-Drive: Lappland in Winter

Take on the role of winter explorer throughout this tour of Scandinavia's far north. Dogsledding, snowshoeing, ice-climbing, and snowmobiling adventures make this itinerary ideal for travelers eager to get deeper into remote landscapes, while spa and sauna sessions add touches of comfort and luxury. Of course, the Arctic in winter is renowned for its night sky, and thanks to numerous evening excursions, you'll have plenty of opportunity to witness the mystical northern lights.

Embark on an epic self-drive vacation through wintry Scandinavia
Embark on an epic self-drive vacation through wintry Scandinavia
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Rovaniemi (Finland), Ice Hotel & Optional Activities Rovaniemi
Day 2 Drive to Levi, Northern Lights Safari Levi
Day 3 Ski & Sauna Day in Levi Levi
Day 4 Free Day in Levi, Arctic Dinner in a Wilderness Hut, Drive to Pyhä Pyhä
Day 5 Eastern Lappland Tour, Reindeer Sleigh Northern Lights Safari Pyhä
Day 6 Ice-Climbing, Northern Lights Snowshoe Safari  Pyhä
Day 7 Levi Ski Day, Drive to Muonio Muonio
Day 8 Drive to Kilpisjärvi & Wilderness Camp, Northern Lights Tour Kilpisjärvi
Day 9 Drive to Tromsø (Norway), Kayaking & Ice Bar Tromsø
Day 10 Whale Watching, Aurora Dinner Cruise Tromsø
Day 11 Drive to Senja, Sauna & Northern Lights Observatory Senja
Day 12 Senja Activities, Northern Lights Observatory Senja
Day 13 Drive to Narvik, Rombakfjord Cruise, Cable Car to a Mountaintop Restaurant Narvik
Day 14 Fjord Snowshoe Hike, Free Evening in Narvik Narvik
Day 15 Drive to Abisko National Park (Sweden), Snowmobile Tour Abisko
Day 16 Hiking Abisko National Park, Evening Aurora Boat Tour & Campfire Abisko
Day 17 Drive to Kiruna, Dog-Sledding & Aurora Spa Kiruna
Day 18 Sámi Culture & Reindeer Tour Kiruna
Day 19 Northern Lights Dinner Experience Kiruna
Day 20 Drive to Rovaniemi (Finland), Optional Activities Rovaniemi
Day 21 Depart Finland  

Your three-week journey starts in Rovaniemi, the capital of the Lappland region, where you'll visit Santa Clause Village and overnight in an ice hotel. Then, drive north to Levi for a thrilling hike under the northern lights, followed by a day of skiing. In addition, head to a remote hut to indulge in a hearty Arctic dinner before continuing to Pyhä. This resort is known for its privileged access to Pyhä-Luosto National Park, which you'll discover firsthand thanks to a unique reindeer sledding experience, an ice-climbing excursion, and a snowshoe outing. 

More wintry adventures are on your agenda as you make your way north on Day 9 to Tromsø, Norway, including an overnight in a remote wilderness camp. Once in Tromsø, don your warmest for a serene kayaking excursion, as well as a whale watching tour and dinner cruise. Next on your itinerary is a two-day stay on the island of Senja, in which you'll visit the Aurora Borealis Observatory and explore by horseback. Your final destination in Norway is Narvik, and after a scenic Rombakfjord cruise, you'll strap up your snowshoes for a picturesque walk along fjord coastlines. 

While the Norway portion of your trip is over, Sweden still awaits, and over the following five days, you'll fully embrace its frozen landscapes. Starting in Abisko, snowmobile through fairytale-esque forests, conquer a hike along the Abisko River, and warm up with a campfire dinner. Then, continue to Kiruna, where a dogsledding adventure greets your arrival, and a visit to Nutti Sámi Siida introduces you to the Sámi culture. Before returning to Rovaniemi to catch your departing flight, you'll also have a day to tick off activities of your choice, such as ice fishing, snowshoeing, or dogsledding. Learn more

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Map of 3 Weeks in Scandinavia - 3 Unique Itinerary Ideas
Map of 3 Weeks in Scandinavia - 3 Unique Itinerary Ideas