Marrakech is a colorful, lively oasis surrounded by serene desert and mountainous landscapes. A bustling old town offers artisan shops, street vendors, art galleries, museums, historical monuments, lush gardens, and more! Discover Moroccan cuisine with cooking classes, relax in a traditional hammam spa, or explore the city's expansive palm-tree grove. Get a unique perspective of the city with a hot air balloon ride and mingle with the locals to truly understand Marrakech's charm.

Getting Oriented

Beautiful Marrakech at sunset.

Marrakech is one of the most well-known and popular Moroccan cities—and that's for a good reason. This hub is one of the country's imperial cities, and it explodes with life, culture, food, history, and charm. It's one of the best places to visit to get an authentic view of Morocco, but it also makes an excellent hub for exploring the desert and mountains. Nearby you'll find the Atlas Mountains, Agafay Desert, Rose Valley, and Safran, where you can try the beloved spice. Even coastal Morocco is just a day trip away!

A day in Marrakech can include weaving through the historic Medina, visiting monuments, museums, and art galleries while tasting various delicacies at Djemaa el Fna (the city's main square) or relaxing in the gardens or at a traditional hammam. The sky's the limit in Marrakech! Read more about what the city has to offer and how to get off the beaten path

Taste the Food

The whole of Morocco is well-known for its culinary scene, but Marrakech might take it to another level. The best way to truly experience gastronomy is to make it yourself in a class or workshop!

Cooking Class at La Maison Arabe

Attend one of the renowned culinary workshops at La Maison Arabe

Established in the 1940s, La Maison Arabe is a culinary venture started by two French women. Today, it's regarded as one of the best venues for culinary workshops in Morocco (and one of the best restaurants on the African continent!). You'll learn step-by-step how to dissect traditional Moroccan recipes, exploring authentic techniques and the local culinary culture. Your teachers are dadas (traditional Moroccan cooks) who will enjoy a delicious meal with you at the end of your class. Read More

Bread-Making Workshop in a Community Oven

Learn the cultural traditions behind baking Morocco's signature bread.

You'll find bread everywhere in Morocco, including served with every meal. But Moroccans don't have personal ovens in their homes; rather, they use communal ovens. These large public ovens often bring people together, working hard to feed their community. You'll learn the history behind this tradition, and the recipe of this tasty staple, all while joining the locals in their daily bread-making rituals. Read More

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Explore the Local Culture

Marrakech is teeming with cultural activities to help you experience authentic Morocco. Two favorites are perusing local art or embracing a relaxing or invigorating hammam ritual. 

Marrakech Art Tour

Explore art galleries, museums, street art, and architecture in Marrakech.

With such rich and diverse history, Marrakech's art scene is one of the best in the country. You'll explore art galleries from different eras (including contemporary), plus the museums, street art, and architecture found in the city's historic Medina. Dive into the past and present, admiring ornate furniture, esteemed artworks, historical relics, and more. And with so many events throughout the year, chances are you can attend an exhibit or show! Read More

Traditional Spa & Hammam Experience

Relax and embrace Morocco's famed hammam experience.

Immerse yourself in one of Morocco's most authentic cultural traditions and enjoy a treatment at a local hammam (bathhouse). You'll move from one room to the next, experiencing increasing temperatures that soothe your skin and open your pores. Then enjoy a scrub with traditional Savon Beldi (a traditional black olive oil or eucalyptus soap) and a kessah loofah. Top it off with an optional massage or a glass of mint tea. Read More

Sunrise Yoga & Hammam

Stretch your muscles with yoga and then relax them at a hammam.

If you'd like to take your hammam experience to another level, consider adding a beautiful and mentally invigorating sunrise yoga session to the mix. A local yogi will lead you through a personalized class as you watch the sunrise over the horizon. Then head to one of Marrakech's most acclaimed hammams for a traditional bathing experience: steam, soak, and scrub. Add a massage or any other treatments to your afternoon if you wish! Read More

Get Outside

Step out of Marrakech's buzzy Medina and immerse yourself in cultural experiences in the outdoors. Stroll through one of the city's gardens, explore the palm grove, or enjoy a hot air balloon ride at sunrise.

Explore the Majorelle Gardens

The bright buildings and beautiful flora of the Majorelle Gardens.

Escape the Moroccan heat and visit the Majorelle Gardens, an idyllic botanical oasis hosting over 300 varieties of flowers, plants, and trees. As you wander through the park, you'll view flora from five different continents, including bamboo, lilies, and palms, plus fountains and pools. Visit the famous blue and yellow house, designed as a Cubist villa that now hosts the Berber Museum and Yves Saint Laurent Museum. Read More

Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

Glide over the incredible landscape surrounding Marrakech in a hot air balloon.

Leave the hustle and bustle behind and float over Marrakech at sunrise, a time when all is quiet, and the light creates a peaceful glow. You'll experience a different side of the region from a unique vantage point. Enjoy watching the colors pass over the horizon, then settle into your balloon for breakfast in the sky! Read More

How to Craft the Perfect Marrakech Itinerary

The captivating gardens of Marrakech.

Marrakech is the perfect Moroccan city to fit into any itinerary. It makes a great trip on its own, a hub for regional exploration, or the perfect starting/ending point for longer adventures. If you're just visiting the city, set aside at least 2-3 days to experience all that Marrakech has to offer; but tack on another few days if you want to head into the mountains or spend time on the coast. For longer trips, consider 1-2 weeks in Morocco, as it takes time to drive from region to region.

Read more about how many days to spend in Marrakech and how to allocate your time to the rest of the country.

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