Perfect for active travelers who want a more off-the-beaten-track experience of Europe, this Corsican cycle trip winds along windswept coastlines and into the island's hilly interior. Experience rich culture and gastronomy while pedaling your way through the best that this charming French island has to offer.


  • Soak in the coastline of the beloved Cape of Corsica
  • Visit the Desert des Agriates and its well-known fragrant scrub
  • Cycle through the charming stone villages of the Balagne
  • Overnight in the Golo River Valley, where bridges arch over beautiful gorges

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Bastia Bastia
Day 2 The Cape of Corsica Coastal Village
Day 3 From the Cape to the Gulf of Saint-Florent Saint-Florent
Day 4 The Desert des Agriates Ile Rousse
Day 5 Villages of Balagne Balagne
Day 6 The Corsica Inheritance Golo River Valley
Day 7 Descent in Castagniccia Corsican Village
Day 8 Departure  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Bastia

Bastia, Corsica

Your French cycling adventure starts in Bastia! Arrive in the afternoon and settle into your hotel before venturing out to discover the capital of Haute-Corse (a region encompassing the northern part of Corsica). Don't miss the old port, the citadel, or the panoramic seaside views from the old city. Enjoy a traditional Corsican dinner at the old port, which has a very lively atmosphere in the summer.

Day 2: The Cape of Corsica

Genoese tower along the coast

Grab a hearty breakfast and stretch your muscles. Today is your first day of cycling. Pedal along the eastern side of the Cape of Corsica, only a stone's throw from the sea, then cross to the western coast of the cape for views of dramatic cliffs. The route is strewn with Genoese and Paoline towers, small fishing villages, and ancient convents and mills. Overnight in a charming coastal village.

Cycle distance: 37 - 49 miles (59 - 79 km)

Day 3: From the Cape to the Gulf of Saint-Florent

Saint Florent Bay

Bid the cape farewell and head south to the village of Patrimonia - famous for its vineyards and wine cellars. Stop here for a tasting and a rest before continuing on to Saint-Florent,  a former fishing port now full of luxury boats. The town is tiny, but the citadel, port, and small commercial streets are all worth exploring if you have a little extra time once you arrive. 

Cycle distance: 19 - 30 miles (31 - 48 km)

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Day 4: The Desert des Agriates

Desert des Agriates

Make your way inland today, to the heart of the Desert des Agriates, where you'll cycle from hamlet to hamlet across a desert landscape of the famously nice-smelling maquis scrub. Once you've had your fill of inland villages, circle back to the coast to spend the night near Ile Rousse - a small town inhabited since at least 3,000 BC.

Cycle distance: 30 - 50 miles (48 - 80 km)

Day 5: Villages of Balagne

The Balagne village of Speloncato

On your fifth day in Corsica, pedal through the bewitching stone villages of the Balagne - each a solitary cluster of buildings surrounded by spectacular nature. Overnight in this quiet, striking mountain landscape.

Cycle distance: 19 - 35 miles (30 - 57 km)

Day 6: The Corsica Inheritance

A typical Corsican arched stone bridge

Continue through the villages of the Balagne, stopping to explore and photograph old churches and convents along the way, as you make your way to the border of the Natural Reserve of Corsica. Follow that border until you reach the Golo River Valley, where gorges plunge down into green-blue waters and stone bridges arch overhead. As you ride today, keep an eye out for animals. This area is full of cows, pigs, and goats wandering free. 

Cycle distance: 30 - 45 miles (48 - 73 km) 

Day 7: Descent in Castagniccia


On your last day of riding, choose your own adventure: you can cycle through the villages of Nebbiu or Castagniccia, both known for their chapels and the chestnut forests. For the birdwatchers among us, royal milan ("Red Kites") are widespread in this area, so keep an eye out. Whichever route you choose, end your cycle adventure in a charming Corsican village near the airport.

Cycle distance: 21 - 35 miles (34 - 57 km)

Day 8: Departure

After breakfast, a transfer can be organized to the airport or the ferry port, as you prefer. 


Map of Cycle the Cape of Corsica to the Castagniccia - 8 Days
Map of Cycle the Cape of Corsica to the Castagniccia - 8 Days