With the arrival of monsoon season in Nepal, visitor numbers thin out considerably in June. But there are still a number of cultural and trekking activities you can enjoy in this warmer month, if you know where to look.


Nepal sees enormous climatic variation between the plains of the Terai, the mid-hills (where Kathmandu and Pokhara are located) and the high Himalaya. The monsoon sweeps up from India, arriving in Nepal in June (although some rain usually appears in late May).

On one hand, this brings a welcome relief from hot and dusty conditions in the cities, and provides much-needed irrigation for farming. But it also makes traveling throughout Nepal more challenging, with wet weather, landslides, and muddy or flooded roads common annoyances. Temperatures remain hot in most places; the rain can take the edge off the heat, but brings more humidity.

Crowds & Costs

June is low season in Nepal. Low-season rates are available at many hotels. Most trekking trails are empty as they become uncomfortable or even inaccessible.

Trekking Trails

June isn't ideal trekking season in many places throughout Nepal. Views are obscured by clouds, trails can be muddy and slippery, and road access to trailheads can be hindered by landslides. However, there is a notable exception: Mustang. See below for more information. And see Everest Base Camp in June for more about trekking in the Everest Region this month.

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Where to Go

Mustang lies within the rain shadow of the Himalaya, north of Pokhara, meaning it doesn't experience the monsoon-like weather falling on the rest of the country. The weather is sunny but not too hot because of the higher altitude here, and the skies normally remain clear. Landslides on the road to Mustang during monsoon make overland travel difficult, but Jomsom is connected to Pokhara by air.

If you want to trek in Nepal and June is the only time you can visit, consider treks in Lower Mustang and Upper Mustang—see our itinerary suggestions below. 

What to Do

Although many outdoor adventure activities become difficult or impossible in Nepal in June, there are still plenty of cultural activities to enjoy. Cities and towns like Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Bandipur offer many cultural attractions such as temples, museums, bars and restaurants, shops, and charming accommodation. These can all be enjoyed even when it's wet out. And as mentioned above, trekking is still a possibility in some regions.

One great sightseeing destination this month is Bandipur, a hidden gem in central Nepal. For more on discovering this magical town, read this article

June Events

Traditional Nepali festivals (whether Hindu or Buddhist) usually follow a lunar calendar. This means that some festivals that fall in June one year may be in May or July the next. Here are some festivals that are sometimes held in June:

Patan's Rato Machchendranath festival sometimes extends into June, and is worth checking out if you're in Kathmandu at the time. The pulling of an enormous chariot around the streets is a sight to behold.

Ropain is a rice-planting festival that falls either in late June or early July.

Traveling to Nepal in June? Check out these great itineraries.

Lower Mustang Trek. Mustang is part of an ancient trade route to Tibet, up the Kali Gandaki river, and offers one of the most developed trails in the Annapurna area. You'll take a moderate trek through the region bordering Annapurna and Mustang with great views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, staying in comfortable teahouses run by Gurung and Thakali families.

Upper Mustang Trek. Trek into the hidden Buddhist kingdom of Upper Mustang and venture deep into the world of 'sky-caves." These include the famous Luri Gompa and Tashi Kabum, which are adorned with some of the most exquisite murals of the Tibetan Buddhist world and dating back to antiquity.

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