Nature enthusiasts will enjoy this 10-day journey through Panama, exploring national parks, secluded villages, and Caribbean islands. Starting in Panama City, you'll venture to three national parks for luscious rainforest hikes and dinners with a view. Then, cruise to the southern Golfo de Chiriquí to island hop via sailboat before visiting the mountainous Boquete region for coffee and honey tastings. Conclude your trip on Bocas del Toro's Caribbean islands to snorkel off the white sandy coasts.


  • Enjoy a Panamanian cuisine dinner accompanied by a folklore dance performance
  • Hike through Santa Fe National Park rainforests at night to spot nocturnal wildlife
  • Sail to uninhabited islands to snorkel in the Gulf of Chiriquí off the Pacific coast
  • Taste local coffee, honey, and cacao and learn the eco-conscious growing process

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Tocumen, Panama City Self-Guided Tour, Dinner & Dance Panama City
Day 2 Transfer to Santa Fe, Rainforest Dinner Experience & Jungle Night Hike Santa Fe
Day 3 Explore Santa Fe National Park Highlights, Leisure Time in Sante Fe Santa Fe
Day 4 Transfer to Boca Chica in the Golfo de Chiriquí Golfo de Chiriquí
Day 5 Island Hopping & Snorkeling at Golfo de Chiriquí National Marine Park Golfo de Chiriquí
Day 6 Transfer to Boquete, Forest Canopy Walk on Río Cristal's Hanging Bridges  Boquete
Day 7 Coffee Plantation Tour & Tasting, Butterfly House & Honey Experience Boquete
Day 8 Transfer to Bocas del Toro, Red Frog Beach Snorkeling & Anfibia Boarding Bocas del Toro
Day 9 Cacao Workshop, Snorkeling in Bastimentos Marine National Park Bocas del Toro
Day 10 Transfer to Tocumen, Depart   

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Tocumen, Panama City Self-Guided Tour, Dinner & Dance

Panama City's skyscrapers touch palm-studded shores

Welcome to Panama, the country linking North and South America and home to the Eighth Wonder of the Modern World, the Panama Canal. After arriving at Tocumen airport, you'll be transferred to Panama City, a cosmopolitan capital where skyscrapers collide with traces of colonial times. After settling in, visit Panama Viejo (Old Panama), the UNESCO-protected remains of an original pre-Colombian settlement. Or head to Casco Antiguo (Old Town), where contemporary Panama City was born. There, you'll see colonial churches, the Teatro Nacional, and the Presidential and Municipal Palaces.

Next, you'll discover more of what makes Panama an enticing country as you taste authentic Panamanian cuisine. You'll transfer to a restaurant whose menus contain local dishes made with seafood, meats, maize, rice, native vegetables, and herbs. During your dinner, you'll appreciate the folklore show embellished with traditional dances. The costumes and national dress, la pollera, featuring colorful frills and intricate designs, will delight you. You'll return to your hotel after the evening's activities.

Day 2: Transfer to Santa Fe, Rainforest Dinner Experience & Jungle Night Hike

Watch for frogs and other amphibians on a jungle night hike

Today you'll depart from Panama City to visit Santa Fe, located in central Panama near its famous namesake national park. You'll be transferred to the domestic airport for your one-hour flight to David, then continue with a private overland transfer to Santa Fe, about four hours away. You'll travel near the southwest coast of Panama before heading north, inland, to Santa Fe, a small, authentic Panamanian village nestled in the lush hills and rainforests.

Once you arrive in the village, you'll refuel with a four-course dinner near Santa Fe National Park in Alto de Piedra. While you dine, enjoy your viewpoint of the landscape, flourishing with deep green forests surrounded by misty hills on the horizon. After dinner, explore some of the national park, known for its rushing waterfalls and blooming orchids. You'll embark on an approximately half-mile (1 km) hike this evening among the jungle flora and fauna, perhaps spotting colorful frogs, squirming amphibians, and native insects. You'll turn in at your Santa Fe hotel following your excursion.

Day 3: Explore Santa Fe National Park Highlights, Leisure Time in Sante Fe

Rushing waterfalls are found throughout Santa Fe National Park

Your adventures in Santa Fe National Park are far from over as you take a three-hour guided tour through the best sites in the region, including several stops to hike and admire some of the highlights. Scan the jungle floor and the tree canopies above you to find white-faced capuchin monkeys, various birds, and, if you're lucky, the Baird's tapir. You'll also see streaming waterfalls and historical petroglyphs, as well as Indigenous communities. Let your guide know which sites interest you to make the most of this adventure.

Once you arrive back in Santa Fe, you'll have the rest of the afternoon to enjoy the area yourself. Santa Fe is one of the oldest inhabited villages in Panama, founded in 1557 by the Spanish explorer Captain Francisco Vasquez. The region is well-known for its plentiful coffee farms, so be sure to treat yourself to a local cup of coffee. For a relaxing time away from the village, take a 30-minute walk north to Balneario Tinajon, a riverside beach along the Río Santa Maria. To end the evening, enjoy a meal at a local fonda, or restaurant that typically has outdoor seating.

Day 4: Transfer to Boca Chica in the Golfo de Chiriquí

One of many small islands dotting the Golfo de Chiriquí

Today you'll travel from the inland rainforests to the tropical Pacific landscapes of Panama. Your driver will pick you up from your Santa Fe hotel for your transfer to the Golfo de Chiriquí (Chiriquí Gulf), around 3.5 to 4.5 hours away. This marine paradise comprising dozens of islands in its waters stretches along Panama's southern coast from the Costa Rican border down to the Azuero Peninsula of Panama. White-sand beaches, transparent ocean waters, and one of the largest Pacific coral reefs can be found along this gulf.

Once you arrive in the Chiriquí Province, you'll be taken to your hotel in Boca Chica. This unassuming fishing village is a cozy base camp for the few travelers exploring the nearby Golfo de Chiriquí National Marine Park. Here you'll bump into native Panamanians who live a quiet, isolated life away from stereotypically crowded tourist beach towns found elsewhere in Panama. Nestle in for a quiet night and prepare for oceanside adventures tomorrow.

Day 5: Island Hopping & Snorkeling at Golfo de Chiriquí National Marine Park

Snorkel among coral reefs near uninhabited islands

Today you'll sail through the remote islands of Golfo de Chiriquí National Marine Park, enjoying tranquil landscapes and spotting diverse wildlife along the way. Nearly 60 square miles (150 sq km) of marine ecosystems are protected in this area. During your four-hour cruise, you'll visit deserted white-sand beaches and have the chance to snorkel over the coral reefs dotting the islands. These waters are home to dolphins, sea turtles, and sting rays, while humpback whales also migrate along this coast between July and October. With a little luck, you'll encounter some of these amazing animals.

As you hop between islands in the Golfo de Chiriquí, you'll enjoy some relaxing downtime in Isla Palenque, swim and snorkel around Isla Bolaños, and tan in the warm Pacific sun at Isla Gamez. Isla Palenque is a unique private island off Panama's coast that is known for its geo-responsible design and protection of 85% of its lands. Isla Bolaños and Isla Gamez are small islands, completely uninhabited with no roads—the perfect destinations for those who love to escape the crowds on their adventures. You'll return to your hotel in Boca Chica at the end of the day.

Day 6: Transfer to Boquete, Forest Canopy Walk on Río Cristal's Hanging Bridges 

The fertile Boquete Valley produces world-renowned coffee

Say goodbye to the coast for now as you transfer roughly two hours inland to Boquete, a picturesque mountain town on the edge of the beautiful Barú Volcano National Park that holds Panama's only volcano. With a cool climate and a welcoming small-town atmosphere, it makes a lovely break from the busy cities and the coast's heat. The area is an outdoor lover's dream, with several nature trails to explore and opportunities for climbing, rafting, and canopy tours. The rich, volcanic soil around the town results in some wonderful local produce to enjoy, including one of the world's most sought-after coffees, geisha.

Plan your trip to Panama
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After settling in, gain an elevated perspective of Panama's tropical cloud forest by walking across six suspension bridges in Río Cristal, a private forest reserve bordering La Amistad International Park. The suspension bridges range from 230 feet (70 m) to 443 feet (135 m) long, reaching heights up to 246 feet (75 m) above the ground. In addition, you'll traverse six trails, all under 1 mile (1.5 km) long. A local guide will introduce you to the area's lush flora and fauna as you enjoy picturesque views of rivers, waterfalls, and the towering Barú volcano; a memorable experience!

Day 7: Coffee Plantation Tour & Tasting, Butterfly House & Honey Experience

Coffee beans growing on trees at Elida Estate

Discover in the rich Panamanian tradition of growing and brewing geisha coffee, a sought-after aromatic coffee that is grown from trees originating in Ethiopia. A guided tour will take you to Elida Estate, an award-winning coffee plantation that sits high in the Boquete hills. The Lamastus family has produced coffee at Elida Estate for four generations since 1918. The coffee trees are shade-grown, respectful of birds, and surrounded by misty virgin forests. On this four-hour tour, you'll witness the coffee production process and taste the famous beans at the coffee shop.

For the next 2.5 hours, you'll immerse yourself in the worlds of butterflies and bees as you visit a butterfly garden and enjoy a gourmet honey tasting. This guided tour will begin by teaching about the bee life cycle, honey making, and melipona (stingless hives). Then, you'll continue to the butterfly house, where nearly 40 different butterfly species flit about. You'll also observe eggs, caterpillars, and beautiful jewel-like pupae waiting for a butterfly to emerge. Finally, savor 10 types of raw single-crop honey, some infused with medicinal properties, and taste honey wine vinegar and honey liqueur.

Day 8: Transfer to Bocas del Toro, Red Frog Beach Snorkeling & Anfibia Boarding

Snorkeling in the Caribbean waters near Bocas del Toro islands

Today you'll be transferred to Almirante port, approximately a 3.5-hour long drive. You'll then take a private boat across the Caribbean waters to Bocas del Toro, a tourist town on Isla Colón, about an hour from the port. Isla Colón and eight other islands form the Bocas del Toro Archipelago, a Caribbean paradise for those who love crystalline ocean water, scuba diving and surfing, and wild rainforests. After a 30-minute drive, you'll arrive at your hotel. 

Later you'll explore Red Frog Beach and its surroundings on Isla Bastimentos. Start with a scenic boat transfer to this neighboring island, where luck might grant you a peek at some playful dolphins. Once you arrive, you'll take a short hike into the jungle. Among the tree canopy, you may spot sloths in their natural habitat or hear monkeys screeching. Next, you'll visit famous stretches of sand like Red Frog Beach to snorkel in some of the best coral reefs and enjoy a fun Anfibia board session, an activity likened to underwater flying.

Day 9: Cacao Workshop, Snorkeling in Bastimentos Marine National Park

Help harvest a cacao tree's bean pod fruit on today's chocolate tour

Bocas del Toro may be famous for its tantalizing island escapes and diverse Indigenous culture, but it's also home to some of Central America's finest chocolate. On today's guided tour, you'll visit a local chocolate farm to gain insights into the cacao production process in Bocas del Toro, all the way from growing the bean to whipping up the savory chocolate bar. Taste the delicious final product straight from the source.

You'll continue by boat to the beautiful Dolphin Bay and Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park, where you can snorkel and see the abundant life under the water. As you might guess from the name, Dolphin Bay is a haven for bottlenose dolphins throughout much of the year. Next, you'll discover Cayo Coral's coral gardens and the area's remarkable marine wildlife with your mask and snorkel. For the rest of the afternoon, wander the beautiful Zapatilla Cays islands in the marine national park where sea turtles lay their eggs. You have time to walk around and enjoy the gorgeous beach and crystal-clear waters.

Day 10: Transfer to Tocumen, Depart 

Transfer back to Panama City from Bocas del Toro

Farewell Panama! It's time to say goodbye to your Bocas del Toro island oasis and return to the big city for your departure. You'll be transferred by car about 30 minutes away to the Bocas del Toro airport. After an hourlong flight back to Panama City, you'll be driven 15.5 miles (25 km) to the Tocumen International Airport to catch your homebound flight. Safe travels!

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Map of Off-the-Beaten-Path Panama - 10 Days
Map of Off-the-Beaten-Path Panama - 10 Days