This day trip offers active travelers of any ability the chance to cycle along ancient trails once used by the Incas. The ride includes three spectacular Inca terraces, joined together by roads that meander over the central cordillera of the Andes: it's the perfect blend of culture, fitness and history.


  • Cycle across the Andean highlands, enjoying views of the rugged mountains and steep valleys 
  • Witness the incredible feats of ancient stone terracing perfected by the Inca at the ancient sites of Moray and Chincero
  • Walk through the maze of terraces at Salineras, a still functioning Inca site where salt is produced 
  • Snacks, drinks, and lunch on the way, plus expert guides and vehicle support 


The ancient site of Chinchero, considered by the Inca to be the birthplace of the rainbow. 

You will be picked up from your hotel promptly at 9 am and taken to Chinchero, an Inca ruin located about 1 hour away from Cusco. Chinchero was sacred to the Inca, who considered it the birthplace of the rainbow. The ruins here consist of terracing, as well as boulders that have been carved into the shape of chairs and staircases. After viewing the ruins, you will cycle on late-model, double suspension mountain bikes through farmland and over gentle hills towards the Inca site of Moray

The ancient Inca agricultural laboratory of Moray.

At Moray, you'll find even more impressive Inca ruins, a circular terracing that resembles a vast, open amphitheater. The Incas used these terraces to test crops planted at different angles relative to the sun. Next, your bike journey continues to Salineras, a still-functioning series of terraces used by the Incas to produce salt. On the way between the two sites, you'll stop for a bag lunch. 

A spring at the top of the hill releases the mineral-laden water, which is channeled into the salt ponds below. The water evaporates and the salt brine is then harvested and processed. Truly a wonder of ancient innovation, the site resembles a giant piece of stained glass. Between Moray and Salineras is an intermediate level bike ride, or you may walk. The distance is about 3.5 miles (6 km). Salineras marks the end of this excellent bike ride, combining fitness and history. You will be transferred back to your hotel in Cusco or the Sacred Valley. 

The still-functioning Salineras salt pans are the endpoint of this terrific bike ride.