Take a quick detour into the Amazon on this three-day itinerary. You'll fly into the frontier town of Puerto Maldonado, just a quick flight from Lima or Cusco, and head up the Tambopata River to experience the scenery and wildlife of the Amazon rainforest.


  • Cruise the Tambopata River to the rainforest
  • Visit the macaws at the Chuncho clay lick
  • Watch for elusive jaguars and river otters

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in the Amazon The Amazon
Day 2 Macaws, Monkeys & More The Amazon
Day 3 Depart Puerto Maldonado  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in the Amazon

Friendly local on the banks of the Tambopata!
Friendly local on the banks of the Tambopata

Land in Puerto Maldonado and meet your guide to begin your journey. You’ll travel two hours up the Tambopata River to a remote lodge in the pristine Amazon rainforest near Lake Sachavacayoc. The active life all around you, from buzzing insects and flocks of birds and monkeys to vibrant plant life, lets you know that you’ve come to a very different world.

This feeling that you’ve stepped into another dimension is only enhanced when you find yourself spending the evening spotting caimanes (freshwater crocodiles) and tarantulas as big as your hand.

Day 2: Macaws, Monkeys & More

Literally the world's best place to spot parrots!
Enjoying a snack

Spend the morning at Collpa Chuncho, the biggest macaw clay lick in the world. Up to 100 big, clever macaws congregate here each morning, eating clay that provides nutrients they can’t get anywhere else. As you travel to and from the site, keep an eye out for sloths and monkeys going about their morning business.

Return to the lodge for lunch, then set out on a hike to an oxbow lake. Paddle around on its placid surface, watching for dozens of different bird species in the shallows, troops of monkeys on the lakeshore, and flocks of red-bellied macaws in the flooded palm forest.  
You can choose to either settle in for the evening or take a guided night hike to try to spot tapirs, night monkeys, and tarantulas and sink into the soundtrack of the jungle after dark.

Day 3: Depart Puerto Maldonado

We'll make our way out through jungle waterways
Exit through jungle waterways

Retrace your trail down the river and head back to Puerto Maldonado to return home or on to your next adventure.