Get off the beaten track with a visit to Bolivia's Toro Toro National Park — a small, beautiful park known for its caves, canyons, and dinosaur footprints! Explore ancient caverns, hike deep into verdant canyons, and seek out cave paintings, giant iguana-shaped rocks, and dinosaur footprints preserved in the stone.


  • Explore the hidden corners of Umajalanta Cavern
  • Hike the fascinating canyons of Ciudad de Itas
  • Descend into the cool green heart of Vergel Canyon
  • Keep an eye out for preserved dinosaur footprints!

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Descent into Umajalanta Cavern Toro Toro
Day 2 Ciudad de Itas Bouldering and Canyons Toro Toro
Day 3 Descent into Vergel Canyon  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Descent into Umajalanta Cavern

A flashlight-lit cave in Toro Toro

Welcome to Bolivia! From Cochabamba, take the road south through farming villages and across high desert plateaus to Toro Toro National Park — home of quiet caves, magical hikes, and dinosaur footprints. Check in at your hotel and grab lunch in the tiny, 700-person, colonial town of Toro Toro before making your way into the park for some caving.

Get your caving gear on and then squeeze into the Umajalanta Cavern. Explore the underground lake full of blind fish. Admire the ancient stalagmites and stalactites. And squeeze through narrow openings into hidden passages. Or, if caving sounds a bit out of your depth, let your guide know and other park activities can be arranged.

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Day 2: Ciudad de Itas Bouldering and Canyons

Ciudad de Itas
Ciudad de Itas

Grab a hearty breakfast, grab your camera, and your hiking boots! Today, you're headed to Ciudad de Itas (the City of Stones) — a high-altitude landscape of giant stones and rock formations that resemble a city. Keep an eye out for giant stone iguanas, pre-historic cave paintings, and dinosaur footprints. 

Hiking distance: 2 miles

Day 3: Descent into Vergel Canyon

Vergel Canyon
The waterfalls at Vergel Canyon

On your last day in Toro Toro National Park, make your way down more than 800 steps to the bottom of Vergel Canyon, where a landscape of rich greenery, more dinosaur footprints, and cool temperatures awaits. Pause to cool your feet in the pools below the canyon's cascading waterfalls and take a swim in a natural pool or two. Then hike back out to Toro Toro for lunch before returning to Cochabamba and wrapping up your tour.

Hiking distance: 4 miles