Colombia's Coffee region has great accommodation options, from haciendas on coffee plantations to small hostels and boutique hotels in towns and cities. Use this list to find the best places to stay after a long day of biking, hiking, and coffee tasting.

Don Alfonso, Pereira Urban 

Rooms at Don Alfonso are decorated with beautiful antiques.

This property was constructed in 1948 by Don Alfonso Jaramillo, a local architect who also designed and built many of the surrounding mansions in this sector of the city. Today the hotel is operated by the third generation of Jaramillos and offers you a high-end level of service and attention. "We treat our guests like they were visiting their grandparents," says general manager Diana. The rooms are appointed with antique beds, handmade blankets, and city views. Each room has its own window and/or balcony. Breakfast is included according to diet and preferences. Amenities include WiFi, an event salon, an on-site restaurant, and hot water.  

El Lugar Nordico, Pereira Rural

Visitors will sleep in high quality imported Scandinavian beds with fine linen and pillow menu's.
Visitors will sleep in high-quality, imported Scandinavian beds with fine linen and room service menus.

El Lugar Nordico has a quiet pastoral setting for those looking to get away from the crowds. Beds with fine linen and reading lights are high quality (imported from Scandinavia). Rooms feature temperature control options and hot water in all taps. You'll enjoy nice country views from your window. 

In addition to the excellent rooms and personal service, the property features a Scandinavian menu and an on-site Danish chef. You can order gourmet cuisine any time, receive on-call spa services, or simply relax in a quiet and serene place. Languages spoken include Spanish, Portuguese, English, German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and some French.   

Hacienda Venecia Coffee Farm, Manizales

A room Hacienda Venecia, with pleasant views out to the coffee fields. 

The well-regarded and well-known Hacienda Venecia is an elegant retreat on a rustic coffee farm surrounded by mountains and nature. 

Visitors have two boutique options. The first is the Coffee Lodge, which is recently renovated and provides views of the coffee fields, river, and mountains. You can also opt for the Main House, which is a more exclusive experience that stays true to its history and origins through the decor and amenities. We recommend the main house, especially for birdwatchers. 

Rooms come with antique beds, storage options, windows, and private bathrooms (except for three rooms that share a bathroom). Each night, a small water pitcher and glasses are placed at the bedside, along with hard candies. Views include the mountains, the garden, and the pool area.

La Casa de Lola Garcia Hotel Boutique, Salamina 

Stop and soak up the beautiful mountain views before you step inside this beautifully renovated house.

Founded by the matron of the family, Garcia Lola was a local philanthropist who worked with the less fortunate citizens of Salamina. Seven years ago, she rallied the pueblo to recreate itself as a tourist destination by encouraging other families to convert their family homes to hotels for visitors. After a two-year renovation, La Casa de Lola Garcia opened to the public. Today it is still run by her family and offers high-end services and quality in northern Caldas. 

Inside the hotel, guests will find beautiful woodwork, a patio with social spaces, a jacuzzi, and well-appointed bedrooms decorated in the traditional style. Be sure to ask about the three different visitor experiences offered by the on-site concierge: "Cafetera," which focuses on local coffee production and preparation; "Urbano," with pueblo tours, history, and cultural traditions; and "Wax Palm", where visitors can take a trip to nearby San Felix to visit a natural wax palm forest. 

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Coffee Tree Boutique, Salento

Coffee Tree has excellent views and a quiet location, just 10 minutes from Salento. 

Coffee Tree has branded itself as a "Boutique Hostel," offering spacious rooms and a boutique feel but with the communal atmosphere of a hostel. Rooms have comfortable beds and large balconies with hanging potted plants. On cold nights the hostel provides extra blankets for you to keep warm while you relax in the common areas. 

Enjoy your morning coffee and a hearty breakfast with other guests, gazing out upon pristine mountain views. Breakfast includes milk, juice, coffee, cereal, fresh fruit, pancakes, and eggs, according to your preference. It has a quiet location but is only a 10-minute walk from the busy streets in Salento. 

Casa de Adriano Guest House, Anserma

The suite-style rooms feature a gallery-type of lighting and ambience where Adriano displays his paintings.

What happens when you mix an artist's creativity and a writer's whimsy? Casa de Adriano, is the result. It's a private guest house that takes small groups and gives open-minded travelers a special culinary and sensory experience. Sleep in a peaceful, quiet environment with a flair for color and ambience. Wake up to birds, fresh coffee, and scenery that goes on for miles. This place is a little-known destination that offers visitors a personal experience characterized by attention to detail and gourmet food prepared with local and on-site produce prepared by a European chef. 

There are two large bedroom suites. One has a double and single bed, and the other has a king-size bed (pictured above). The upstairs suite comes with a jacuzzi tub, a fully stocked kitchen (including an espresso machine), a terrace, and sitting areas. The downstairs suite has two bedrooms, a full bathroom, and a sitting area. 

Casa Cardona, Aguadas

Many of the rooms at this guest house also come with full private bathrooms too.

Aguadas, located in the northern part of Caldas, is an up-and-coming destination. Named as one of Colombia's 21 most beautiful municipalities, it is famous for the "Sombrero Aguadeño," exported worldwide. Wander the streets, and try the pionono, a type of cake that is only made in this pueblo.

This self-service guest house is a great option for families and groups of travelers. It features a fully stocked kitchen, meal prep service options, several bathrooms (both private and shared), a large common space for special events, hot water, a patio, and a laundry area.

Hacienda Guayabal Coffee Farm, Chinchina

The honeymoon suite at Hacienda Guayabal.

Hacienda Guayabal is a perfect spot for both birdwatchers and coffee drinkers. The hacienda is a pioneer in the concept of coffee tourism and was the first hacienda to show visitors the process of coffee making. Today, it is a landmark in the Coffee Axis for its coffee quality and its massive profusion of tropical birds. The rooms here feature orthopedic mattresses of high quality, food that includes fruits and vegetables grown in the kitchen garden, plus a great coffee tour. 

Hacienda Buenavista, Quimbaya

Rooms at Buenavista have a modern feel and comfortable beds.

Hacienda Buenavista offers top-notch service and a touch of elegance in a beautiful location 33 km south of Armenia. They offer a complete amenity package, including an infinity pool plus a jacuzzi with a poolside bar and views of the mountain scenery around Quindio. Rooms have modern furnishings, each one with its own unique décor. A/C, WiFi, and cable TV are available. 

You can relax in the library area with a book or work quietly before enjoying a gourmet meal. Guests can wander the gardens or even pick fresh fruit from one of the varieties of fruit trees cultivated on-site. A 10 m high waterfall is located just a short hike away.

Hotel Spa La Colina, Via Marsella

Hacienda Spa La Colina is set on the grounds of a protected forest.

Hacienda Spa La Colina is set on the grounds of a protected forest, full of wildlife and a profusion of tropical plants. To support the local economy, this site hires employees from the nearby community and serves mostly locally-grown foods in their dining room. Like many of their neighbors, they also have their own coffee plantation, which focuses on practices that help to conserve the local environment.

In the spa area, they offer special packages for relaxing massages and a hydrotherapy circuit which includes a sauna, jacuzzi, and a pool with a fun design that allows for privacy and relaxation. Rooms have sitting areas, nice beds, and beautiful views of the surrounding rolling hills, distant mountains, and forests.