A Free Afternoon in Tinos

Panagia Evangelistria church
Enjoy a free afternoon exploring charming Tinos. Start with the Chora, the capital of the island of Tinos, and stroll its marble streets. Here you'll find the historic Greek Orthodox church and monastery, the Panagia Evangelistria Tinos, also known as “Megalochari” or "Panagia tis Tinou" (The Virgin Mary of Tinos). Notice the carpeted runway on the right side of the road. It's reserved for pilgrims ascending to Panagia (the main church) on their knees.

You can combine a visit to the pilgrimage site of Panagia with the Museums of the Panhellenic Sacred Institute of the Tinos Evangelistria (ΠΙΙΕΤ), located in the same complex. Don't miss the Elli Mausoleum — learn about the memories of August 15, 1940, when the "Elli" warship was torpedoed while participating in the celebration of the Assumption.

Next, head back down to the port and explore the picturesque alleys on both sides of the main street. Upon request, you can visit “Ena Karo” and participate in a soap-making workshop. If you need a snack, try the famous charcuterie at Kritikos or the sweets at Meskliés.

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