Learn the Secrets Behind Tinian Recipes - Photo from Routes of Tinos

Cultural & Culinary Workshop on Tinos, Tinos

Explore Tinos' cultural and culinary traditions, a special island known for its locally grown products, such as the signature artichoke.


Explore Tinos' cultural and culinary traditions, a special island known for its locally grown products, such as the signature artichoke. You'll work with a local to create everyday recipes and learn about the lives of the islanders. Delve into the true cuisine of Tinos and enjoy a wonderful lunch with your specialized cook!

After meeting your guide and Thanos, your cook, you'll discover some of the island's fresh and local ingredients. Most of what you'll use has been harvested straight from Thanos's garden. Learn the significance of these ingredients in traditional Tinian gastronomy and how they enhance each dish. You'll follow the inherited recipes and re-create the local cuisine for your lunch.

When ready, enjoy your meal the Greek way by relaxing around a table underneath an archway filled with local herbs. The ambiance includes a cobbled alleyway and fresh island air. Pair your handmade creations with selected wines and enjoy conversation with your hosts.

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Know before you go

6 hours
Recommended for
All ages
Private group
Food & Drink
Lunch Included

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