Its signature dovecotes may be the most famous lodging on Tinos, but these hotels can provide an equally distinctive stay. Opt for a spot in town or head out to one of the island's many beaches, where your hotel will be just steps away from the sand.


Photo courtesy of Voreades

Voreades in Tinos town offers quality lodgings all year round, within walking distance of both the port and center of town. The proprietor and her son run a thoughtful establishment with decor influenced by both local architecture and their personal taste that make it feel extra cozy.

The 12 rooms and apartments all have access to the Cycladic stone courtyard, and some include kitchenettes for guests who want to self-cater. Begin the day with a breakfast buffet in the salon, with views of the port and the neighboring island of Syros. In the evening, the same space becomes a coffee and snack bar.

Infinity View

Photo courtesy of Infinity View

For a luxury retreat within easy access to the town, port, and Stavros and Kionia beaches, couples should head to Infinity View. This adults-only houses 16 suites decorated in the minimalist Cycladic style, with structured white architecture that pays homage to the island's marble quarries and extensive attention to detail.

All of the sleek rooms offer views of the Aegean Sea and balconies, and some even have a private plunge pool. The shared breakfast area and swimming pool are no less impressive, with pillowy sunbeds and views out across the sand and sea.

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Akti Aegeou

Photo courtesy of Akti Aegeou

Budget-friendly Akti Aegeou on sandy Laouti beach is ideal for families traveling with smaller children, including babies and toddlers. The beachfront apartment hotel has all the facilities any mini travelers might need.

There's no road between the hotel and the beach, just a quick step from the pool deck to the sand, so children can run right into the water. If you're not feeling the sand, stay at the pool and garden with refreshments from the snack bar, or take a break on your room's terrace. The restaurant and other amenities contribute to the hotel's resort vibe.


Photo courtesy of Marathia

Petite Marathia offers a taste of the Cyclades for food-focused travelers. The small, sustainability-focused accommodation just over a mile (2 km) from the main town is also right on Agios Fokas beach, giving guests the best of both worlds as they listen to the waves.

Minimalist island-style rooms use natural Greek materials in their construction and decor, with art from Greek artists. The star, however, is the award-winning beachside restaurant, home to some of the best food and wine programs in the islands. The menu changes daily to take advantage of whatever's freshest on the island, keeping guests guessing and well-fed.

Cavos Hotel & Suites

Photo courtesy of Cavos Hotel & Suites

The Cavos Hotel & Suites is its own miniature village, much like the ones you'll spot around the island, roughly 3 miles (5 km) from Tinos town. With traditional curving architecture designed to "caress the eye and ease the mind," the spacious suites and studios make for an upscale getaway for families, friends, or couples.

Start your day with breakfast on the veranda, then wind through the stone courtyards and whitewashed alleys. Enjoy lunch or dinner in a shaded courtyard after a day spent on the sandy beach. Helpful staff can arrange walking excursions, boat trips, marble education workshops, and more.