Food Tour of Tinos Town

Beautiful Buildings on Tinos Island
Discover the tastes and smells of typical Tinian cuisine on this gastronomical tour. You'll explore the streets of the island's charming old town, filled with cobblestones, colorful facades, and hidden courtyards. As one of the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades, Tinos is home to a unique culinary tradition and way of life.

A local guide will lead you through picturesque alleyways as you stop at several food shops. You'll chat with the owners and learn about the significance of different traditional delicacies. Enjoy tasting local meats, dairy products, vegetables, herbs, drinks, and sweets. Your guide and hosts will reveal the secrets behind many inherited recipes and how food impacts the island's culture and daily life. 

To end your tour, sit with your guide at a traditional tavern in Tinos old town. Savor a delicious meal featuring many of the products you tasted throughout the day. Then, enjoy your lunch the Greek way, with good wine and good conversation!

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