Traditions & Crafts of Tinos Tour

Discover why Tinos is called the "Hand-Made Island" as you explore its traditions and crafts. The island is known for its unique history of blended cultures, which impacted how its craftspeople, artisans, and culinary experts created their goods.

Your local guide will share stories of Tinos's interesting history while you visit medieval villages and lunar landscapes. You'll find marble dovecotes and windmills, blue-domed churches, and perfectly round boulders from millions of years ago. Then, discover the island's crafts and watch artisans weave baskets, sculptors carve marble, and farmers create delicious traditional delicacies and local wine. Finally, you'll observe all these handicrafts and taste a few treats along the way.

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Itineraries with Traditions & Crafts of Tinos Tour

Laid-Back Athens, Tinos, Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete - 12 Days

This itinerary offers sun, surf, and an inside look at Greek culture, both ancient and modern. Start things off in Athens, where you'll explore at your own pace and try some of the capital's best street food. Then begin your island hopping adventure with a stop in Tinos, a pilgrimage site and home to a centuries-old marble craft. Next, make your way to Mykonos, where you can stroll through the pretty streets, unwind on the beach, and indulge in some of the island's excellent culinary offerings. Set sail for Santorini, where you'll cruise around its volcanic caldera, before moving on to Crete's charming historic towns and villages. End your trip back in Athens with an unforgettable sunset excursion.

Relaxing Secret Cyclades - 15 Days

Hide away from the rest of the world as you discover the Cycladic islands that you may not have heard about—yet. Spend 15 days visiting Athens and the islands of Syros, Tinos, Naxos, and Ios, who may not be as famous as their glittery neighbors but have plenty of culture, history, and straight-from-the-Aegean seafood to keep you satisfied.

Past and Present in Athens, Tinos & Naxos - 7 Days

Cover more than 3,000 years in just seven days with this educational itinerary. You'll learn about the myths of the Acropolis along with the agriculture of Naxos and artisans of Tinos as you sweep past the centuries in the city of Athens and Cyclades island chain.

Gastronomy and Culture of the Cyclades - 12 Days

Discover Greece's distinct culture and gastronomy, starting in Athens with a private tour of the Acropolis and a hands-on cooking class, followed by a transition to some of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades. Begin in Syros for food tours and explorations of medieval cities, then head to the hidden gem of Tinos for some of Greece's best cuisine, plus a visit to marble villages, an art workshop, and an afternoon swimming in the Aegean Sea. End your trip in Naxos where you'll discover ancient sites, historic streets, medieval monasteries, and, of course, delicious, locally-sourced cuisines, the pride of the Greek Islands.