Exomvourgo hillside

Rock Climbing Exómvourgo Hill on Tinos, Tinos


Combine nature, culture, and sport with this rock climbing adventure to the top of Exómvourgo Hill. This exquisite rock formation offers 90 different climbing routes, making it a great option for all skill and athletic levels. Whether you're a beginner or expert, enjoy tackling this infamous hill and savoring incredible views of Tinos Island

A professional climbing guide will take you to the base of Exómvourgo and coordinate the best route for your interests and abilities. After getting acquainted with your equipment, you'll learn a few basic techniques. For beginners, you can practice with your guide to get the hang of rock climbing before setting off on an entire route. 

As you climb up Exómvourgo Hill, enjoy adrenaline-filled moments and feelings of excitement and freedom that only top-rope climbing can offer. At the peak, your reward is the 360-degree panoramic view of the Tinian countryside. Enjoy a break before rappelling or hiking down.

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