On the Marble Trail Tour in Tinos

Tinos Streets and Towns Made from Marble
Tinos is a relatively small island in the Aegean, part of the Cyclades archipelago. It's a sleepy and barren island known for its many villages, stately churches, windmills, and ruins of Venetian fortifications on the mountaintop. It's also famous for marble crafting. A walking tour of sites relating to this bit of heritage covers the whole process, from the locations of the raw materials to the artists' workshops where the marble gets refined.

The tour begins in the village of Pyrgos, at the Museum of Marble Arts. Informational exhibits explain how Tinian artisans start with marble slabs, transforming them into everything from artful statues to fountains to altarpieces to tower bells and even palaces and entire stadiums. There are many examples of this craftsmanship in town, including in the cemetery of Pyrgos, an open-air sculpture museum, and Pyrgos Square.

Take a break in Pyrgos' main square to enjoy a traditional Greek coffee, ouzo, or local raki. Pair your drink with some sweets or Greek meze (similar to appetizers or tapas). As you snack, your guide will share more stories about the island's culture and marble's impact on the islanders' daily lives.

Your next stop is Giannoulis Halepas’ house to learn about the greatest Greek sculptor. The house acts as a small museum of Tinian artists and hosts a workshop with one of the sculptors. You'll observe the artisan working on the marble as he explains all the production stages, the tools used, and the secrets of his art. 

After observing and learning about the craft, you'll make your own piece of art! Your local sculptor will give you a crash course on the art of marble carving and provide you with all the necessary equipment. Then, he'll help you bring your own masterpiece to life. Finish up the tour at the Museum of Tinian Artists.

To end your visit to the marble villages of Tinos, enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea and relax at Agia Thalassa Beach. If you want, you can extend your tour and savor a seafood dinner in the nearby fishing village of Panormos.

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