Foodie Tour of Tinos Island

Views of Tinos Island
Discover the gastronomical delights and culinary history of Tinos Island, one of the most beautiful Cycladic islands. Tinos is known for its marble but also hosts a unique culture steeped in inherited culinary traditions. You'll start your tour with breakfast in Dyo Choria, a traditional village with incredible views of the sea. While you eat, get to know your guide and learn a bit about the island's history.

Your first stop is the town of Falatados, a small hamlet known for its blue-domed St. John Church. You'll weave through the picturesque alleyways and meet with a local to enjoy homemade cheese and charcuterie. Next, learn about Tinos cheese and wine production as you sip a few local varieties. 

Next, make your way to the village of Volax, a small town of just about 50 inhabitants. Volax's unique surroundings include a wild, lunar-like landscape. You'll stop here to taste a few homemade traditional sweets and learn about the significance of Greek desserts.

Next, peruse Komi and Aetofolia's adored vegetable gardens before wandering through the marble streets of Pyrgos. In the town's main square, you'll try the famous custard dessert, galaktoboureko. Finally, end your day relaxing with a cup of traditional Greek coffee or a shot of raki in the town of Isternia. This is another hillside village with views out into the sea, and the final of the is the seven unique hamlets you'll visit.

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