Market Visit & Cooking Class, Seville

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Stroll through the market to select your ingredients and learn how to make paella, tapas, and gazpacho from a professional chef.


Discover the flavors of Spain with a private cooking class in Seville. Begin your culinary adventure by visiting a local market to handpick fresh ingredients, guided by a knowledgeable local chef. Then, learn traditional Spanish cooking techniques in a professional kitchen, where you'll create mouthwatering dishes like paella and tapas. End your experience by savoring your homemade meal, complete with local wine, and embrace the vibrant spirit of Seville's cuisine.


  • Learn authentic Spanish recipes with a private cooking class in Seville
  • Immerse yourself in local culture by visiting a vibrant food market
  • Prepare a delicious three-course meal under the guidance of an expert chef
  • Enjoy your homemade dishes paired with local wines
  • Gain valuable insights into Spanish cuisine and cooking techniques

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What you'll do

Begin your culinary adventure in the heart of Seville with a private cooking class led by a local chef. You'll explore Spanish cuisine's rich flavors and traditions while learning how to create authentic dishes in a hands-on, informative environment. This engaging experience combines cultural insights, history, and cooking techniques that will make for a memorable and enjoyable day in the city.

You'll start with a guided visit to a local market to find the freshest ingredients for your cooking class. Your experienced chef will help you navigate the stalls, explaining the importance of each ingredient, its history, and how it's used in traditional Spanish cuisine. You'll learn about the Spanish way of life and culture as you stroll through the bustling market, picking out the perfect items for your culinary creations.

Following the market excursion, you'll head to a professional kitchen located in a charming historic building in Seville's city center. Once there, your chef will provide you with a personalized apron and all the necessary tools for the class. You'll learn to prepare a multicourse menu of traditional Spanish dishes, such as gazpacho, paella, and tapas, all under the expert guidance of your chef. Throughout the class, your chef will share culinary secrets, tips, and techniques you can apply to your cooking back home.

As you cook, you'll also learn about the history and significance of each dish and how it fits into the overall Spanish culinary landscape. Your chef will tell you stories about the origins of the recipes and the impact of outside influences on Spanish cuisine. This unique blend of history, culture, and cooking will provide a comprehensive understanding of the food you're creating.

Once your dishes are complete, you'll sit down to enjoy your creations together in a cozy dining area. Savor every bite while discussing each dish's flavors, textures, and presentation. Throughout the meal, you'll also have the opportunity to taste local wines that pair perfectly with your culinary masterpieces, adding another layer of depth to your dining experience.

As your private cooking class in Seville ends, you'll leave with a full stomach, a wealth of knowledge, and a newfound appreciation for Spanish cuisine. This experience will leave you with lasting memories, stories to share, and the skills to recreate authentic Spanish dishes in your own kitchen.

What's included

  • Guided visit to a charming local food market for the fresh ingredients that will go into your lunch
  • Private hands-on cooking class with an English-speaking chef
  • Recipes in English for you to practice at home!
  • All local taxes

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Traveler reviews

Frances G.
Avon, CT | Reviewed on Oct 14, 2023

Other cooking classes that we have taken in other countries involved cooking with a chef at a restaurant in their own kitchen, which made it a more authentic experience.

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