Sea Kayaking Anthony Quinn Bay on Rhodes

Ladiko Beach
Explore the popular and sandy beaches along Anthony Quinn Bay in a sea kayaking excursion along the bay's southern coast. After crossing the bay and paddling past Anthony Quinn Beach, you'll turn toward the small sandy beach called Ladiko.

Continue toward the rocks at Erimokastro Beach, where you can rest, swim, and snorkel. After a break, relax and enjoy a traditional Greek lunch. Then, head back to Anthony Quinn Bay and learn why it's named after the famous Hollywood actor. 

While filming The Guns of Navarone in Rhodes, Anthony Quinn fell in love with the island. So he decided to buy the property surrounding the bay, which is why it bears his name. As you paddle past the shoreline and return to the starting point, you'll get a better view of the steep rocks covered in pine trees as they contrast with the calm, blue sea.

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