Tour of Rhodes Old Town

Explore historic Rhodes, a medieval city with a fascinating history, interesting architecture, and impressive monuments. A guide will lead you through St. Catherine Gate and to all the major sites in the Burgos (town). Originally divided in two by an interior wall, the smaller portion of Rhodes was called Collachium. The larger piece was known by several names, most commonly Burgos and Burgus, Burgum, and Hora.

Throughout the centuries, Rhodes has been a cultural melting pot. Although the majority of residents have always been Greek, many others settled into its medieval streets. Your guide will share interesting stories of the town's history, culture, and mythology as you meander the narrow alleyways. Stop to admire impressive architecture, especially its various religious buildings, including churches, mosques, and synagogues.

Take a break and enjoy traditional Greek coffee while your guide continues your history lesson. Then, head toward Collachio and visit the Castello (Grand Master Palace), once inhabited by the Grand Masters of the Knights of St. John. Make your way downhill toward the Street of the Knights and stroll by the Archeological Museum of Rhodes. You'll also catch a glimpse of Our Lady of the Castel, now known as the Byzantine Museum.

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