4-5 Days in Panama

  A couple is visiting Colombia in April 2019

“Traveler looking to connect Colombia and Panama. Interested in spending 4-5 days in Panama, open to suggestions based on his time. No flight confirmed yet, but wants to travel as soon as possible this month in order to get best rates. Comfort budget (14 days total and is comfortable with 2,500-3,000 USD.)”

Nicolás Díaz, a local specialist from Colombia, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary based on Explore Colombia's Caribbean Coast - 14 Days.

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Option 2: Explore Bogotá, Colombia's Coffee Region, Medellín, Tayrona Park, Lost City and Cartagena - 18 Days

Day 1: Historical Center of Bogotá
Day 2: Explore Colombia's Coffee Region and a Coffee Farm
Day 3: Explore Cocora Valley
Day 4: City Tour of Medellin
Day 5: Visit Guatapé and Hike Peñol Rock
Day 6: Transfer to Tayrona National Park
Day 7: Explore Tayrona National Park
Day 8: Lost City Day 1: Transfer to El Mamey then Trek in the Jungle
Day 9: Lost City Day 2: Hike to Mutanyi and Mamo Romualdo
Day 10: Lost City Day 3: Explore the Lost City
Day 11: Lost City Day 4: Trek Back to El Mamey
Day 12: Travel to Cartagena
Day 13: Free Day at Cartagena
Day 14: Free Day at Cartagena
Day 15: Welcome to Baru
Day 16: Free day at Baru
Day 17: Enjoying Baru
Day 18: Depart Colombia
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