With 10 days in Scandinavia, you can embark on a highlights tour featuring Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Bergen. Or, swap in Helsinki, Luleå, and Tromsø if you'd prefer to focus your time on the region's fjords, islands, and mountains. Hiking enthusiasts will find the Oslofjord Islands, Ålesund, and Geiranger the perfect destinations, while winter lovers can choose between a festive Christmas markets trip and a northern lights-chasing itinerary in the Arctic Circle.

Itinerary #1: History, Culture & Natural Splendors in Scandinavia: Denmark, Sweden & Norway

Perfect for first-time visitors to Scandinavia seeking a well-rounded trip, this 10-day highlights tour features the welcoming cities of Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Oslo, and Bergen. Throughout, you'll enjoy private city tours catered to your interests, as well as numerous scenic cruises and panoramic train transfers. You can also look forward to indulging in Scandinavia's fresh and hearty cuisine through a gourmet food tour, dinner cruise, and an evening at the Michelin-starred Etoile.

Walk along Bergen's historic wharf to admire the colorful buildings
Walk along Bergen's historic wharf to admire the colorful buildings
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Copenhagen (Denmark), Guided Bike Tour, Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen
Day 2 Gourmet Food Tour, Canal Cruise from Nyhavn Copenhagen
Day 3 Train to Gothenburg (Sweden), Private City Tour Gothenburg
Day 4 Boat Tour to Vinga Island, Discover Vinga Lighthouse Gothenburg
Day 5 Train to Stockholm, Private City Tour Stockholm
Day 6 Viking History Tour, Dinner at Restaurant Etoile Stockholm
Day 7 Train to Oslo (Norway), Dinner Cruise on the Oslofjord Oslo
Day 8 Fly to Bergen, Ulriken Cable Car, Sauna & Cold Plunge Bergen
Day 9 Private Tour to the Fjords Surrounding Bergen Bergen
Day 10 Walking Tour of Bergen, Depart  

Welcome to Scandinavia! Your adventure begins in Copenhagen, Denmark, where you'll kick things off with a biking tour and a visit to Tivoli Gardens. Spend the following morning hopping between local eateries during a guided food tour, then experience Copenhagen from new vantage points while cruising along its picturesque canal. A scenic train journey to Gothenburg, Sweden, is next on your agenda, and with two days here, you'll have ample time to join a customized city highlights tour and boat to the famed Vinga Lighthouse. Afterward, pack your bags in preparation for your train transfer to Stockholm.

Upon arrival in Sweden's picturesque capital, dedicate the afternoon and the following morning to city tours, which showcase Swedish Viking history, then reminisce about your learning over dinner at the Michelin-starred Etoile. Next on your itinerary is a quick overnight in Oslo, Norway, where a dinner cruise on Oslofjord awaits. Your final destination is Bergen, and after getting your bearings during a cable car ride up Mount Ulriken, you'll embark on a full-day fjords discovery excursion. Lastly, squeeze in a leisurely stroll along the Byggen Wharf before transferring to the Bergen airport. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Christmas Markets & Winter Adventures in Sweden & Norway

Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit on this festive winter journey through the renowned Christmas markets of Sweden and Norway. From baking cinnamon buns in Vetlanda to sampling aquavit in Oslo, this itinerary is a feast for the senses and packed with local traditions. In between all the holiday treats, you'll experience the country's stunning, snow-blanketed landscapes while cruising through Stockholm's archipelago, boating along Oslofjord, and embarking on a road trip from Gothenburg to Stockholm. 

End your trip in Norway and experience the beauty of Oslo in winter
End your trip in Norway and experience the beauty of Oslo in winter
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Gothenburg (Sweden), Visit the Liseberg & Haga Christmas Markets Gothenburg
Day 2 Drive to Falkenberg, Vineyard Day Spa & Wine Tasting Falkenberg
Day 3 Drive to Vetlanda via Halmstad & Växjö, Huseby Bruk Christmas Market Vetlanda
Day 4 Cinnamon Bun Baking Class, Drive to Stockholm, SkyView Experience Stockholm
Day 5 Explore Stockholm's Attractions & Christmas Markets Stockholm
Day 6 Stockholm Archipelago Tour & Steninge Castle Christmas Market Stockholm
Day 7 Train to Oslo (Norway), Oslofjord Electric Boat Dinner Cruise Oslo
Day 8 Oslo Christmas Markets & Aquavit Tasting Tour Oslo
Day 9 Free Day in Oslo: Museums & Outdoor Adventures Oslo
Day 10 Depart Oslo  

Off the plane in Gothenburg, you'll delve straight into Sweden's welcoming festive spirit during a Christmas markets tour, complete with stops by Liseberg, Haga, and Kronhuset markets. Then, with a rental car on hand, begin your road trip with a scenic drive to Falkenberg. Here, pause to treat yourself to a massage at the renowned Ästad Vingård Day Spa before breaking up your drive to Vetlanda with a stop at the sprawling Huseby Bruk Christmas market. A sweet surprise kicks off Day 4 of your adventure, with a cinnamon bun baking class on the agenda, followed by a drive to Stockholm.

After the many road trips during the first half of your adventure, you'll be delighted to unpack your bags for a three-night stay in Stockholm. Spend your first savoring views from the futuristic SkyView before devoting a full day to checking out the city's many Christmas markets. A trip to the Steninge Castle Christmas market awaits the next afternoon, but first, spend the morning sailing around the Stockholm archipelago. You'll then transfer by train to Oslo and spend your final days cruising Oslofjord and hopping between Christmas markets, insightful museums, and cozy restaurants. Learn more

Itinerary #3: Scandinavia Summer Highlights: Helsinki, Stockholm, Luleå & Tromsø

Curated with outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife lovers in mind, this relaxed summer adventure showcases the pristine landscapes of Scandinavia. With two or more days each in Helsinki, Stockholm, Luleå, and Tromsø, you'll have time to get to know each city while also enjoying numerous opportunities to hike, kayak, and cruise. Highlights include a guided exploration of the Porkkalanniemi peninsula, a wildlife safari, a cable car ride up Storsteinen Mountain, and a whale watching tour in Norway's far north.

Experience summer above the Arctic Circle in the fjords and islands around Tromsø
Experience summer above the Arctic Circle in the fjords and islands around Tromsø
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Helsinki (Finland), Traditional Finnish Food Tour Helsinki
Day 2 Guided Hike in Porkkalanniemi Helsinki
Day 3 Fly to Stockholm (Sweden), Private Stockholm Hidden Gems Tour Stockholm
Day 4 Scandinavian Wildlife Safari Stockholm
Day 5 Fly to Luleå, Hiking in Swedish Lappland Luleå
Day 6 Explore the Luleå Archipelago by Kayak Luleå
Day 7 Fly to Tromsø (Norway), Storsteinen Mountain Cable Car Ride Tromsø
Day 8 Sommarøy Arctic Fjords & Wildlife Tour Tromsø
Day 9 Silent Whale Watching Eco-Tour Tromsø
Day 10 Depart Tromsø  

Upon arriving in Helsinki, Finland, your adventure gets off to a tasty start with a traditional Finnish food tour on the agenda, which will fuel you for the following morning's hike around the forested Porkkalanniemi peninsula. Eager for more adventure, catch a flight to Stockholm and spend the afternoon on a guided tour catered to your interests. Then, seek out the region's famed moose population on a walking safari through thick forest before continuing to Luleå by plane. Within a few hours, you'll be refreshing at the award-winning Tree Hotel and enjoying a leisurely hike on the nearby Bergnäsets Trail

While based in Luleå, you'll also explore the Luleå Archipelago by kayak and enjoy time to relax at your lavish treehouse accommodation. Next, board a flight bound for Tromsø, a lively town in Norway's far north. There's certainly no shortage of nature to take in here, so after checking into your hotel, you'll head out for a cable car ride up Storsteinen Mountain, where you can tackle the scenic Tromsdalstinden Trail. Then, over the following days, you'll embark on an Arctic fjords discovery tour and cruise icy waters in search of humpback and orca whales before prepping for your onward flight. Learn more

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Itinerary #4: Scandinavian Fjord & Hiking Summer Adventure

Ideal for thrill-seekers, this active Scandinavian itinerary takes the adrenaline up a notch as you hike, kayak, and zipline through Norway and Sweden's rugged landscapes. Discover the Oslofjord Islands' breathtaking coastlines on foot and by wooden sailboat, climb to the summit of Ålesund's Sukkertoppen, and take on an exhilarating windsurfing lesson. When your legs are in need of a break, you'll be thrilled that a spa session, an incredible drive along Trollstigen Road, and plenty of decadent dinners are also on the itinerary.

Kick the trip off with a sunset kayaking trip through the Stockholm archipelago
Kick the trip off with a sunset kayaking trip through the Stockholm archipelago
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Stockholm (Sweden), Sunset Kayaking Tour Stockholm
Day 2 Windsurfing Lesson, Spa Time Stockholm
Day 3 Train to Oslo (Norway), Sunset Sail & Traditional Seafood Dinner Oslo
Day 4 Ferry Ride & Hiking the Oslofjord Islands Oslo
Day 5 Fly to Ålesund, Climb Aksla Viewpoint Ålesund
Day 6 Hike Mount Saksa & Molladalen Ålesund
Day 7 Drive to Geiranger via Trollstigen (Staircase of Trolls) Geiranger
Day 8 Adventure Kayaking & Ziplining in Geiranger Geiranger
Day 9 Interactive Aquarium Experience, Optional Activities in Ålesund Ålesund
Day 10 Depart Ålesund  

Your adventurous trip across Scandinavia kicks off in Stockholm, where you'll embark on a scenic kayak excursion along the city's canals and challenge yourself with a thrilling windsurfing lesson. Afterward, treat yourself to an evening at Yasuragi, a Japanese-inspired spa, then zip over to Oslo by train the following morning. While here, indulge your inner explorer during an Oslofjord sailing trip and dedicate a day to hiking on the islands of Hovedøya, Gressholmen, and Langøyene. Next, catch a flight to Ålesund and enjoy an exciting afternoon climbing to the summit of Sukkertoppen and cruising Geirangerfjord.

While in Ålesund, you'll also conquer back-to-back hikes, the first up steep switchbacks to Mount Saksa and the second through Molladalen's valleys and dense forests. Give your legs a break the following day and jump behind the wheel for a drive along the dramatic Trollstigen road. Your destination is Geiranger, and with two days in this quaint village at the head of Geirangerfjord, you'll have plenty of time to savor the region's beauty while cruising, kayaking, and ziplining. Afterward, return to Ålesund, where you'll visit Atlanterhavsparken Aquarium and enjoy a celebratory end-of-adventure dinner. Learn more

Itinerary #5: Scandinavian Summer Road Trip: Denmark, Sweden & Norway

Make your way through charming countryside, along fjord coastlines, and under towering mountains on this wildly scenic road trip from Copenhagen to Trondheim. Perfect for those who love the freedom of a self-drive adventure, you'll enjoy stopping off at quaint farm shops, fortified cities, and the awe-inspiring Dovrefjell National Park. Other highlights include a sunset dinner cruise on the Oslofjord, an overnight at a farmstay, and a bike tour through Gothenburg.

The journey is the destination when you're driving through Norway's spectacular scenery
The journey is the destination when you're driving through Norway's spectacular scenery
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Copenhagen (Denmark), Coffee Collective, Drive to Funen Island Funen Island
Day 2 Odense Highlights Walking Tour & Hans Christian Andersen's House Funen Island
Day 3 Drive to Ystad (Sweden), Skåne Farm Shop Tour & Örums Nygård Farmstay  Ystad
Day 4 Drive to Gothenburg via Ale's Stones, Helsingborg & Södåkra Vineyard  Gothenburg
Day 5 Gothenburg Bike Tour, Archipelago Summer Brunch Cruise Gothenburg
Day 6 Drive to Oslo (Norway) via Halden & Fredrikstad, Sauna & Dinner Cruise  Oslo
Day 7 Drive to Lillehammer, Paddle Steamer Cruise & Open-Air Museum  Lillehammer
Day 8 Drive to Trondheim via Dovrefjell National Park, Oppdal & Stören Trondheim
Day 9 Stiklestad Day Trip, Dinner at To Rom og Kjøkken  Trondheim
Day 10 Depart Trondheim  

Upon collecting your rental car from Copenhagen's airport, your adventure gets underway with a scenic drive through Denmark's rolling countryside to Funen Island. On arrival, dine at Broholm Slot, then spend the following day checking out the island's highlights, including Odense's medieval Old Town and Egeskov Slot's moat castle. It's back on the road the following morning, and after stopping in Malmö to tuck into its many farm shops, you'll arrive in Ystad. An overnight at Örums Nygård, a farmstay tucked among the Swedish countryside, ensures you're ready to tackle a drive north to Gothenburg.

In Gothenburg, you'll first get your bearings during a guided bike tour, then enjoy an afternoon free to wander the city's museums, parks, and cobbled streets. Next, hit the road to Oslo, stopping en route to admire Halden's Frederiksen Fortress and the fortified city of Frederikstad. Spend that evening unwinding while onboard a scenic dinner cruise, then continue north to Lillehammer for a memorable Lake Mjøsa steamer cruise. Your final destination is Trondheim, where you'll squeeze in a day trip to the medieval village of Stiklestad and a farewell dinner before catching your onward flight. Learn more

Itinerary #6: Chasing the Northern Lights in Sweden & Norway

Crafted especially for travelers seeking the elusive northern lights, this bucket-list winter experience takes you above the Arctic Circle for snowshoeing excursions, evening sailing expeditions, and a visit to the Aurora Sky Station. During daylight hours, you'll explore Sweden's Lappland region and northern Norway's snow-covered forests and expansive frozen lakes. Thrilling activities include a snowmobile excursion, a sunrise dogsledding adventure, an ice fishing experience, and a whale watching eco-tour. 

Hunt for the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle city of Tromsø
Hunt for the northern lights in the Arctic Circle city of Tromsø
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Luleå (Sweden), Spa Session & Northern Lights Snowshoe Tour Luleå
Day 2 Snowmobile Ice Nature Tour, Arctic Dining & Northern Lights Tour Luleå
Day 3 Train to Kiruna, City & Iron Mine Tour, Check into Ice Hotel Kiruna
Day 4 Sunrise Dogsledding & Aurora Sky Station Dinner Kiruna
Day 5 Jukkasjärvi Cultural Sámi & Reindeer Visit Kiruna
Day 6 Snowshoeing & Ice Fishing Adventure, Northern Lights Tour Kiruna
Day 7 Train to Narvik (Norway), Sky Lift, Dogsledding & Northern Lights Ceremony Narvik
Day 8 Bus to Tromsø, Northern Lights Sailing Trip Tromsø
Day 9 Silent Whale Watching Eco-Tour Tromsø
Day 10 Depart Tromsø  

You won't wait long for a chance to spot the aurora, as after arriving in Luleå, Sweden, and refreshing at the Tree Hotel, you'll set out on a Lappland forest snowshoeing adventure. Head right back out the following morning to explore by snowmobile, then wrap up your time in Luleå with another northern lights spotting tour. Next, catch a train to the Arctic Circle town of Kiruna and check into the Ice Hotel—your epic base for four nights. Split the following day between a thrilling dogsledding excursion and a trip to the Aurora Sky Station before delving into Sámi culture at the Nutti Sámi Siida open-air museum.

Your final day in Kiruna promises to be just as exciting, with a snowshoeing and ice fishing excursion on the agenda, followed by a guided northern lights tour. Next, pack up your bags and transfer across the border to Narvik, Norway. An overnight here gives you the opportunity to ride the Narvik Sky Lift and join a dogsledding tour that ends with an aurora beckoning ceremony. Then, transfer to Tromsø, located in the far north of Norway, and wrap up your adventure with a memorable northern lights sailing trip and a whale watching experience on icy fjord waters. Learn more

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Map of 10 Days in Scandinavia - 6 Unique Itinerary Ideas
Map of 10 Days in Scandinavia - 6 Unique Itinerary Ideas