Perfect for adventure seekers, this active 10-day summer itinerary explores Sweden and Norway's most scenic landscapes. Begin in Stockholm, where you'll paddle to Långholmen Island on a sunset kayaking tour before boarding a train to Oslo. Explore the Oslofjord's islands via scenic ferry and hiking trails, fly to coastal Ålesund, and ascend the Aksla viewpoint. Continue to Geiranger for kayaking and ziplining and conclude with an interactive aquarium experience.


  • Take a windsurfing lesson on the western shores of Stockholm's Lake Mälaren 
  • Climb up Ålesund's Sugar Top Hill for panoramic sunset views in Norway
  • Ride a high-speed, adrenaline-pumping boat along Norway's famous Geirangerfjord
  • Trek Mount Saksa and Molladalen's rugged beauty in Norway

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Stockholm (Sweden), Sunset Kayaking Tour Stockholm
Day 2 Windsurfing Lesson, Spa Time Stockholm
Day 3 Train to Oslo (Norway), Sunset Sail & Traditional Seafood Dinner Oslo
Day 4 Ferry Ride & Hiking the Oslofjord Islands Oslo
Day 5 Fly to Ålesund, Climb Aksla Viewpoint Ålesund
Day 6 Hike Mount Saksa & Molladalen Ålesund
Day 7 Drive to Geiranger via Trollstigen (Staircase of Trolls) Geiranger
Day 8 Adventure Kayaking & Ziplining in Geiranger Geiranger
Day 9 Interactive Aquarium Experience, Optional Activities in Ålesund Ålesund
Day 10 Depart Ålesund  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Stockholm (Sweden), Sunset Kayaking Tour

The Swedish capital lies on an archipelago made up of over 14 islands

Welcome to Sweden! Touch down and take a short Arlanda Express train into Stockholm. Settle into your hotel and then explore the districts of the country's capital. Södermalm exudes a relaxed vibe, while Östermalm has a refined elegance. In the middle, Norrmalm bustles as a commercial hub, and to the south lies Gamla Stan, the Old Town. This tolerant, tech-forward city is known for its Pride Festival and startups like Spotify. Spread across an archipelago of 14 islands connected by 57 bridges that stretch over Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea, it's easy to see why Stockholm is known as the "Venice of the North."

Later in the day, you'll see the city by water on a three-hour guided kayak tour. The adventure begins in Stockholm at Långholmen Island. Here, you'll paddle down scenic canals lined with parks and the city's colorful old buildings. Watch fishermen plying their trade and migratory birds flying overhead as you travel along a circuit route. Once back at the island, you'll take a short hike to a secluded beach to enjoy a delightful barbecue dinner. After the meal, you'll return to your hotel in the city.

Day 2: Windsurfing Lesson, Spa Time

Hone your windsurfing techniques with a certified instructor

Today, you'll embark on a thrilling, three-hour windsurfing adventure at Stockholm's Rålambshovsparken. After meeting under the Västerbron bridge, gear up with adjustable Dynamic Windsurfing gear, including a wetsuit and personal flotation device. As you get acquainted with the adaptable gear, your certified instructor will guide you in learning how to sail with a harness and techniques for utilizing the wind's power for added speed and maneuverability.

For historical character, head to the former Art Deco palace of Centralbadet, where you can enjoy three hours of relaxation and therapeutic treatments, including massages, saunas, and steam baths. For a more Zen-like experience, opt for Yasuragi, a Japanese-inspired spa just outside the city. The Tower Spa in the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel offers panoramic views of Stockholm from its rooftop location, while the Steam Hotel presents a luxurious menu of treatments and pampering in a gloriously renovated old steam power plant. After you're fully relaxed, return to your accommodation in Stockholm. 

Day 3: Train to Oslo (Norway), Sunset Sail & Traditional Seafood Dinner

Sail Oslofjord from the deck of a vintage wooden sailboat

Say goodbye to Sweden this morning, and cross the border to Norway. A 3.5-hour train ride will deliver you to Norway's capital, Oslo—a city of grand palaces, genteel parks, world-class museums, and innovative restaurants. On the outskirts, colorful houses are hugged by green spaces, lending a relaxed and livable feel to the metropolis. Before settling into your accommodation, you'll notice two highlights at the edge of the Oslofjord. Admire the Akershus Fortress, constructed in the 14th century and used as a prison for a time, and the contemporary Oslo Opera House, clad with white Carrara marble.

Later, set out on the water for today's highlight—a three-hour sail across the Oslofjord aboard a vintage wooden sailboat. Leaving the harbor, watch Oslo's blend of modern architecture and historic landmarks unfold. As you navigate deeper into the fjord, you'll savor a traditional Norwegian seafood dinner with shrimp, crayfish, and crab while soaking in panoramic vistas, including Oslo's city skyline as the sun sets while passing by verdant hills, historic bathhouses, and charming summer cottages. Afterward, return to your accommodation in Oslo.

Day 4: Ferry Ride & Hiking the Oslofjord Islands

The Oslofjord was created through land elevation and sea-level changes over thousands of years

Hikers and nature enthusiasts will enjoy today's half-day excursion to the islands of the Oslofjord just outside the city center. Marvel at picturesque landscapes as you hop on ferries and hike along coastal forests, sea cliffs, charming villages, and historic sites. Board a ferry headed toward the inner islands, with Hovedøya often being the first stop. A network of well-marked hiking trails awaits, guiding explorers through remnants of ancient monasteries and cannons and serene viewpoints overlooking the fjord. 

Next, your ferry will navigate toward Gressholmen and Langøyene, where additional hiking opportunities arise amid verdant forests and coastal trails. These islands offer serene spots for picnics, secluded beaches for swimming, and bird-watching locations. The excursion culminates back at Oslo's waterfront, where you can continue exploring the city's museums, have a traditional Norwegian dinner of gravlaks (cured salmon) or skrei (Norwegian cod), or relax at your accommodation.

Day 5: Fly to Ålesund, Climb Aksla Viewpoint

After a devastating fire in 1904, the city was rebuilt in the Art Nouveau style

Today, you'll hop on a 1.5-hour flight to Ålesund, an elegant town on Norway's western coast. Pick up your rental car and get settled at your hotel, then spend 1.5 hours this afternoon exploring the town at your leisure. Stroll through the center and marvel at the heavy presence of Art Nouveau architecture resulting from rebuilding efforts following a devastating fire in 1904. Walk along the seaside, and you'll pass Dronninges Sonias Plass (Queen Sonia's Square), the local history museum KOBE, and the Sunnmøre Museum, showcasing the city's maritime heritage.

Take 2.5 hours to climb the 418 steps or hop on the convenient tourist train to reach the summit of Ålesund's Sukkertoppen (Sugar Top) viewpoint for panoramic views of the city, fjord, coast, and Sunnmøre Alps. Afterward, cruise through deep waters to explore the nearby UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord and sail past landmarks such as the Seven Sisters Waterfall and the Eagle's Bend curve around the fjord. Cap off your day at Café Lyspunktet for a hearty and authentic Norwegian meal of locally sourced cod or shrimp. It's also a place for great coffee, live music, and local art exhibitions. 

Day 6: Hike Mount Saksa & Molladalen

Walk amid glaciers and cascading waterfalls at Molladalen

Lace up your hiking boots for today's hike at Mount Saksa. The 1-mile (3 km) trailhead starts at the small village of Urke, and the path works its way up 3,520 feet (1,072 m) across cute wooden bridges and switchbacks to the summit, providing views of crystal-clear fjords and rolling hills. Make no mistake; this is a demanding hike that will prove difficult for those without a good level of physical fitness. Still, the difficulty will cease to matter once you reach the viewpoints at the south peak. From here, you can see the Hjørundfjorden's end in one direction and out to Ålesund in the other. 

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Afterward, drive 30 minutes to your next hiking destination—Molladalen. Sitting pretty at 2,539 feet (774 m) above sea level, Molladalen is renowned for its rugged terrain. The trail begins from the village of Øye and winds through steep valleys and dense forests. This hike ascends to higher elevations, so be prepared for a physically challenging yet rewarding trek. Along the way, watch for wildlife, including birds and reindeer, and snap photos of nearby peaks: Skruven, Randers Topp, and Mohns Topp. Return to your accommodation in Ålesund and look forward to tomorrow's relaxing fjord cruise. 

Day 7: Drive to Geiranger via Trollstigen (Staircase of Trolls)

Zigzag along the famous Trollstigen mountain pass

This morning, jump back behind the wheel—you're making the four-hour journey to Geiranger via the famous Trollstigen road. This zigzag route offers up to 11 twisting hairpin bends as it climbs to Stigrøra (2,814 ft or 858 m above sea level). Expect to see lush valleys, sheltered strawberry farms, and steep mountains. Allow enough time for stops along the way, whether to embrace the challenge of a summit hike or to enjoy various viewpoints.

Once you arrive in Geiranger, embark on an exciting one-hour trip scenic fjord cruise. Geirangerfjord is a 9-mile (15-km) stretch where you'll pass high mountains and spot abandoned farms that seem to cling to hillsides. You'll view three of the most popular waterfalls as you cruise from Geiranger to Hellesylt and back. Enjoy the Knivsflå (Seven Sisters), Friaren (Suitor), and Brudesløret (Bridal Veil) cascades that rush over steep, rocky cliffs and plunge into the fjord. As you return, keep an eye out for area wildlife, as many birds and porpoises call the region home.

Day 8: Adventure Kayaking & Ziplining in Geiranger

Paddle and soar among the fjords in Geiranger

Continue exploring the Geiranger fjords with a half day of adventure activities. From the small village of Geiranger, you'll paddle past sheer cliffs and verdant mountains before seeing the famous Seven Sisters waterfall from a different vantage point. Gaze at the snowcapped peaks, lush vegetation, and waterfall-dotted mountains as your guide regales you with tales of local legends and history. After about three hours, make your way back to the starting point, and once on land, revive yourself with some local food at a Geiranger restaurant.

Next, you'll hop on the Loen Skylift to reach your two-hour zipline experience at the top of Mount Hoven. Here, you'll swoop over unbelievable views of the surrounding mountains and sites like Jostedalsbreen National Park and Gjølmunna Gorge. Afterward, reward yourselves with lunch at the perfectly positioned restaurant at the top of Mount Hoven and catch a scenic ride back down on the Skylift—with plenty of opportunities to capture memorable photos. 

Day 9: Interactive Aquarium Experience, Optional Activities in Ålesund

Visit the aquarium's open-air penguin pool in Ålesund

Today, drive four hours northwest to Ålesund to enjoy the marine life on a two-hour tour of Atlanterhavsparken—one of Northern Europe's largest saltwater aquariums. Get up close and personal with all ocean life, including otters, seals, and sharks, on a tour with interactive exhibits and a trip to the open-air pool to see the resident Humboldt penguins. Make sure to catch the daily diving show, where you can watch professional divers hand-feed the fish and sharks. In the evening, take advantage of the town's thriving dining scene; if it's the freshest seafood you're after, you've come to the right place. 

Day 10: Depart Ålesund

Savor your final day in Ålesund

It's time to say farewell to Scandinavia! If you have some time before dropping your rental car off at the airport and your departing flight, stop by your favorite places in Ålesund. Grab one last coffee at a local café, pick up some last-minute souvenirs, or enjoy a final stroll in the historic city center. Safe travels! 

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Map of Scandinavian Fjord & Hiking Summer Adventure - 10 Days
Map of Scandinavian Fjord & Hiking Summer Adventure - 10 Days