In the morning, you'll follow the footsteps of famous pirates and discover the "Pearl of the Caribbean", a city rich in culture, diversity, exotic and heritage. Come evening, you'll journey to a local fishing village for a short canoe ride at sunset with great birdwatching as you're surrounded by nature.

Morning Tour with a local guide (3 hours)

Statue by Fernando Botero in Santo Domingo plaza b
Santo Domingo Plaza with a statue by Fernando Botero

Walk the colonial neighborhoods of San Diego and Santo Domingo

A tour throughout the beautiful city of Cartagena will bring you back to colonial times, amidst colorful houses and lively squares. You will pass by many of Cartagena's beautiful parks and squares, including Plaza de la Aduana, Parque Bolívar, Plaza de los Coches, el Museo del Oro, Plaza de Santo Domingo, Plaza de Santa Teresa, and Las murallas y Las Bóvedas.

Evening tour with a local guide (3 hours)

Sun setting along the coastline near Cartagena

Canoe trip and birdwatching through a local fishing village

You'll have the afternoon free before your departure at 4:00 pm from your hotel. You'll be transferred to La Boquilla, an authentic afro-Carthaginian fishing village. You'll enjoy a short stroll to meet the local fishermen and a canoe trip in the Juan Polo Swamp through the mangrove Tunnels to Fisherman Island and the Bird Park.

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At the end of the day, it's the perfect time to watch the birds as the come to life during sunset. The scenery is perfect to relax and spend a nice evening close to nature. You'll then return to Cartagena around 7.00 pm.