Cerro Kennedy is an important mountain located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, with the highest point being at an altitude of 3,100 meters above sea level. Covered by a cloud forest, it is home to hundreds of endemic and migratory birds. From the top of this important mountain, you can get an excellent view of the snowy peaks of Bolivar, Colon, Santa Marta and all the mountains that form the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.


  • Visit Cerro Kennedy located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range
  • Witness endemic and migratory birds in their natural habitat
  • Have breath-taking views of the snow-capped peaks of mountains in the region
  • Climb to an altitude of 10,170.6 feet or 3,100 meters in the cloud forest
  • Spend 3 days hiking in the green, luscious mountains of Colombia


Cerro Kennedy is a great trek for those looking for a challenging yet rewarding hike. Its highest point is at an altitude of 3100 meters above sea level, covered by a cloud forest in which hundreds of endemic and migratory birds reside.

From the top, you can get an excellent view of the Bolivar and Colon snow-capped peaks, Santa Marta and the rest of the mountainous system that forms the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. You can also see many of the endemic bird species that are found in the sub-Andean mountain forests of the area.

This extraordinary tour begins in Santa Marta, beginning in a 4x4 vehicle, passing through the town of Minca for about 9 miles, until the path of La Tagua, located at 1,650 meters above sea level in the Sierra Nevada, then a hike 12.5 miles up the mountain to the Campestre Santa Elena estate, located at 2,200 meters above sea level. During this tour, we will have stunning views of the green, lush mountains in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Good physical condition is recommended for this trek. 

Detailed itinerary

Day 1: La Tagua

At 7:30 am, you depart from Santa Marta and travel by car for 3 hours to Minca, a picturesque village located 40 minutes from the city (650 meters above sea level). First stop is a visit to the Victoria coffee farm where you will learn the organic coffee process. After the tour, you continue the journey on an unpaved road to the Maria farm in the village of La Tagua, where we begin on foot.

You then walk 3 kilometers, or roughly 2 hours, to the Santa Elena Campestral Farm. After arrival, we have a welcome snack, and later a typical Colombian lunch, then a tour overlooking the sunset behind the mountains, the great swamp, and the Caribbean Sea. Later, enjoy dinner and stay the night.

Day 2: Mirador de Cerro Kennedy

Today, you get up very early to watch the sunrise over the snowy peaked Sierra Nevada mountains and enjoy a delicious cup of local coffee. Then you have a traditional breakfast and begin your walk at about 6:30 am. You will hike for roughly 3 hours along private trails at medium difficulty to the top (10,170.6 feet / 3,100 meters), which is an ecotourism viewpoint. 

During the tour, you will have an excellent view of the mountains, especially the snowy peaks Bolivar and Colon. The walk takes place along different paths allowing for greater enjoyment of the trek while crossing streams and have the opportunity to observe many endemic birds that live in this region. Later, you return to Santa Elena Campestral farm for lunch, then have a free afternoon to relax and take in the area. Enjoy dinner and stay the night.

Day 3: Panku Sacred Waterfall 

After a typical Colombian breakfast, you ascend along a path which is connected with neighboring farms and leads to Panku Sacred waterfall. Here you enjoy a refreshing swim and have the opportunity to take pictures. The hike is at a medium level of difficulty and takes roughly 4 hours in total. You then return to Santa Elena farm for lunch. In the afternoon, you walk to the meeting point to return to Santa Marta by transport for about a 4-hour drive.


Map of Cerro Kennedy - 3 Days
Map of Cerro Kennedy - 3 Days