This 10-day tour of Colombia is ideal for curious families who want to learn more about the places they visit and the people who live there. Every opportunity will be taken to teach your kids about Colombian life, culture, history, and cuisine—all while everyone is having a great time. Learn the history behind Medellín's enormous flower displays, hop on themed rides at a coffee theme park in the Zona Cafetera, enjoy an immersive pirate-themed treasure hunt in Cartagena, and much more.


  • Climb the incredible Guatapé Rock and enjoy the views from the top
  • Tour a colorful silletera flower farm outside Medellín
  • See giant palm trees and colorful butterflies in the Zona Cafetera
  • Create your own chocolates with a Colombian cacao workshop
  • Step into the world of pirates with an adventurous treasure hunt in Cartagena

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Medellín Medellín
Day 2 City Tour, Explora Park & El Castillo Picnic Medellín
Day 3 Tour a Silletera Flower Farm Medellín
Day 4 Day Trip to Guatapé  Medellín
Day 5 Fly to Pereira, Botanical Gardens & Butterfly Vivarium Pereira
Day 6 Tour the Coffee Park Pereira
Day 7 Valle de Cócora Walk & Picnic, Coffee in Salento Pereira
Day 8 Fly to Cartagena, Chocolate Experience Cartagena
Day 9 Barbacoco Pirate Game & Evening Picnic Cartagena
Day 10 Mud Volcano, Pink Sea & Horseback Ride, Depart Cartagena  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Medellín

Welcome to Medellín!
Welcome to Medellín! Upon arrival, you'll be picked up at the airport by private transportation and taken to your hotel, with your guide sharing recommendations customized to your family's ages and interests along the way. Medellín is a city known for its can-do spirit. Its pleasant climate gives it its nickname, the "City of Eternal Spring," and the moderate temperatures put a spring in the locals' steps at work and play. After settling in at your hotel, head out into the city for your first meal of tasty local food, such as Medellín's own bandeja paisa (a hearty meal with beans, sausages, eggs, and more) or mondongo stew.

Day 2: City Tour, Explora Park, El Castillo Picnic

Settle in for a picnic amid the fairy-tale setting of El Castillo

Today, get to know beautiful Medellín better. Start in the city center by visiting the large Plaza de San Antonio, from where you can see views of the mountains, and Botero Square, where you'll find many cool sculptures by Colombian artist Fernando Botero. Then, step into the metro station for a panoramic tour by cable car. Learn more about the city on the way and enjoy the views from the top.

Later, treat your kids to an exciting visit to Explora Park, an interactive science museum. The museum contains over 300 interactive attractions, as well as a 3D auditorium, planetarium, television studio, and more. It also houses South America's largest freshwater aquarium, Explora Aquarium. Its 25 tanks exhibit many of the most representative species that inhabit Colombia's rivers and oceans, including piranhas, electric eels, and a kaleidoscope of fish. End your day at El Castillo Museum and Gardens, a palatial art museum with gorgeous gardens that are a great place to enjoy a family picnic.

Day 3: Tour a Silletera Flower Farm

Medellín is famous for its extravagant flowers
Silleteros are farmers who make beautiful flower arrangements on a silleta (a chair-like contraption for carrying flowers on a person's back). These arrangements have become an iconic symbol of Medellín, used in its yearly flower festival of Feria de Flores. Today the whole family can experience a visit to a silletera farm in the village of Santa Elena, where you'll learn about the history, culture, and traditions of the region. Kids will love the hands-on craft as they gather fragrant flowers to add to the sillitera. The tour ends with a stop at Placita de Flórez, the market square where the sillitero farmers sell their flowers. 

Day 4: Day Trip to Guatapé 

Climb Guatapé Rock with your kids

Take a break from the city with a day trip to Guatapé. Start at Guatapé Rock, a gigantic granite monolith that was formed millions of years ago. Take your time with younger children as you work your way up the 708 steps, but the effort is rewarded with a panoramic view of the beautiful Guatapé-Peñol Reservoir, and the fingers of the lake sprawling across the mountainous landscape. 

Continue to the town of Guatapé, known for the fresco-like adornment of its traditional houses, with brightly painted bas-relief depictions of people, animals, and shapes. Kids will love exploring the candy-colored streets as your specialized guide shares stories about the local culture. When you've worked up an appetite, treat the whole family to a typical Colombian lunch along the waterfront. Afterward, you'll have time to explore the lake on a boat ride and let the kids burn off some energy before you return to Medellín. 
Plan your trip to Colombia
Chat with a local specialist who can help organize your trip.

Day 5: Fly to Pereira, Botanical Gardens & Butterfly Vivarium

Kids will love Pereira's Butterfly Vivarium
This morning, transfer to the airport and fly to Pereira, in the heart of the UNESCO-listed Zona Cafetera ("Coffee Zone"). Upon arrival, you'll be picked up at the airport and taken to your hotel. Get settled in, then head out for some family-friendly activities that both kids and adults will love.
Check out the Botanical Gardens, which contains the vast Butterfly Vivarium. The natural forest of the gardens spans 32 acres (13 ha) and contains over 600 species of plants, 70 species of birds, and 2,000 species of butterflies. 
Then continue to a local coffee farm for a tour. Learn about the coffee-making process in an interactive and participatory way, from the sowing of seeds to the final cup of coffee. 

Day 6: Tour the Coffee Park

Ride the cable car within the Coffee Park

In the heart of Quindío and immersed in the natural wealth of the Colombian Coffee Region is the Parque del Café ("Coffee Park"), arguably one of the most important theme parks in Latin America. More than a million tourists from all over the world visit every year to learn all about Colombian coffee culture. The park was founded by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia and the Departmental Committee of Coffee Growers of Quindío.

The park consists of two main areas: the museum and exhibitions, and an amusement park with rides and shows. The two areas are linked by two gondola lifts and a chairlift, and it's also possible to walk between the two areas via an ecological trail through coffee plantations. As well as rides, the park also offers other attractions such as animatronics shows, a global coffee garden, food stalls based on coffee, and traditional Colombian architecture. Even kids who don't drink coffee will find plenty to interest them here!

Day 7: Valle de Cócora Walk & Picnic, Coffee in Salento

Wax palms in the Cocora Valley
Take a hike through the towering wax palms of the Valle de Cócora
The Zona Cafetera is a rich tapestry of historic villages, charming coffee farms, fantastic nature reserves, and grand mountain peaks. Coffee is more than a cash crop here; it is a way of life. You'll be immersed in this landscape today, starting with a walk in the Valle de Cócora. In this lush valley, wax palms, the national tree of Colombia, reach up to 180 feet (55 m) high. Learn about this remarkable ecosystem while the kids run and play in nature.
After your walk, relax in a private natural reserve, Aguas Claras, where you can enjoy a typical lunch made in a clay pot and heated outdoors over logs while listening to the gentle sounds of the river. End the afternoon by visiting the colorful town of Salento, where parents can recharge with a cup of specialty coffee at the Café Jesús Martín, a café established by a local man who has been instrumental in changing the way coffee is produced in the region.

Day 8: Fly to Cartagena, Chocolate Experience

Cartagena is the jewel of Colombia's Caribbean coast

Bid the Zona Cafetera farewell this morning as you catch a flight to Cartagena. The undisputed queen of the Caribbean coast, Cartagena's walled Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage site, containing a maze of cobbled alleys, balconies covered in bougainvillea, and massive churches that cast their shadows across leafy squares. 
After getting settled, kids will be sure to love this afternoon's chocolate experience. Youngsters will start the tasty workshop learning about cocoa beans, exploring their taste, texture, and smell as they watch how Colombian cocoa and chocolate are made. Then it's time to get creative, as little ones are free to design their own molds, decorate with cocoa butter-based paints, and add their favorite toppings to create one-of-a-kind chocolate masterpieces. Along the way, they'll sample some delicious chocolate drinks, take fun photos, and be presented with a mini amateur chocolatier certificate. 

Day 9: Barbacoco Pirate Game & Evening Picnic

Enjoy an exciting pirate-themed game in Cartagena

Aspiring pirates are in luck today, as they join an interactive treasure hunt for a day of fun and adventure throughout the historic center of Cartagena. Inspired by the corsairs who frequented the Caribbean coast on the hunt for Spanish galleons laden with the riches of the New World, Barbacoco's Treasure introduces children to the flavors and history of the city through the fantastic world of pirates.

Following a treasure map and a series of fun tests and challenges along the way, the game is designed for ages five and up, stimulating the imagination, the spirit of adventure, and the capacity for teamwork while exploring a true colonial city that was attacked by real pirates. After a day of solving clues, firing cannons, and fleeing from sharks, the adventure ends with a picnic at sunset, full of kid-friendly local dishes.

Day 10: Mud Volcano, Pink Sea & Horseback Ride, Depart Cartagena

End your trip in style with a beachfront horseback ride

It's your last day in Colombia but there's still time to experience some nearby sites to the fullest. After packing up and getting ready to leave, travel a few miles outside Cartagena to see the Totumo Mud Volcano, where the whole family can climb a wooden staircase to the summit and dive into the mud (make sure you take an old bathing suit that you don't mind getting dirty!)  You could also opt for a visit to the Salinas de Galerazamba ("The Pink Sea"), about an hour east of Cartagena along the coastline, where you'll learn how minerals and algae give this natural wonder its candy-pink hue. 

If you have an evening flight, end your trip on a high note with a visit to a ranch that has been declared a National Heritage Site for its treasured Paso Fino horses. Tracing their roots back to the horses of the Spanish Conquistadors, this gentle breed is known for its smooth, comfortable gaits and high-stepping style. After learning about the horses, each member of the family will be paired with the perfect mount for their abilities and set off to enjoy a horseback ride along the beach. When the time comes, say your goodbyes to Colombia and head to the airport to catch your departing flight. Safe travels!

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Map of Family Fun & Learning in Colombia: Medellín, Zona Cafetera & Cartagena - 10 Days
Map of Family Fun & Learning in Colombia: Medellín, Zona Cafetera & Cartagena - 10 Days