On this fascinating nine-day trip to Mexico City, Puebla, and Oaxaca, you will discover traditional dishes from different regions of the country, participate in cooking workshops, and tour numerous urban and rural attractions, from archaeological sites to the country's best museums—all while meeting friendly locals along the way.


  • Let a private guide show you Mexico City's best museums and monuments
  • Learn how to cook delicious regional cuisine during two cooking classes
  • Tour the stunning archaeological sites of Teotihuacán and Monte Alban
  • Visit a petrified waterfall surrounded by mountains with the option to swim
  • Have free time to explore the dining scenes in Puebla and Oaxaca

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Mexico City Mexico City
Day 2 Anthropologie Museum & City Walking Tour  Mexico City
Day 3 Coyoacan, Xochimilco & Casa Azul Museum Mexico City
Day 4 Teotihuacan & Basilica Tour Mexico City
Day 5 Transfer to Puebla, Cooking Class Puebla
Day 6 Transfer to Oaxaca, City Walking Tour Oaxaca
Day 7 Tule Tree, Waterfall & Village Visit Oaxaca
Day 8 Cooking Class & Monte Albán Visit Oaxaca
Day 9 Depart Oaxaca City  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Mexico City

The Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City

Welcome to Mexico City! Upon arrival, you will be met by your driver and privately transferred to your hotel in the historic city center of Mexico City. Once you settle into your room, you'll be free to explore the city on your own, perhaps starting with a great dinner in your neighborhood. Mexico City's culinary scene has exploded in recent years, so you'll be in good hands armed with a few recommendations from your hotel. Make sure to get a good night's rest as you'll be taking part in sightseeing in the coming days. 

Day 2: Anthropologie Museum & City Walking Tour 

National Museum of Anthropology

Today, after breakfast at your hotel, your private guide will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the amazing National Museum of Anthropology, one of the most important museums in Mexico and, some say, the entire continent. The visit will last approximately 2.5 to three hours, where you'll see the museum's two main rooms: Aztec and Maya. By the end of this experience, you will understand the history of Mexico on a much grander scale.

From here, it's time to begin a walking tour at the Diego Rivera Mural Museum, where your private guide will describe the characters and the stages of the Mexican history that the artist portrayed. You will start with a stroll through Alameda Central Park, considered the oldest public garden in Mexico and America.

Next, you will continue walking on Madero and Cinco de Mayo streets to enjoy the historical landmarks and architecture until you reach Constitution Square, where you will admire the Metropolitan Cathedral, as well as the National Government Palace, which is home to some Diego Rivera murals.

You'll transfer to your hotel in the late afternoon with time to rest before dinner. 

Day 3: Coyoacan, Xochimilco & Casa Azul Museum

Colorful boats in Xochimilco

After breakfast, your private driver will pick you up to head toward the National Autonomous University to visit the Olympic Stadium, where you can appreciate a monumental mural by Diego Rivera as a tribute to sports. Inside the campus, you will see the Central Library, which is covered with massive mosaic stone murals depicting the ancient history of Mexico done with both Aztec and Spanish motifs. Each of the four walls represents a different era: The north wall depicts the pre-Hispanic past, the south wall depicts the colonial past, the east wall depicts contemporary Mexico, and the west wall depicts the university. These murals were completed by Juan O'Gorman, but you will finish the tour at the rectory building with an impressive mural by David Alfaro Siqueiros.

Afterward, you will continue to Casa Azul in Coyoacan, where the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo was born, lived, and died. See pictures, photographs, and personal objects of both Frido and Diego Rivera, as well as her studio, kitchen, bedroom, and beautiful gardens. In downtown Coyoacan you will enjoy a traditional á la carte lunch before you continue to Xochimilco, where you will board a trajinera—a wooden boat painted in bright colors that has a traditional Mexican name to honor a family member of the owner. Navigate some of its canals while listening to Mexican folklore music like "Cielito Lindo" and "Mexico Lindo y Querido."

Finish the tour back at your hotel, where you'll have free time for the remainder of the evening

Plan your trip to Mexico
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Day 4: Teotihuacan & Basilica Tour

Teotihuacan Pyramids

After breakfast, your guide will pick you up to take you to the majestic archaeological site of Teotihuacán. Located 31 miles (50 km) from downtown Mexico City, the so-called "City of the Gods" is an ancient site that reached its heyday at the classic period of the MesoAmerican cultures between the 6th to 8th centuries when they became the masters of their known world.

During the visit, you'll climb the Pyramid of the Sun and the Moon, visit several temples and palaces, and, of course, walk the famous Causeway of the Dead. On your way back, you will visit the Basilica Of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which is the most visited Catholic temple in the world after the Vatican. The basilica is an icon of the city and a must-see if you want to learn the lore of Mexican society.

Day 5: Transfer to Puebla, Cooking Class

A sample of Mexican cuisine, which includes exotic flavors and strong spices

Today, after breakfast, you will be picked up at your hotel for the drive to Puebla (approximately two hours). Upon arrival at the city, you'll check in at your hotel. If there's free time left in the morning, you can visit the famous Museo Amparo located in the Historic Center of Puebla. Considered one of the best museums in Latin America, the Amparo is set in a series of old buildings constructed from the 17th and 18th centuries, known as El Hospitalario. The culturally rich permanent exhibits include pieces from various cultures, including Teotihuacán, Zapotec, Huasteca, Totonac, Maya, Olmec, Chichimeca, Mixtec, and Aztec. Also displayed are some of the most important moments in the life of the country from the first settlers to the present day.

Later in the day, around noon, you will participate in a three-hour cooking class in a real Mexican kitchen helmed by Mrs. Lupita Escobar, a 60-year veteran of Mexican gastronomic preservation. Her menu includes recipes from nearby communities in an effort to keep traditional Mexican techniques and ingredients alive. There are several dishes that you will be able to choose from, but what you cook will also depend on the season. First, you'll shop for ingredients, then cook, and finally, enjoy your lunch together.

Day 6: Transfer to Oaxaca, City Walking Tour

A street in Oaxaca City

Today, after breakfast, you will be picked up at your hotel for the drive to Oaxaca City (approximately four hours). Upon arrival at the city, you'll check in at your hotel.  

Early in the afternoon, you'll take a guided walking tour through the colorful streets of Oaxaca, starting with a visit to the Former Monastery of Santo Domingo. This place also hosts the Museum of Cultures and the Tomb n°7 of Monte Albán, where the majority of the Mesoamerican items known to the day have been discovered. From here, admire the impressive Temple of Santo Domingo with its Baroque decorations, Alcalá Street, and the Plaza de la Constitucion with vibrant markets full of aromas and tastes. Once you've returned to the hotel, you will have a free evening to rest and enjoy exploring Oaxaca's delicious dining scene.

Day 7: Tule Tree, Waterfall & Village Visit 

Tule Tree is said to be the largest and oldest living tree in the world

After breakfast, you will be picked up for a lovely excursion to the ancient Tule Tree, which is approximately 2,000 years old. It is also considered to be the biggest tree in the world! You'll then continue to Hierve el Agua, an imposing petrified waterfall located in the mountain range. There will be an option to bathe in its mineral-rich waters, with the arid, mountainous landscape serving as the backdrop.

After this, you will drive to Mitla—the site of an important religious center built during the post-classic period. Its buildings were richly decorated with geometric shapes and are a clear example of the splendor and development of this ancient civilization. After this, you will conclude your day with a visit to the village of Teotitlán del Valle. This little village is famous for the various handicrafts made by the locals, and you will see the traditional production of several garments. In the late afternoon, return to your hotel in Oaxaca for the evening.

Day 8: Cooking Class & Monte Albán Visit

Learn how to make traditional black mole from a local chef

Today, you will take part in another wonderful cooking class with a regional chef, where you'll learn how to make delicious black moles. Your morning starts with a trip to the market, where you'll pick up the ingredients for your class. You will then learn how to make the most famous mole in Mexico and then enjoy a delicious meal!

Later in the day, you will visit the spectacular archaeological site of Monte Albán, located on the top of a hill at the center of Oaxaca's central valleys, the birthplace of the Zapotec civilization. As you walk through La Gran Plaza, you will be able to see Galeria de Los Danzantes (Gallery of the Dancers). From here, return to your hotel in Oaxaca City and enjoy your last night on the town! 

Day 9: Depart Oaxaca City

Goodbye, Oaxaca!

It's time to say goodbye to Mexico! Depending on the time of your departure, you'll be picked up from the hotel for the drive to Oaxaca City Airport. Safe travels!

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Map of Mexico's Culture & Gastronomy Tour - 9 Days
Map of Mexico's Culture & Gastronomy Tour - 9 Days