A full-day mountain biking ride on the outskirts of Cusco. Enjoy panoramic views of the Andes and ride past Llamas and Alpacas as you descend into the upper cloud forest and lush waterfalls of the Apurimac River Valley. It's a short, perfect day of Andean biking!


  • Starting from 4500m, descend to the depths of the Apurimac canyon
  • Ride through the small Andean villages of Paruro and Cusibamba
  • Enjoy expansive panoramic views at the start with some easy riding
  • Ride in comfort on full-suspension mountain bikes
  • Enjoy drinks, snacks, and the safety of a support vehicle the entire way
  • Dine on an authentic Peruvian lunch with a local family
Inca Legends MTB Ride
Unloading the bikes
Inca Legends MTB Ride
Start of the ride
Inca Legends MTB Ride
Descending the first section
Inca Legends MTB Ride
Beautiful panoramic views

Description of the ride

You'll be picked up from your hotel at 8 am by a private shuttle van which will take you to the start of the ride. Enjoy breathtaking mountain views along the way, as you ascend up to your starting point at 4500m meters. From there, you'll soar downhill on a combination of wide, paved, and dirt roads that run alongside the powerful Apurimac river.

Inca Legends MTB Ride
Descending down into the Apurimac Canyon (© William Koch)
Inca Legends MTB Ride
Apurimac river valley (© William Koch)

En route, you'll ride through small Peruvian towns and villages before descending down into the Apurimac River Valley. Along the way, there are a number of great stops for photos, killer views, and an array of waterfalls.

You'll have a short break with drinks and snacks and then pedal on to Cusibamba for lunch. For lunch, you'll enjoy an authentic Peruvian lunch at local home. Alternatively, we can pack a picnic lunch.

Inca Legends MTB Ride
Views across the valley (© William Koch)
Inca Legends MTB Ride
Apurimac Canyon (© William Koch)

After lunch, it’s dirt roads hugging immense cliffs and unforgettable views of the Apurimac river valley. You end the ride at a classic bridge overlooking the river. 

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Upper section of the ride

Safety & support

During the entire ride, you'll have a support van trailing behind you, just out of sight. The van contains a first-aid kit, water, as well as snacks for energy along the way.

Gear & equipment

You'll receive a proper mountain biking helmet as well as elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves. If you would like a full-face helmet you can rent one for $10 USD.

Getting there & away

The drive to the start of the ride takes around one hour, leaving Cusco and winding up switchbacks to the top of one of the ridge lines above the valley. It's a fantastic viewpoint over the Cusco Region and surrounding Andes. After your ride, it's a 2.5-hour drive back to Cusco, where you'll be dropped off after dark back at your hotel.