This luxury tour of Greece starts in the bustling capital of Athens, discovering its incredible architecture and charming neighborhoods, followed by the exploration of the islands of Mykonos, Naxos, and Santorini. Live the posh life as you relax at world-renowned beach clubs, enjoy sunset cruises, tour villages around the islands, and discover the taste of Greece with food tours and wine tastings. Score incredible views of the islands and the Aegean Sea with hikes, trips to hot springs, and sunsets from your own private pool.


  • Enjoy a sunset dinner cruise around Santorini's Caldera
  • Be a beach bum at one of Mykonos' famous, posh beach clubs
  • Explore the historical sites of Athens and its hip neighborhoods
  • Discover the island of Naxos with a food tour, discovering its unique tastes
  • Relax in your luxury hotels, some with private pools and sunset views

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Athens - Explore Athens
Day 2 Discover Athens with a Private Acropolis & City Tour and Food Tastings Athens
Day 3 Take the Ferry to Mykonos - Stroll its Charming Neighborhoods Mykonos
Day 4 Relax at World-Famous Beach Clubs in Posh Mykonos Mykonos
Day 5 Explore Mykonos by Foot and With a Sunset Cruise Mykonos
Day 6 Travel to Naxos and Enjoy its Unspoiled Charm Naxos
Day 7 Relax on The White-Sand Beaches of Naxos Naxos
Day 8 Indulge in the Food and Culture of Naxos Naxos
Day 9 Transfer to Santorini - Explore Santorini
Day 10 Discover the Incredible Towns of Santorini Santorini
Day 11 Enjoy a Catamaran Sunset Cruise with a BBQ Santorini
Day 12 Depart Greece via Athens  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Athens - Explore

Monastiraki Square and Sunset over Plaka
Monastiraki Square and Sunset over Plaka

Welcome to  Greece!

Upon arriving in Athens, your driver will transfer you from the airport to your hotel. You'll receive your platinum welcome pack, including high-end travel essentials and your insider's guidebook to the places you will be visiting. Settle into your accommodation and enjoy the city famous for its mythology. You'll discover its towering temples, classical deities, the iconic Acropolis, and the ruins of ancient market places, all in contrast to the vibrant nightlife, bustling flea markets, and contemporary cuisine.

Whenever you're ready, you'll enjoy a short, private orientation tour to help you get a feel for the city of Athens. Suggestions for your half-day in Athens include:

  • Visit the Parthenon temple, which sits proudly atop the Acropolis rock. This temple has enchanted visitors and locals alike since its construction centuries ago in 438 BCE. Although it's visible from many parts of the city, it's worth visiting these ancient ruins up close.
  • Discover one of the world's first meteorological sites, the Tower of the Winds. Afterward, you can stroll down the neighboring Aeolou Street, which is home to an array of charming local shops and cafés. Try to keep some extra space in your suitcase in case you decide to buy something at one of the busy stalls of the Monastiraki flea market.
  • Take a stroll along the cobblestone streets of Plaka—one of Athen's oldest neighborhoods—where you'll find iconic two-story Athenian houses and charming antique shops. The district is tucked under the Acropolis hill and has a lovely, vibrant atmosphere.

After your tour, enjoy a welcome dinner with the finest of Greek food and an unobstructed view of the beautiful Acropolis. The country's cuisine has evolved over the centuries through a rare blend of Eastern and Western influences, all prepared while using local and seasonal ingredients. You're sure to enjoy it.

Day 2: Discover Athens with a Private Acropolis & City Tour and Food Tastings

Athens at Dusk
Athens at Dusk

Today you'll enjoy a private and personalized tour through Athens, a vibrant 3,000-year-old city with a lot of character. You'll visit the must-see sites, like the amazing Acropolis and the evocative Agora. Along the way, you'll explore Athen's trendy neighborhoods that still maintain their Greek authenticity.

Starting at the Acropolis, your guide will explain the site's architecture, as well as its culture and impact on the people of Athens. Stroll over to Agora, which combines history with philosophy and politics.

When you’ve finished visiting the archaeological sites, head back down to the city center and explore the ever-changing neighborhoods of Athens. In particular, you'll stroll through the neighborhood of Monastiraki with its colorful flea market, and the neighborhood of Psiri for street art, design shops, and vintage clothing stores. Then meander the traditional Central Market, the biggest and most popular fish, meat, and vegetable market in all of Athens, which includes a lane filled with different spices.

Throughout your tour, you'll taste different foods beloved to the Greeks. You'll try extra virgin olive oils, thyme honey, cheeses from various parts of the country, cured meats, olives, and more. In Plaka, the oldest part of Athens, discover the juxtaposition of history and modernity in a neighborhood that is always evolving. Here, you'll enjoy lunch in a traditional tavern set at the base of the Acropolis.

In the evening, don't miss the elegant neighborhood of Kolonaki, home to numerous wine bars and a range of high-quality restaurants.

Day 3: Take the Ferry to Mykonos - Stroll its Charming Neighborhoods

The Colorful Neighborhood of Little Venice
The Colorful Neighborhood of Little Venice

Enjoy an early breakfast before starting your journey to the beautiful island of Mykonos, via a 40-minute fast ferry. Mykonos, a cosmopolitan island, is renowned for its white-and-blue-architecture and amazing beaches, plus upscale restaurants and a vibrant nightlife.

Settle into your accommodation and head out to explore this gorgeous island. Suggested activities include:

  • Spend some time exploring the Cycladic architecture of the beautiful town of Mykonos with the famous hillside windmills.

  • Stroll through Little Venice, an 18th-century neighborhood where colorful, former captains' mansions and seaside restaurants seem to come straight up from the sea. 

  • If you need to get your toes in the sand immediately, head to the remote Agios Sostis beach to find your own isolated paradise.

In the afternoon, relax in your private pool and watch the sun setting into the sea. Discuss dinner options with your hosts, as there is an array of high-class restaurants, bars, and cafes in the main town.

Day 4: Relax at World-Famous Beach Clubs in Posh Mykonos

The Hilltop Windmills of Mykonos
The Hilltop Windmills of Mykonos

Today is all about relaxing in the luxury that Mykonos has to offer, which is easy to find considering the island's unparalleled beauty, white-sand beaches, and turquoise waters.

Your driver will pick you up after a leisurely morning, so take your time enjoying breakfast and the pool. You'll be transferred to the beach club of your choice. Your options include:

  • Psarrou: This world-famous beach attracts all the posh jet setters and features the Nammos cosmopolitan restaurant and club. Arrive early or make a reservation to secure a front-row umbrella and sunbed.

  • Panormos: Another famous club featured in Vanity Fair, Panormos is home to the popular Principote restaurant. It's elegant yet unpretentious, set in a perfect location protected from the wind.

  • Elia: This club definitely gets points for its beauty and aesthetic. It also offers excellent sunbeds, umbrellas, services with drinks and foods, and decent prices. Elia has one of the longest seashores, with fine, white sand and amazing sea views.

  • Kalo Livadi: This gorgeous little beach is set on the east side of Mykonos. It's much quieter than the party beaches, but keep in mind that the sand is very pebbly. It's a great choice if you hope to swim, as the water is almost always warm and calm.

  • Platis Gialos: This club is a classic, offering a great environment, good food, clean water, and some of the best music in the area.

In the late afternoon, head back to your hotel to enjoy more relaxation by the pool or in your room. Then it's time to hit the town! You can't miss the incredible nightlife in Mykonos, as it's some of the best in the world.

Plan your trip to Greece
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Day 5: Explore Mykonos by Foot and With a Sunset Cruise

The Colorful Balconies of Little Venice
The Colorful Balconies of Little Venice

In the morning, take a stroll through the narrow streets of Mykonos' historic center and enjoy the traditional white and blue houses. Stop into quaint cafes and shops to taste Mykonian delicacies or purchase some local art. Don't miss the chance to visit the renowned Mykonos windmills and walk through famous the Little Venice neighborhood.

After meandering Mykonos by foot, get ready to enjoy it by sea. In the afternoon, you'll board a luxury cruise that sets sail around the island, offering incredible views of Little Venice and Mykonos Old Town. You'll drop anchor to watch the dreamy sunset over the ocean, islands, and distant shoreline.

While watching the sun set over the Aegean Sea, sit back and enjoy drinks and fine snacks in an elegant and relaxed atmosphere. You'll return to Mykonos in time for dinner and a nightcap in the buzzy old town.

Day 6: Travel to Naxos and Enjoy its Unspoiled Charm

The Port of Naxos Chora
The Port of Naxos Chora

Enjoy your final breakfast in beautiful Mykonos and prepare for today's journey to another island, Naxos. You'll arrive either by ferry or plane. Settle into your accommodation and then explore this gorgeous island.

Discover the main town, where you can shop and admire the Venetian architecture, a historic Kastro (castle) area, and expansive beaches, the island offers opportunities for both laid-back relaxation, as well as water or land activities. The rest of the day is yours to unwind as you choose.

If you prefer something a bit more pastoral, Naxos is also known for its rich agricultural industry. Pay a visit to a cheese-producing facility or a local distillery to sample the famous local kitron liqueur.

For dinner, wander up the hill through the streets of the Kastro neighborhood to pick out your favorite of the area's tavernas, where you can sample the island's fresh produce in its best form.

Day 7: Relax on The White-Sand Beaches of Naxos

The Long Sandy Beaches of Naxos
The Long Sandy Beaches of Naxos

Naxos is the perfect island to spend a day relaxing and enjoying the beach. With smaller crowds than its Cycladic neighbors, Naxos makes it easy to find your own slice of paradise, whether you want privacy or a more lively scene.

When searching for the perfect beach, note that if it's labled "organized," then most likely it has sunbeds and umbrellas available to rent, and a plentiful choice of restaurants. Agios Georgios is the closest beach to the main town and generally filled with families enjoying the shallow waters.

Neighboring beaches Agia Anna and Agios Prokopios also have plenty of amenities along their sandy coasts, but with enough shoreline that you'll be able to enjoy your own space.

The more isolated beaches of the southwest coast—including Plaka, Mikri Vigla, and cedar-lined Aliko—are some of the best on the island. They're farther out from the main town, but your travel will be rewarded with quieter sands and scenic surroundings.

After returning to your hotel, enjoy a relaxed stroll along the Naxos harbor as the sun melts into the sea. In the evening, spend your night at the buzzy bars in Naxos Old Town and taste the famous cocktails made by Naxian products.

Day 8: Indulge in the Food and Culture of Naxos

The Quaint Streets of Naxos
The Quaint Streets of Naxos

Today's excursion is very special, as it includes arguably the best local produce and food in the Cyclades.

Your local guide will take you to various locations on the island of Naxos, creating a palette of tastes and inviting you to create your own food map of Naxos. Kindaros, Apeiranthos, Kaloxylos, Chalki, and Naxos Town are some of the meeting points with traditional, local producers. You'll stroll, taste, and cook some of the most famous Naxian dishes, including:

- Traditional Greek coffee with dessert served in a private home in Kaloxylos 
- Several different cheeses at Filoti
- Beloved local recipes while strolling around the village of Apeiranthos
- Citron liqueur at the distillery in the village of Chalki

After filling you stomach with amazing Greek foods, treats, and drinks, you'll take a relaxed stroll in Chora, stopping at a kafeneio and enjoying a snack with a drink. Now that you have tasted everything, you'll be able to choose your dinner wisely!

Day 9: Transfer to Santorini - Explore

The Gorgeous Island of Santorini at Night
The Gorgeous Island of Santorini at Night

Enjoy breakfast at your accommodation before boarding the super-fast, 1-hour ferry to the amazing island of Santorini.

As you approach Santorini, you'll spot the famous Caldera—the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in history—which rises above the sea in a crescent shape. As the sun rises, it will color the cliff-side and its cubic architecture in a golden glow.

After settling into your hotel, you can observe the views of the small volcanic islands that formed less than a century ago. Apart from the Caldera, the island's volcanic history has led to the formation of some of the most unique beaches in the Greek Islands.

Other activities include:

  • Spend the rest of your day relaxing on one of Santorini's many beaches. Both Kamari and Perivolos are excellent choices, connected the Black Beach on the east side of the island.

  • Catch some stunning views and get a little exercise on one of Santorini’s scenic walking routes, which range from two to eight miles (3 - 13 km). 

  • Sample Santorini's signature cherry tomatoes and white eggplants, or some of the amazing seafood dishes offered on the island.

In the afternoon, relax at your private pool and watch the sun set over the Aegean Sea next to breath-taking views of the Caldera. Then head out to one of the many high-class restaurants in the main town.

Day 10: Discover the Incredible Towns of Santorini

Incredible Views of Oia
Incredible Views of Oia

Today's focus is exploring all that Santorini has to offer. You'll start in Fira, the capital of Santorini, where you can stroll the narrow streets, admire the Cycladic houses, browse boutiques, and enjoy the peek-a-boo views of the Caldera. Next you’ll head to Oia, a postcard-perfect village with whitewashed facades and pastel-hued houses. Lose yourself in Oia’s winding streets while ducking under picturesque bougainvillea archways.

After exploring Oia, you'll walk to the Prophet Elias Monastery, which offers some of the most spectacular views of Santorini, as it’s the island’s highest point. You'll get a glimpse of a monk's daily routine and explore this exquisite monastery.

Next, you'll head to the villages of Pyrgos and Megalochori. Pyrgos is a quaint, inland town with incredible views and an iconic castle. Megalochori will make you feel like you're in a time capsule, as it oozes tradition and feels like little has changed over the years.

Today's final stop is Venetsanos winery, where you'll indulge in a three-glass wine tasting overlooking the captivating caldera vista. You'll get to know the winery and learn all about the history of wine production in Santorini. End the day by watching one of Santorini's epic sunsets.

Day 11: Enjoy a Catamaran Sunset Cruise with a BBQ

Swim in the Therapeutic Hot Springs
Swim in the Therapeutic Hot Springs

Santorini is shaped by the volcanic eruptions of its past, which created the amazing Caldera, its lagoon, and the small volcanic islets. The most intense eruption was known as the Minoan eruption, occurring in the mid 2nd millennium BCE. It created the island's current geography and was felt around the ancient world. 

In the early afternoon, join a semi-private catamaran cruise, which is one of the most magnificent ways to admire the natural beauty of Santorini.

You'll be transferred from your hotel to Vlychada Port, where your cruise will depart. On the cruise, you'll enjoy the following:

  • Visits to the Red Beach where you can swim and snorkel, as well as the White beach, the Venetian Lighthouse, and the Indian Rock.
  • The surreal rock formations and the 'lunar' landscape of the island.
  • A hot springs for a therapeutic bath, soaking in the sulphur-infused, yellow-tinted waters.
  • Santorini's village landscapes, including Oia, Fira, Imerovigli, and Akrotiri.
  • Mesa Pigadia, Santorini's well-kept secret.
  • Freshly-prepared Greek food and BBQ onboard.

Day 12: Depart Greece via Athens

Santorini's Amazing Sunsets
Santorini's Amazing Sunsets

Enjoy your final breakfast in beautiful Santorini, taking in the breath-taking Caldera views from your private balcony.

Then a private driver will transfer you to the airport to catch a 45-minute-flight to Athens. From there, you'll head home or to your next destination.