Luxury knows no bounds with this opulent 10-day Moroccan escapade. This curated journey embraces the buzz of Marrakesh before winding through the High Atlas to Imlil. Embrace the peace of the mountains before descending to the surreal Agafay Desert. Finally, escape to the coast at Essaouira, where fresh sea breezes and a cooking class await. Throughout the voyage, you'll stay at 5-star hotels and riads and enjoy exclusive tours, workshops, and experiences.


  • Stay exclusively in luxury 5-star hotels, riads, and resorts
  • Venture into the tranquil High Atlas mountains at Imlil
  • Ride a camel through the vast expanse of the Agafay Desert
  • Seek adventure with a hot-air balloon flight over Marrakesh
  • Enjoy a private culinary class and spa treatments

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Marrakesh, Dine at Chez Moha Marrakesh
Day 2 Dar El Bacha Coffee House, Tour Marrakesh Marrakesh
Day 3 Sunrise Hot-Air Balloon Ride, Le Jardin Secret & Dar Menebhi Palace Marrakesh
Day 4 Transfer to Imlil & High Atlas Mountains Imlil
Day 5 Berber Trails Walk, Dining at Tamadot Kasbah Imlil
Day 6 Transfer to Agafay Desert via Ourika Valley, Camel Ride Agafay
Day 7 Transfer to Essaouira, La Madada Dining Experience Essaouira
Day 8 Tour Essaouira, Le Salon Oriental Essaouira
Day 9 Private Cooking Workshop at Madada Atelier, Relax at So Spa Essaouira
Day 10 Transfer to Marrakesh, Depart  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Marrakesh, Dine at Chez Moha

Marrakesh's Koutoubia Mosque is an icon of the city

Welcome to Morroco! Your luxury vacation begins with a seamless arrival and immigration journey through Marrakesh airport. A personal chauffeur will greet you for your private transfer to one of Marrakesh's most prestigious riads, the Mandarin Oriental. Set among 49 acres (20 ha) of landscaped, fragrant gardens with the snowcapped Atlas mountains providing a stunning backdrop, this hotel is the ultimate in 5-star luxury. The gardens feature more than 100,000 rose bushes, and you'll find 54 riad-style villas with private pools dotted throughout the grounds.

Your introduction to the complex and comforting flavors of Moroccan cuisine begins this evening at Dine Chez Moha. One of Morocco's most celebrated chefs, Moha Fedal, is known for his innovative approach to traditional Moroccan cuisine. Meticulously crafted dishes showcase the finest ingredients with impeccable presentation and attention to detail.

Day 2: Dar El Bacha Coffee House, Tour Marrakesh

Awakening the Senses: A Morning Delight at Dar El Bacha Coffee House
The exquisite interiors of Dar El Bacha Coffee House
Dar El Bacha Coffee is a historic haven that pays homage to Marrakesh's deep-rooted coffee culture. Dating back to the illustrious 15th-century Saadi Dynasty, coffee quickly became a beloved beverage among Marrakesh's inhabitants and has continued to hold a significant place in the city's social fabric ever since. If you have an interest in coffee, incredible architecture, or historic palaces, a visit to Dar El Bacha is a must. Here you'll experience five-star service while savoring your coffee with cake.
After your caffeine hit, you'll explore a whirlwind of sights, sounds, and scents in Marrakesh with a local guide. Your private half-day tour starts in the heart of the city at Jemaa el-Fna. The central square comes alive every evening with an energetic show of snake charmers, storytellers, and street vendors. Explore the colorful medina and its maze of streets. Watch artisans at work and explore vibrant textiles, aromatic spices, ornate jewelry, and leather goods. Visit the Koutoubia Mosque, then explore the 19th-century Bahia Palace, with its stunning courtyards and gardens.

Day 3: Sunrise Hot-Air Balloon Ride, Le Jardin Secret & Dar Menebhi Palace

Le Jardin Secret is one of the largest, oldest palaces in the Marrakesh medina
Plan your trip to Morocco
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Witness the desert landscape of Marrakesh from above with an exclusive hot-air balloon ride this morning. Despite the early wake-up call, it's worth it to see the sunrise over the red desert. The serene atmosphere created by the pastel colors, soft lighting, and crisp early-morning air offers a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city. Admire the stunning scenery as the Koutoubia Mosque and the High Atlas mountains become miniature marvels in the distance. A traditional Moroccan breakfast awaits you on the ground, bringing you back to earth.

Later, step into a world of tranquility at the Le Jardin Secret (The Secret Garden). Tucked away in the medina, this peaceful oasis brims with lush greenery and timeless charm. Appreciate the traditional Moroccan design with water features, verdant flora, and colorful tiles and mosaics, and linger at the café. Then, explore the opulent halls, intricate designs, and rich history of Dar Menebhi Palace, which offers a glimpse at the royal lifestyle of Morocco's past. With the help of your private guide, you'll appreciate the top tier of Moroccan artistry and traditional handicrafts that fill every room.

Day 4: Transfer to Imlil & High Atlas Mountains

Imlil is best known as a base for trekkers and mountaineers
Imlil is best known as a base for trekkers and mountaineers

Today a private driver will take you from the buzzing city to the tranquility of the mountains at Imlil, a 90-minute drive away. On your journey deep into the High Atlas, you'll pass through the Asni Valley, famous for its apple, walnut, almond, and peach trees, and gaze over snowy summits as you take in the beauty of the Tahnaout Valley. Wind through the Moulay Brahim Gorge into the heart of Toubkal National Park.

Admire the views of rugged peaks, sweeping valleys, and traditional mud-brick Berber villages before you arrive at Imlil. Enjoy a glass of mint tea with your guide and learn about how Imlil has become a popular base for hikers exploring the area. Continue to the award-winning 5-star Tamadot Kasbah, your home for the next two nights. Seek respite and relaxation within the grounds of this beautiful luxury hotel, and rest up ahead of tomorrow's adventures.

Day 5: Berber Trails Walk, Dining at Tamadot Kasbah

Berber Trails and Alpine Beauty
The beautiful mountain landscapes of Toubkal National Park

Wake up surrounded by the beauty of Toubkal National Park. Begin your day with a leisurely stroll through the lush grounds of Tamadot Kasbah, a peaceful haven with panoramic views. After breakfast, join a private guide for a short hike through the national park. Traverse narrow mountain paths, breathe in crisp mountain air, and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the wild. As you walk, you might meet members of the warm local Berber community.

Later, return to the kasbah for a delicious Moroccan lunch, then spend the afternoon at the luxurious hammam spa. As the day draws to a close, sit down for a sumptuous feast beneath the starry sky, by the pool, on the terrace, or somewhere private just for you. The kitchen grows a lot of produce in the gardens around the kasbah, so you'll taste the freshest Moroccan cuisine and fusion dishes. 

Day 6: Transfer to Agafay Desert via Ourika Valley, Camel Ride

Settle into your luxury tent in the barren and rocky Agafay Desert 

Swap the tranquility of the mountains for the barren landscapes of the Agafay Desert, a two-hour transfer away. You'll pass through the Ourika Valley, known for its waterfalls, and stop for a short 90-minute guided trek to explore one of them. Next, you'll meet local Berber women who extract oil from the argan nut before visiting a traditional Berber home to learn more about the Indigenous people of this area and enjoy a delicious lunch. As you eat and speak with the family, enjoy spectacular views over the Sidi Fares Valley from their terrace.

Finally, you'll reach the unique, stone Agafay Desert where your 5-star luxury desert camp, the White Camel Lodge, awaits with a warm welcome of mint tea. After settling in, you'll mount a camel for a rhythmic ride through the arid, rocky plateau. Experience complete serenity and a beautiful sunset far away from the busy city. You'll return to camp in time for a traditional Moroccan dinner and campfire under the stars.

Day 7: Transfer to Essaouira, La Madada Dining Experience

 Spend your afternoon around the Heure Bleue Palais rooftop pool

Essaouira, often referred to as the "White Pearl," awaits you with its coastal charm and vibrant atmosphere. This city has a long history of diverse influences, from Indigenous Berbers and Phoenicians to Romans, and today it's a hub for the artsy and young surfer crowd. You'll take a comfortable 2.5-hour private transfer from your desert camp to the coastal city. Check into the 5-star Heure Bleue Palais, a traditional Moroccan riad. This historic home is your tranquil oasis. Spend the afternoon at the heated rooftop pool, or book yourself in for a hammam spa experience.

Lose yourself in the narrow streets of the medina, where vibrant shops and bustling souks offer a treasure trove of traditional products and local crafts and venture down to the beach to catch sea breezes and relax on the golden sands. Later this evening, you'll join a luxury dining experience at La Madada. The menu is a true celebration of Moroccan cuisine, so savor every bite while you enjoy warm hospitality and live music.

Day 8: Tour Essaouira, Le Salon Oriental

The town of Essaouira
Defensive 18th-century walls protect Essaouira's seafront

Explore Essaouira with a knowledgeable private guide, starting at the clock tower in the fortified medina, which covers an impressive 75 acres (30 ha). Visit the Jewish Mellah, admire the Skala de la Kasbah fortress, stroll along ancient ramparts, discover the Orson Welles Garden, and immerse yourself in the hectic souk. Visit the bustling port, where fishermen skillfully unload their daily catch and traditional blue boats dot the harbor. Throughout, your private guide will share historical anecdotes and bring Essaouira's stories to life.

This evening you'll sit down by the seafront at Le Salon Oriental for a fine dining experience with calm coastal views. The chef likes to innovate and tell stories by using local ingredients, such as Essaouira lobster, sardines, and argan oil, to elevate traditional Moroccan fare.

Day 9: Private Cooking Workshop at Madada Atelier, Relax at So Spa

Essaouira's Culinary Delights: Cooking Workshop at Madada Atelier
Discover the secrets of Moroccan cuisine with an exclusive cooking class at Madada Atelier

After more than a week of eating spice-infused Moroccan cuisine, it's time to join an immersive cooking workshop. At Madada Atelier, an expert Moroccan chef will guide you through the secrets of local ingredients, aromatic spices, and authentic cooking methods. Visit a local market to select the best ingredients, then return to the kitchen to learn how to make your favorite classic dishes, such as tajines, couscous, pastilla, and fragrant salads. After the session, you'll sit down in the garden to savor a delicious lunch with drinks.

Afterward, step into a realm of pure bliss at SO Spa, nestled within the luxurious grounds of Sofitel Essaouira. Choose from a curated selection of treatments designed to restore harmony and balance to your mind, body, and spirit. Relax and enjoy the outdoor pool, soaking up fresh coastal breezes and the lush gardens of the resort. 

Day 10: Transfer to Marrakesh, Depart

Essaouira to Marrakech Airport
Take a final stroll along Essaouira's seafront before your transfer to Marrakesh
As your Moroccan adventure draws to a close, enjoy a comfortable and convenient three-hour private transfer from Essaouira to Marrakesh airport, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey. Sit back and relax as you pass the stunning landscapes and contemplate your luxurious two-week journey. Safe travels!

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Map of Morocco Luxury Escape: Marrakesh, Imlil, Agafay & Essaouira - 10 Days
Map of Morocco Luxury Escape: Marrakesh, Imlil, Agafay & Essaouira - 10 Days