Planning to visit Nepal by yourself? You may be flying solo, but you won't be alone—Nepal is a popular destination for solo travelers, and great options are available whether you want to join a small group tour or hire a private guide. Before planning your adventure, read on to learn what to expect when booking a guided solo trip to Nepal through kimkim.

Kimkim's local Nepal specialists love to help our solo travelers plan unforgettable trips—but before getting started, it’s helpful to keep the following in mind.

Kimkim trips in Nepal are guided trips.

All kimkim trips in Nepal are guided. There are several reasons for this, including:

  • Access to great local insight from your guide, making your trip more fulfilling than if you'd traveled on your own
  • By employing a guide (which is quite affordable in Nepal) you help to support the local economy
  • Your safety and security are in great hands with our partner's licensed and well-trained guides

You can read more details about the role of your guides in this article.

If you prefer to explore Nepal without a guide, we unfortunately will not be able to help you plan and book your trip. Even if you don't decide to book with us, we have plenty of in-depth Nepal travel content for you to enjoy.

Kimkim Offers 2 Options for Guided Solo Travel: Private Trips & Small Group Tours

Kimkim supports trips for solo travelers in Nepal in two different formats. Private, guided trips and small, guided group tours are both available—what works best for you?

Private guided trips

Many of our solo travelers in Nepal opt to travel alone with a guide, rather than join a small group tour. This allows for maximum flexibility and lets you explore Nepal the way you prefer. 

Cost for a private guided tour typically ranges from US $120-$200 per day, depending on the kind of trip (for example, trek vs cultural tour) and the desired level of accommodation. Private tours can be arranged throughout the year, and they're an especially great bet for trekkers and other travelers heading to Nepal outside of peak season, when group tours may no longer be operating.

Small group tours

Some of our specialists offer small group tours, mostly for treks. This can be a great option for solo travelers as it helps reduce cost and lets you enjoy your Nepal experience with likeminded travelers and a guide. Group sizes can vary but are usually limited to 8 travelers.

Prices vary from $100-$130 per person, per day for the trek portion of your trip. Most group departures are concentrated during Nepal's two main trekking seasons: Spring (March-May) and Fall (October-November). If you're traveling outside the peak seasons, your best bet is usually a private guided trip. 

Some of the treks that offer group departures include the Manaslu Circuit Trek, Three Passes Trek, and Everest Base Camp Trek—you can find exact prices and dates at the links provided. Please let your specialist know whether a private guided trip or small group tour works best for you!