Family Folk Museum Tour & Lunch near Corinth

Photo from MAMAKITA
Experience the world of traditional Greek folklife with a visit to an old winery-turned-museum. Under the gaze of Acrocorinth Hill, you'll find the remains of a traditional wine press that was once a staple in every Greek home. This winery transformed into an experiential museum where you can explore traditional Greek professions and life in the old times.

Your guide Elena will lead you through a kid-friendly and interactive tour of the museum's three exhibition rooms. Housed in a traditional late-19th-century Greek home, you'll get a glimpse of how people lived in the Greek countryside. You'll first visit the main room, with a traditional kitchen and fireplace.

In the second room, observe various crafts from local artisans and traditional professions, including a blacksmith, carpenter, and weaver. The third room is the home's cellar, where you can taste the museum’s wine and other local varieties. Depending on the season, you can also try Tsipouro, a strong and aromatic drink.

After your tour, head to the garden and help collect vegetables and fruit, plus eggs from the chickens. Your host will serve you a light traditional meal made from local ingredients. If you need a pick-me-up, enjoy a Greek coffee served traditionally with dessert and good conversation.

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