Family-Friendly Hike at Tinos Stones

Photo from MAMAKITA
Explore the unique, lunar-like landscape of Tinos Island with the whole family! This easy hike takes you to the villages of Volax and Falatados, where you'll find massive round boulders from millions of years ago.

Starting in Volax, you'll stroll through the rocks and make your way toward Exomvourgo Hill to admire the Venetian fortress. The townspeople of Volax were famous basket weavers, and many still practice the craft today. While walking through the streets, watch for weavers or artisans selling baskets, many made of bamboo, willow, and osier shoots.

Continue through the Tinian countryside to Falatados and three other villages, Steni, Mesi, and Kathliaros. Along the way, your guide will lead you past dovecotes, watermills, and a medieval Catholic village with arches and traditional houses. Wander through the town's narrow alleys and climb the stone steps to access different levels and views.

The route is cyclical, so you'll return to Volax in time to enjoy an optional picnic lunch amongst the rocks. Savor some of the island's local products and traditional foods, including meats, cheeses, fresh produce, and a few treats for the kids.

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