Hike the Villages of Tinos

Discover the geologically significant, lunar-like scenery of Tinos Island. This hiking tour takes you through historic towns and the Tinian countryside to explore granite rocks, marble creations, and medieval villages. You'll start in Volax, a unique landscape with a large scattering of enormous and perfectly round granite rocks. According to geologists, the rocks originated on the seafloor some millions of years ago.

As you stroll through the rocks, you'll make your way toward Exomvourgo Hill to admire the Venetian fortress. Here you'll find a small hamlet reminiscent of the famous galactic village of Asterix. The townspeople here were famous basket weavers, and many still practice the craft today. While walking through the streets, keep an eye out for weavers or artisans selling baskets, many made of bamboo, willow, and osier shoots.

After leaving Volax, you'll start a moderate hike through the Tinian countryside. Your guide will lead you along a route, passing marble dovecotes, watermills, and a medieval Catholic village with arches and traditional houses. Wander through the town's narrow alleys and climb the stone steps to access different levels and views.

Finish your hiking tour at Kolimbithra Beach for a refreshing swim and some free time to relax. Then, enjoy lunch in the picturesque town of Kalloni. Fill your belly at a traditional tavern, savoring froutalia (Greek omelet), roast beef with tomato sauce, local cheese, louza (dried spiced pork), and more.

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