15 days in Colombia with Camino Verde Trek

  A couple visited Colombia in November 2017

“We want t fly into Bogota on November 23 and leave from Cartagena on December 9. We like outdoor adventure and ecosystems along with a little culture. Love to hike and ski. We live in a ski town in USA.”

Jules Domine, a local specialist from Colombia, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary based on Colombian Adventure: Summit to River - 9 Days.

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Relaxing Colombian Culture and Adventures

Day 1: Welcome to Colombia !
Day 2: Stroll the Capital & fly to Medellin
Day 3: Rio Verde Expedition & Finca nigth
Day 4: Camino Verde Trek - Day 1
Day 5: Camino Verde Trek - Day 2
Day 6: Camino Verde Trek - Day 3
Day 7: Medellín City Discovery and drive to Jardin
Day 8: Taparto waterfall hike & Jardin
Day 9: Jardin stroll & fly to Santa Martha
Day 10: Santa Martha coast exploration
Day 11: Tyrona Park Trek
Day 12: Magdalena River Delta & Coast Drive to Cartagena
Day 13: Free day in Cartagena - with our recommendation
Day 14: Free day in Cartagena-With our recommendation
Day 15: Fly out

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Hi Ruth ! Nice to meet you, my name is Jules. Welcome to Kimkim!

I have been living and guiding in Colombia for over 6 years now, but I was born in the french alps and spend years in BC. I really identified to what you mentioned in your trip description and it's a pleasure to help like minded people discover Colombia!

The Summit to River trip is really great in the way that you start by trekking in the Paramos (high altitude tropical ecosystem) and walking on glaciers, to paddling though lush canyon Jungle. The distance that separates the trekking part form the Rafting is only 5-6 hours, and you can choose to spend more time near Manizales ( end of the trek), because it's the coffee region, or in Medellin and her surrounding, for the culture in the city, or for the countless outdoor adventure you can do near by.

As you mentioned, it's a great options to go spend a few days on the Caribbean coast to end the holidays! 
Cartagena is good for night life, romantic walks on the old walls, sun set dinners and sailing. 
Santa Martha is great for more adventurous stuff, such as trekking, and also very intersting cultural experiences. The Cienaga Grande de Santa Martha (Delta of the Rio Magdalena) is a special place to visit ( Boat though Mangrove, visit the delta, the birds are amazing, the villages on floats...). There is also countless Archaeological sites.

If you want to make most of the trip, and depending on what you prefer, you could imagine or :

Fly to Santa Martha, Visit Minca, nigth at Tyronaka Lodge. 
Trek in Tyrona park, return to SAnta Martha 
Cienaga boat expedition and drive to Cartagena 
Free day in Cartagena, Sunset sail to end the trip :)


Fly to Cartagena, visit the city and the walls 
2 day sailing trip to the near by islands 
Free day to relax and fly out

I hope this gives you a bit of panorama en what is possible.Theses are off course just suggestions, please feel free to let me know what's more your style.

So if you would like to fly to Medellin on the 23 rd of November, I can happily arrange a trip for you two.

The Santa Isabel trek and the Rio verde Rafts are the main component of the trip, and then the Coast. Maybe you can let me know what you think regarding the coast, and if you feel like changing something to the Summit to River trip.

Also, if you don't mind telling me what type of hotels or lodging you enjoy, that will help me make suggestions.

Once I have theses information in hand, I will be happy to send you a trip itinerary and we can start organizing for your arrival. Since your trip is soon, I'll make sure to respond quickly to your message !

I look forward in hearing back from you.

Have a great evening!



Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. As I checked flights last night I 
found that it was much better for us to fly into Bogota instead of Medellin 
and out of Cartagena which I expect would change the itinerary. A 2-day 
rafting trip, is great. A few day treks and relaxing at the end with a 
sailing trip for 2 days but Tyrona Park and lodge looks great as well. If 
we could get a night or two in Medellin with a day exploring the city. 
Which of those two options do you like better?

We'd like moderate quaint accommodations w character. I think you call 
that 3 star. If there is something fantastic that is a little more in a 
place or two we would consider that as well.

I know I'm all over the map but each place I read about sounds fantastic. 
I'm open to your thoughts.

I also think it would be nice to base out of nice Colonial town for 3-4 
nights. We want to experience the jungle for a day or two on the water but 
like temperate weather, at higher elevations.

I just sent you a trip proposal following what we had talked about on WhatsApp!

It's a very diverse trip! You will get the best of Colombia, while staying mostly in the country side and off the main tourist attractions. Please let me know your thoughts.

Depending on your preferences, you might want to make sure the last day is not too packed, with coming back to land right before your flight. It might be a good idea to take the morning of the 8 Th. to relax before flying home.

If that is the case, and you really want to do the sail boat overnight, you might have to cut out a day somewhere...

I really look forward to hear back from you, and I will be online now until Friday! Feel free to reach out anytime !

Have a good evening,

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