4 or 5 day near Bogota, Medallin, Cali, or northern Peru

  Traveler visited Colombia in June 2017

“I would like to do a 4 or 5 day trek the last week of June 2017 in nature in the area around Bogota, Medallin, Cali, northern Peru, or the west coast of Colombia.

My ideal dates would be to begin the trek on the 26th, 27th or 28th of June, and finish at the beginning of July.

I am a solo traveler, and am looking to meet new people and enjoy the natural beauty. I have been to Colombia before, and last year I did the Machu Picchu trek in Peru, which is why I am looking for another trek. I absolutely loved it. I went with the company Peru Treks based out of Cuzco, and they were excellent. I want to go with a company that treats and pays their porters well, and one that also is not super competitive (how fast they are trying to complete each day's journey).”

Tara Davis, a local specialist from Colombia, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Trekking Santa Isabel and Camino Verde

Day 1: Arrive in Medellin
Day 2: Meet in Medellin and start your Camino Verde trek
Day 3: Trekk
Day 4: Reach Argelia
Day 5: Move to Manizales
Day 6: Get into the paramos
Day 7: Santa Isabel
Day 8: Final hike

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Alex Buri
Hi, nice to hear you're heading back to Colombia for the second year in a row. Did you have a good trip around Tayrona?

I'll bring in Jules, one of our local specialists, based in Medellin to see if he has a few ideas. He runs an outdoor adventure company that focuses on rafting and hiking trips in the region. Stay tuned.

Thank you, Alex (and Jules). I've done some more research, and I'd love to do one of the hikes in Los Nevados. There seem to be 3 (that I've found) that are either 3 days and 2 nights or 6 days/5 nights. I prefer the highland/mountain treks. Please let me know as soon as possible if there is space for 1 person, and if so, how I would get to the launching off city and where to fly in and out of (Medallin or Bogota). Thank you, again! 

Jules Domine
Hi, Nice to meet you, this is Jules. I have been living and guiding in Colombia for the past 6 years, and I love your idea of hiking in los Nevados.

My Company, Expedition Colombia, offers an incredible trip to the Laguna Otun, and to the Summit of The Santa Isabel.

Aslo, close to Medellin, and more into a jungly setting, I would recommend the " Camino Verde " a 3 day trek into the heart of the Colombian Jungle, though pristine valleys and across cristal clear rivers ( not may people know this place, let alone trekking guides and foreigners, this is truly off the beaten path).

This trek is Amazing for the views and for learning about the Fauna and Flora, but is is also a unique insight on the Rural Colombia lifestyle.

We stay with campesino, share their food and house, learn about how they make a living in the jungle ( Cacao farming ) and most of all how welcoming and nice they are! In my opinon, Colombian people are the best thing there is in Colombia :)

I mentioned theses 2 treks, because they are relatively close by, and extremely complementary. From tropical rainforest to the ice, you would enjoy discovering 5 unique ecosystems and incredibly diverse ambiances.

best for you would be to fly to Medellin, where we could take you directly to Camino Verde ( 1 hour drive to the trail head). If you prefer to start by Santa Isabel, better to get in to Manizales.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you would like, I'm happy to help you make the most out of your visit to Colombia !

Hello Jules! Wonderful! Thank you so much for getting back to me so promptly! Both treks look great! So a couple of questions - are you saying I could do BOTH treks back to back? If so, can you please instruct me on how I would do that/tell you which dates I want to go. Also, since I am alone, I was hoping to hike with/meet a few more people. Is this possible? Or would it just be me and a guide. Please let me know how flexible the dates are so I can tell you when I'd like to go (ideally last week of June). Thank you again for your response! 

Jules Domine
Yes, you can do them both Back to Back !

First fly to Medellin, and do the Verde trek, 3 days. Then return to Medellin, rest for a night and fly to Manizales. From there, make your way by 4*4 to the high altitude hostel La LAGUNA. Spend the night and go for the 3 day trek to the summit and back down.

For the Verde trekk, you will be with Erwin, our trusted hiking guide. There is no departure for groups yet, but if you open the date, we will book more people on it and you can meet and enjoy great company.

For the Santa Isabel, you can meet with our group in Manizales!!

Basiclly, we can arrange the Verde Trek from Medellin and back, then you get to Manizales on your own and we organize the Santa Isabel via Laguna Otun from Manizales and back to Manizales.

As of today, we have no set departure for the last week of June, because our trips normally book up about a month in advance. When we set a departure though, they always have minimum 4 to 6 person and we often have to refuse people so It's not going to be a problem, especially for Santa Isabel, witch we run every week ends.

If you would like to reserve, I think best days are 19 to 21 of June, Verde and 23 to 25 Santa Isabel. We only Run Santa Isabel on week ends, so you can choose witch one if later is better for you!

Let me know your thoughts, I'm happy to answer any more questions you have too!


Hi Jules,

This is so exciting! Thank you so much for this information. So with the Santa Isabel trek, I would want one weekend later: June 30-July 2. So would I be able to do the Verde Trek the few days before (26-28 or 27-29)? My next question is price. Can you either tell me the prices of each trek so I can ensure I can do both or direct me to which website I should view so I can read more about the treks? Are they about equal in difficulty, or is one more difficult than the other? Finally, do you recommend acclimatization days and/or altitude pills before doing the Verde Trek, or is it not that high? Thank you again for your responses! 
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Traveler Review

I absolutely loved my (2) treks with Expediciones Colombia (in partnership with the other two companies my guides were from). To make the trip better, I would have liked to hike with others. I was alone with my guide and was hoping to make some new friends! So, that was disappointing. I'm not sure why Expediciones couldn't find more trekkers since I made the reservation months in advance for that purpose (of finding other trekkers). The trek itself and the scenery were excellent. Thank you!

Tara's emails were excellent, but I was corresponding with Jules. On the day I needed to contact him, he was held up in an area that didn't have good reception (returning from his rafting trip). It would have been helpful to have had Tara's phone number or my guide's (Erwin's number) so I could speak with someone else instead regarding packing and logistics for the following morning.