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  A couple visited Colombia in January 2017

“We would like to spend a couple of days in Bogota, a couple of days in Medellin and spend a few days in coffee triangle, for exmample in Manizales and stay at a Finca if possible. We would like to do some outdoor activities and visit a coffee farm. We like to see a cloud forest, hiking, restaurants and and include some time to relax as well.”

Jules Domine, a local specialist from Colombia, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Sonal's Trip to Colombia

Day 1: Welcome to Bogota
Day 2: Horseback Trip & Jungle Camp
Day 3: Rafting through the Jungle
Day 4: Explore Medellin & City Tour
Day 5: Visit a Coffee Plantation
Day 6: Coffee & Culture Tours
Day 7: Hiking & History
Day 8: Return to Medellin

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Great to meet you virtually! Thank Alex for putting us in touch ! I have read the conversation and I agree that for an 8 day trip, Bogotá, Medellín and Coffee région is in off and give you the time to move at the right paste ! I'm finishing a tour in the coffee region today, and will sit down in front of the computer tonight to provide you with a unique itinary and a quote! In the mean time have a wonderful Sunday ! Jules

Find bellow a proposed itinerary for your 8-days vacation in Colombia ! As mentioned earlier, the trip starts in Bogota, then moves to Medellin to end with the Coffee region. Since you have 8 days, I really reduced the transportation time to the minimum, so you can thoroughly enjoy every moments.

In the proposed Itinary, I purposly choose not to make you spend too much time in Bogota, so that you could enjoy the Hiking & rafting trip to Rio Verde. In my experience, Bogota is nice to see, but Colombia truely shines in it's villages and natural places.

For the Coffe Zone, I choose to let you discover a more off-the-beaten path region ( Andes-Jardin-Jerico) ,rather than the traditional Valley de Cocora and Manizales. January is a busy season in Colombia and thoses places may be getting a little bit more busy... But note that if you really prefer to go there, it's possible !

January 1 st :

Land in Bogota and Taxi to your hotel in " la Candelaria " the historical center of Bogota. In the Afternoon, discover, " el Museo del Oro, Museo Botero and a quick hike ot the monserate to enjoy an astonishing vista of the city at sunset !

January 2 st :

Fly to Medellin early morning, and get picked up by the Adventure team ! Make your way to San Franscio, a small village marking the entrance of the Rio SAmana Watershed. From here it's prisine jungle and crystal clear water ! Enjoy a short hike into the Canyon of the RIo Verde, where you will discover an asthonishing Bio-diversity ! Get to the river and embak on Raft for an exhilarating journey into the heart of Colombian jungle. Stop at our jungle camp ( kitchen and bathroom + Hamack or tent set up ) for the nigth, and enjoy the incredible ambiance of the place. Swim in crystal clear creeks and waterfalls, fish, pan for gold with traditional gold miner, and explore your souroundings.

Find here afew pictures of the Rio Verde, taken from the air !

[link removed]

you can also look here to give you an idea, but knowing that the porposed rafting trip is only 2 days.

January 3 st :

Enjoy a relaxing morning and head downstream for 30 kilometer of class 3 rafting, with some class 4. The river is wide and surounded by untouched wilderness ! Get to Puente Samana and return to Medellin for the nigth.

January 4 th :

City tour of Medellin, nigth in Medellin.

January 5 th :

Enjoy a seanic Ride to the coffe zone, and more precisly Andes and Jardin ( 2. 30 h). Settle in a beautifull Coffee Hacienda and take on a stroll though the coffee fields of the valley de Taparto. Reach incredible waterfall and enjoy a gourmet pick-nick by the falls. Return to the Finca riding a bike on a easy downhill dirt road !

January 6 th :

Enjoy a Coffe tour in Jardin in the morning and select bean to take home ! In the Afternoon, take a short drive to Jerico ( 1 h ), and Discover the village and it's surrounding. Optional hosrback ride. Enjoy the incredible food of the Village and spend the nigth in a realxing Hacienda.

January 7 th :

For this last day, we will head to Tamesis, and discover the Cartama culture and petroglyphs they left behind. After a Delicious Spend the nigth in " El Mirador de la Pipinta" a realxing hotel with view over the Cauca River canyon.

January 8 th :

Return to Medellin with optional walk on the forgotten train tacks, a horse back ride or a tandem paraguilder fligth. Enjoy your last moments with us and head to Rio Negro Airport for transit back to Bogota ! End of the trip.

Our trips are all included, all transports, hotels, 3 gourmet meals a day, a guide, all outdoor equipment, internal fligths, and much more.

For the pricing, you can choose from two options, witch will allows you to adapt perfectly to your expactations !

1 ) Authentic traveling :

You will be discovering Bogota on your own, with all the informations and necessary bookings in hands. A trusted driver will take you from the airport to your hotel and back. ( Food in Bogota is left at your expense, rest of the trip is included).
In Medellin our adventure team will pick you up personally from the Airport, other people will join you to share the Rio Verde jungle experience with you. We will take you to great hotels in town and enjoy with you the best local gastronomy. You will be transported in private car for the coffee zone part and your personal guide will be with you at all time.

This option give allows you to discover in an authentic way Colombia and have a little time on your own to explore Bogota !

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