Balthali Village Trek in April

  Group of 2 friends visited Nepal in April 2017

“I and a friend are beginner trekkers, but we want to experience Nepal through a trek to see its beautiful nature and mountains but in a short time as we don't have many days there.

Also, we have a few quick questions in terms of what to pack, how would the weather be at this time of year, and what elevation this trek reaches.”

Amanda Delecca, a local specialist from Nepal, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary based on Balthali Village Trek - 5 Days.

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Balthali Village Trek

Day 1: Drive to Nagarkot
Day 2: Trek to Dhulikhel
Day 3: Trek to Namobuddha
Day 4: Trek to Balthali
Day 5: Trek to Panauti – Drive to Kathmandu and departure

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Hey Reyan, thanks for getting in touch about your short trek in a couple of weeks! Great to e-meet you! :)

Short treks don't get too high so it'll be pretty warm where you are. Spring has just sprung in Kathmandu so the days are lovely and warm.

We definitely recommend that you have some warm layers with you as you never know when the weather can change or unexpected rain comes. I'll post a link below of our recommended packing list.

And some last little bits of information...

1. On trek your baggage limit is 15kg per person (this is so that we don't overload your porter, who will carry the bags of two people. 30kg may sound like quite a lot to carry, but in commercial trade porters carry up to and, in many cases, over 100kg! and get paid less than the responsible trekking companies pay. So, by comparison, this is a well paid holiday, as ridiculous as this may sound!)

2. One thing that you will find useful will be a dust mask, very simple ones are cheaply available here and will help with the traffic dust/fumes in Kathmandu. For busy trails on trek, a ‘buff’ or stretchy scarf to wrap over your nose and mouth combines well with your sunglasses and a hat! Masks and buffs are available here, but you may want to consider bringing a more high tech mask from home if you have sensitive sinus, or possibly a respiratory condition/asthma. Even getting a mild cold (often happens on trek) will aggravate your sinus, as will the cold dry air at altitude... and the dust will only make it worse.

3. Once we pick you up from the airport we'll let you know timings and plans for the following day

4. I have attached a short document with some tips about getting through the Kathmandu airport and what to expect on your arrival. Please make sure you take our contact details, just in case something unexpected happens
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Amanda was extremely helpful, the trip was very well organised and she was prompt to answer any queries we had