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  Family of 1 adult and 1 child visited Colombia in June 2017

“We will be in Colombia for a wedding, prior to the wedding we want to fly from Medellin south to the Amazon to visit the rainforest, perhaps even stay in lodgings at the rainforest and explore the wildlife.
We are looking for tours and packages that fit in during the week of June 24th to July 1st”

Jules Domine, a local specialist from Colombia, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Rainforest Adventure: Verde, Samana & Claro Rivers - 7 Days

Day 1: Depart from Medellin
Day 2: Hike/ Raft Green River (private or in group)
Day 3: Hike/Raft the Grand Canyon (private or in group)
Day 4: Rio Claro Nature Reserve Day
Day 5: Samana Raft Trip in Group
Day 6: Samana Raft Trip in Group
Day 7: Medellin Airport Drop-off

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Thanks for writing Expedition Colombia. I work closely with Jules, founder of the company based here in Medellin. Where is the wedding based? Weddings in Colombia are fantastic. Do you know how many days you'd like to travel in Medellin and how many days you'd like to explore the Amazon rainforest?

We do not do standard trips to the Amazon to Leticia as we believe it is overrun the kind of tourism development we are not interested in engaging in. We're in the position to offer exceptional and unique trips to the Amazon, working closely to indigenous communities, which require a 10 day commitment and are costly, yet truly unique and authentic. If you are interested in learning more about that option, I can provide you with further details.

We can, however, offer a truly amazing alternative: a once in a lifetime trip to a rainforest of the Samana River Canyon that is as biodiverse as the Amazon and is just a 2 1/2 hour drive from Medellin ! We recently took biologists here and they discovered several new species in 5 days. You could keep your hotel reservation on the 25th and we could pick you up there as en-route to the Samana. The Samana is a river that carves through a canyon with beautiful birds and fish.

You could start your adventure with a hike, and even a possible mule- ride with local guides down a beautiful, rainforest canyon & and then do a 3 day river rafting adventure in the jungle, which could be very fun for your daughter!

We can add other days of adventure up until July 1, including an incredible stay at a wonderful nature reserve , Rio Claro Nature Reserve :, as well as some fun hike to caves with ancient petroglyphs led by a community- run youth archaeology club in Colombia.

You have to be aware, that this trip is very authentic, and luxury lodges and gourmet food with not be available. We will be with locals, eat local, follow traditional rituals and be truly immersed in the Amazon. I have personally traveled to the location many times, and created sincere, friendly relations with the Community. The first time I visited this place, we accessed it by paddling the Caqueta river from it's source, to the Araucuara canyon ( 18 days on the river).

Also, the time of the year your are looking at can be a little rainy for this region of the Amazon.

This incredible trip starts in Villavicencio ( 3 hours away from Bogota ). We work with charter planes. Our trusted pilot will take you above the Chiribiquete mountain range into the mystical Araraucuara Canyon. The landing strip is big and well maintained (one of best airstrip of the Colombian Amazon, even big planes can land there).

Once at the location, we will cross the river by boat and set up in a small hotel. The next 2 days will be dedicated to exploring the Canyon and the surrounding by boat and foot. Fish with local fisherman, hike to the lost city ruins, discover incredible petroglifs on the canyons wall and interact with the Witoto and Antoke Tribe.

On day 4, take a boat ride to the Angostura Canyon, located 40 KM above the canyon of Araucuara.
Discover the canyon, and learn about the history of Colombia's most infamous penitentiary. Speak with a Witoto "Casique Thomas" and learn about the Rubber exploration times, and the legend of Angostura.

For day 5 and 6, take a private boat up the Rio Yari ( where one of Colombia's most famous book, "Mi alma se la dejo al diablo", was written) and dive into Colombia's most famous but unexplored national Park, the Chiribiquete. Go up river, enjoy the epic scenery, stay overnight in an indigenous community.

On day 7 fly back to Villavicencio, and finish the trip.
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