History and Culture Trip to Morocco

  Family of 2 adults and 2 children visited Morocco in July 2018

“8-13 day trip covering a selection of popular destinations in Morocco with travel to historical destinations and some focus on the lifestyle/culture and activities to have an interesting families would be great. We are not sure if covering the dessert locales in summer is a good idea - We may also do a couple days in spain before or after if the schedule permits.


Larbi Anzal, a local specialist from Morocco, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Rubina & Ishraq's Morocco Tour

Day 1: Arrival into Tanger - MED
Day 2: Chefchaouen
Day 3: Chefchaouen to Fes via Meknes and Volubilis
Day 4: Fes
Day 5: Travel Day from Fes to Merzouga (the Sahara)
Day 6: Travel Day from Merzouga to Todra to Ouarzazate
Day 7: Travel Day from Ouarzazate to Marrakech via Ait Benhaddou
Day 8: A Day in the High Atlas by Amizmiz
Day 9: Marrakech to Essaouira
Day 10: Essaouira to Casablanca
Day 11: Departure Day

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Larbi Anzal

It is very nice indeed to receive your inquiry regarding a personalised trip to Morocco for your family. It is a most colorful, lively, fascinating and stimulating country.

My name is Larbi and I am a Moroccan, born and bred. I have been working in tourism services for 18 years now. I know my country very well and can readily assist you in developing an ideal tour. You can read more about me in my Profile.

You have plenty of time to visit and explore many very contrasting areas of this vast country:-

The Imperial Cities in the north e.g. Casablanca, Fes, Meknes; very impressive.

Chefchaouen (the "Blue City") is a smaller but delightful town (also in the northern area).

Marrakech (south-central Morocco); bustling, colourful and most exciting.

The High Atlas (south-central Morocco); highly recommended for towering sceneries and Berber culture.

The Sahara (south Morocco); I would recommend the Merzouga area for splendid sand seas and traditional dance/music.

You don't say where you are entering/leaving Morocco but I will assume, for the moment, Casablanca to allow us to get the ball rolling.

Here is a rough draft of a possible itinerary for you to consider:-

Day 1 Arrive into Casablanca 
Day 2 Casablanca in the morning; afternoon to Chefchaouen 
Day 3 In Chefchaouen 
Day 4 Chefchaouen to Fes via Meknes and Volubilis 
Day 5 Fes 
Day 6 Fes to Merzouga (the Sahara, at Erg Chebbi sand sea); overnight in Bedouin tents 
Day 7 A Day in Merzouga and around <<< you could omit this day if your schedule is tight. 
Day 8 Merzouga - Todra Gorge - Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs and Ouarzazate 
Day 9 Ouarzazate, Ait Benhaddou Kasbah and Marrakech 
Day 10 In Marrakech 
Day 11 Depending on flight time, transfer to Casablanca Airport for check-in.

How does that sound? I very much hope that this appeals. But, of course, it can be tweaked and adjusted; this is just an initial proposition for you.

I look forward to learning your thoughts on the above and how, hopefully, you would like to advance you tour planning with Anzal Tours.

Once we have the framework for you ideal tour's itinerary then I can prepare a bespoke and much more informative Trip Plan, describing each day's features, sceneries and experiences.

Many thanks for your enquiry, it is very much appreciated. I hope we can work together to create a very special and memorable tour for you and your family.

Kind regards, Larbi

Thank you Larbi for the quick response. We are planning to come to Morocco after visiting Spain first. So we'll likely be entering Morocco via ferry. We have heard only good things about Morocco from friends and acquaintances who have visited - Beautiful place, beautiful people and look forward to our visit.

We did a tour of turkey a few years back with local guides / tour operators - enjoyed it very much! What you put together is a comprehensive itinerary and you have explained the breakdown of the tour well.

First glance, I am little hesitant about the desert leg of the tour since we plan to visit in summer (hot?)and we are traveling with kids. Would be interested to hear your thoughts about this leg of the tour. Also how does the pricing work? What does it include - hotels, food ?

Larbi Anzal
Thank you very much for your email and its very heartening comments, very much appreciated. It is a pleasure to work with travelers who appreciate our input in developing a bespoke and private tour, thank you.

I note your comments about the desert aspect of your tour. It can be hot in June and very hot in July.

So, let's think about other options.

I am thinking that perhaps you could miss out the Sahara (this trip - maybe you will return another time!).

In its place you could enjoy time in the cooler High Atlas and also in Essaouira, a coastal town on the Atlantic shoreline (a very pleasant fishing town with high sea defence walls, huge beach and very nice Medina).

Are you also returning to Spain? Or are you flying out from say, Marrakech or Casablanca? Knowing this will help me to better shape your itinerary.

Here is a second "stater pack" itinerary for you to consider and comment on, please:-

Day 1 Arrive into Tanger 
Day 2 Tanger to Chefchaouen 
Day 3 In Chefchaouen 
Day 4 Chefchaouen to Fes via Meknes and Volubilis 
Day 5 Fes 
Day 6 Fes to Marrakech 
Day 7 Marrakech 
Day 8 A day trip to the High Atlas with lunch in a Berber home; return to Marrakech 
Day 9 Marrakech to Essaouria 
Day 10 Essaouira (and maybe to Casablanca in the PM if you need to get the ferry out of Tanger the next day) 
Day 11 Transfer to Casablanca Airport/Tanger Ferry terminal for check-in.

This is certainly a cooler trip and with still excellent places to see/experience.

Regarding Days 10 and 11 on the above itinerary, this is flexible depending on where you are departing Morocco from. Are you able to add extra days?

It is very good to be working together like this. Please let me know how this second itinerary sounds for you. There is still a lot of possible adjustment of course.

Once we have shaped up your trip itinerary then I can prepare a much fuller Trip Plan for you with a lot of information for each day.

We provide all private ground transport with driver whilst in Morocco, all accommodation (usually on half board basis - evening meals and breakfasts), any Guides you would like and any other add-ins (e.g. a camel ride in the Marrakech Palmeries). Your Trip Plan will clearly show all inclusions/exclusions; Anzal Tours is totally transparent with its travelers - no surprises!

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards, Larbi

Definitely leaning towards doing the Sahara another time. Thank you for your insight! A trip to the high Atlas sounds great along with Essaouira. The revised itinerary gives us some time in each of the places which we definitely prefer - As much as we would love to see/ cover all the sights, our kids, i am thinking will appreciate a more leisurely pace which this itinerary gives with a couple of days in each place. I must say our kids are seasoned travelers especially our son, having made a quite a few trips with us. Well fed and rested they make great companions :D.

We'll look forward to your detailed trip plan and your pricing. Appreciate your flexibility and transparency.

We are planning to book our tickets soon in lieu of it being the peak season / Summer in Europe - The plan so far from looking online is Flying into Madrid and flying out of Casablanca. We are looking into booking a trip for a total of 2 weeks or more. Would you have any recommendations regarding our flight plans? Do you also deal with booking tickets or booking for Spain tours by any chance? We plan to spend a few days of our trip in Spain spending most of our trip in Morocco and are unsure about needing to book tours in advance to Spain.


Larbi Anzal

It is very nice to read your informative and interesting emails, thank you. You seem to have great times on your travels as a family; this is excellent to hear. Morocco will offer you all many more wonderful sights and experiences to add to your memory banks, I am sure.

I am delighted that you like this second draft itinerary and that it more suits what you are looking for. And good to know that you might do the Sahara as a separate trip later!

I have now worked out the cost of your trip as described in my last email.

For the following provision:-

Anzal Tours comprehensive itinerary Trip Plan development;

An Anzal Tours Contact Person whom you can contact whilst on tour should there be a need;

Private transport and driver to cover the itinerary as described in the last email, Day 1 to Day 11 inclusive; NOTE: No transport is required in Marrakech on Day 7;

10 x nights in 4* accommodation on an evening meal and breakfast basis (1 x Tanger; 2 x Chefchaouen; 2 X Fes; 3 x Marrakech; 1 x Essaouira; 1 x Casablanca);

A High Atlas trip on Day 8 with a Mountain Guide and with lunch in a Berber home; NOTE: you might also wish to overnight in a Berber home and then move directly on to Essaoura the following day - not yet costed in; just let me know if this appeals - you and your children would like this very much, I am sure > fun, educational and most definitely mind expanding);
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