Honeymoon in Colombia!

  A couple visited Colombia in May 2017

“We are traveling for our honeymoon and would like a mix of adventure and relaxation. We are definitely interested in exploring the historic and cultural sights, would like to eat good authentic food but also want to do a little partying.

Would like to start in local lodging (Airbnb etc) and stay in a more luxurious hotel the last few days.”

Nathalie Clavel, a local specialist from Colombia, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Day 1: Palenque
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Traveler Review

We enjoyed our activities. However, on two occasions our guide/driver arrived earlier than listed so they had to wait for us a bit. I hope they didn't mind! Also, the hotel for our beach excursion was not aware that we were to have access to a room for changing and leaving out items as described in our outline (so we were unable to do so). No big deal though.

Nathalie was very helpful and patient during the planning stages. She listed to what we wanted and was flexible with our requests. We enjoyed working with her!