I want to visit las lajas and Cartagena

  Traveler visited Colombia in May 2017

“I want to visit las lajas and Cartagena in my trip and I need tours for these two places, thank you.”

Nathalie Clavel, a local specialist from Colombia, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Alex Buri
Hi, Happy to see what we can do. A bit last-minute, but we should be able to help :)

Sounds like you'll need help with:
- tour to Las Lajas
- transport to Cartagena
- tour around Cartagena

Do you have any preferences when it comes to accommodation and preferred mode of transport? We can start looking into reservations for both. Basically, our trip plan can cover from the time you land in Pasto to the time you depart from Cartagena (assuming this is where you will depart from?).

I'm going to invite one of our local specialists in to help follow up with more details.


hi Alex, I confirm I land in pasto and my departure is also in pasto, im interesteted in visit these two places but for now I just have my flight to pasto, I don't have yet my flight to Cartagen.

Alex Buri
Ok, no problem. Flights within Colombia are quote affordable and we can fly you back to Pasto at the end of your trip.

Nathalie Clavel

Thank you for your interest in discovering Colombia with us!
It seems that you want to visit two places at the two extrimities of Colombia! Doing both is possible in 6 days if you really want to visit Cartagena, but I would otherwise recommend to stay in the region and visit a little more of Pasto, Las Lajas and the surroundings. What do you think?

The thing is Pasto Airport is really small and sometimes flight are delayed or canceled because of the weather conditions. This is why this really short time to visit both Cartagena and Pasto might be risky if the weather conditions are not good in Pasto airport.

Let me know your thoughts about it. In Pasto do you only want to visit Las Lajas or do you also want to visit other things? (Volcanoes, Lagoon...).

I remain at your entire disposal if you have any question,
Have a nice evening,

Best regards,

hi Alex, and Nathalie, thanks for your answer... as you know , my travel is this Saturday in the morning, just one day, I was a little nervous because I haven't anything confirm for my trip, so im already book my flight to Cartagena , my hotels in both places and my tours in las lajas, but I still missing my tour in Cartagena ,, do you have some recommendations ? I will be the available to do a tour or some activities all day in may 2th. Regards.

Alex Buri
Hi, Let us know how this sounds. Please don't hesitate to call, as well, in case I can help with anything.

Hi Alex and Nathalie, im already pay the tour that you send me, can you let me know the next steps? Regards

Alex Buri
Thanks. Payment received. Nathalie will follow up shortly.
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