Khopra Danda Trek with children aged 8 and 11

  Family of 2 adults and 2 children looking to visit Nepal in October 2018

“I am interested in Khopra Danda Trek with our children.
Can you let me know if it is suitable for kids age 8 and 11? Also, how much does it cost? Our kids are strong and have done a good bit of hiking.
We plan to be in Nepal from about October 10-22, and would like to do a trek with some of our time.

Another question: if my 8 year old gets tired, are there in between plaves we can stop to stretch the trip out a bit if needed?


Raj Gyawali, a local specialist from Nepal, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary based on Khopra Danda Trek - The Best Way to Organize this 5-8 Day trek in Nepal.

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Hi there, my name is Raj and I've been running a local travel company in Kathmandu for the last 15 years that specializes in local, immersive, and off-the-beaten-path tours with a focus on sustainable tourism.

Travel is my passion, and I have found my true calling that combines fun, adventure, a passion for helping others and business in one.

The Khopra is my favourite, and is a perfect one for families. With kids I would only be careful with the altitude, and if you understand your kids well, and how they react when they are a bit ill, or they communicate to you when they feel off... then it can be managed. We can slow down the trek quite a bit to ensure that there are enough stop...

The classic way to do the Khopra Danda Trek is over Mohare Danda, but a shorter route would be via Poon hill, and down the other side...

Kathmandu to Kathmandu, this trek can be either nine ten days or a little more... Remember that you need to go down to Pokhara and back again.

I feel that you might be short of time, so would suggest instead to do the Mohare Danda trek and combine it with the popular Poon Hill, this can be done family paced at around six days Pokhara to Pokhara and then this could easily fit into your schedule.

Pre-Trek and Post-Trek we also offer very family friendly pottery opportunities and cooking experiences to learn how to cook like a local. Great fun for the family! Rad reviews on TripAdvisor as well for the COOK like a LOCAL course!

What I could do is develop an entire itinerary for you, in case you have not booked anything yet... but if you have, totally fine just to do the trekking bits!

Let me know and I shall take it from there!


Hi Raj,

Thanks so much for your response! I love your suggestions. We have not yet booked our itinerary and would love your assistance. One question, how much does it cost on average to use your services to shape our itinerary and also guide us on a trek of 6-10 days? On the Khopra trek, how much mileage is it approx each day? It looks so beautiful. What is the highest elevation we get to? If we slowed it down to a mellower pace, how would each day break down in terms of approximate number of hours hiking, miles traveled, and altitude? Have you taken families on this trek (with kids as young as 8)? We want our kids to have fun and not be tortured but we also want to take a gorgeous route.

Let me know your thoughts.

We will likely be in Nepal around September 20th-October 2. Is that a good time to do the treks you mention above?

The cook like a local classes sound amazing. Pottery too. We are very interested in hearing your ideas. Also, would it be easier on the kids if they didnt have to carry anything besides a small backpack? If so, what are our options for that--sherpa?

Thanks so much for the bit about your background. You sound great!

Let me answer your questions one my one.

1. The timing is good... its not quite the real busy tourism season but getting there... so thats good. 
2. We have tons of experience taking children up to mountains, and personally also take my daughter, who is nine a few weeks ago, unto 3900 m in the Everest Region on six hour day treks.. Children are amazingly strong and can take a lot... they just should not get bored. Having said that, I have not taken real young children up to Mohare or Khopra.. the youngest would be around 14 - 15 (in a students group we ran) 
3. The day usually is between 3.5 - 5 or 6 hours of walking... sounds like a lot, but when you break it up in the morning session of about three hours and afternoon post lunch and a rest another three hours, even a six hour day is not that big... its only the altitude and the uphill thats the killer. I think your children can manage it. 
4. The biggest day is the one to Mohare Danda when there is a vertical 1000m altitude gain, which is unavoidable, but thats quite normal in Nepal anyways.. but going through forests grasslands and eventually into a forest less area, its quite stunning. 
6. An easier one for families is the walk in the Kali Gandaki Valley, starting with the flight to Jomsom and slowly retracing it back to the hot springs in Tatopani.. this takes seven days and is far far relaxed than this one... though the views on this one are more stunning, I must say! 
7. I have to cost it all out for you and I will invite my colleague Anura to help me out with this one.. I am out in Korea (south thankfully) this week talking at a conference on over tourism! 
8. Will try to incorporate ideas of local experiences in the Kathmandu bits as well. 
9. We will ensure that between the four of you, there will be two porters who will support the trek leader.. they will carry the load and the children only a small backpack... both of you too! :-) better that way!

Ok, will design a trip and get back to you!


I just sent you two different options for your family as Raj has suggested.. Here, your first options takes you to Annapurna region whereas second options takes you to other side of Annapurna region... And these both are offbeat treks.

Also you can see variations on price which is because of the flights. To Khopra trek you are flying to Pokhara and will return from Pokhara. However, to Kali Gandaki trek you fly to Pokhara and then again to Jomsom from there so it has increased price.

Please go through and let us know what you think about it.

Hi Raj and Anura!

Per Raj #6 above, I have a couple questions, just to be sure I'm understanding you correctly: 
1) Which trek is easier? Khopra Danda Trek or Kali Gandaki Trek? 
2) Which one has the more stunning views? I wasn't sure which Trek Raj was referring to when he said this: "though the views on this one are more stunning, I must say! " 
3) what is the maximum elevation on each trek? and what is the longest single hiking day on each trek (distance and elevation). Trying to gauge how hard each will be on the hardest day, for our kids.

Thanks so much!

1. The KaliGandaki Trek is easier, no doubts about it. 
2. Both treks have stunning views, though for me personally, the views from Khopra Danda are more stunning. I can assure you though that both have stunning views! 
3. On the KaliGandaki trek, when we reach Muktinath the maximum elevation is 3802m
On the Khopra Danda trek - the maximum elevation is 3600m at Khopra Danda... but if on that free day up there, you decide to go up to the glacial lake, then the elevation can go unto over 4000m

The longest hiking day will be around six hours on both treks, with about a 1000m elevation gain, or loss... actually coming down can also take a lot of time. This is not too bad actually!

Perfect! Thanks so much for your quick response Raj. I appreciate the extra clarity. 
We are leaning towards the Khopra Dandra Trek.

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